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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
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Aug 16, 2022
8.0 and up


A free, robust camera app and photo editor, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom enables you to take and edit beautiful pictures.

Lightroom is an all-in-one program that provides simple photo and video editing features including sliders for image retouching, photo filters, background modifications, and transformational pre-sets for fast adding distinctive tweaks that make your photographs come to life wherever you are.

You may use the accessible Adobe tools to modify any image. The best part is that you may take use of a variety of gesture shortcuts to make completing some of the most frequent tasks much simpler. This app is just a trial edition for individuals without a Lightroom account or another Adobe subscription, therefore you may use Adobe Lightroom Mobile for free for the first 30 days before having to pay.

Without a question, Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a fantastic photography tool with a stylish user interface and top-notch capabilities. However, the monthly subscription could be too expensive for what it offers.

App Features

Photo Filters and Pre-sets

  • Use free pre-set filters to alter all your images quickly and easily.
  • Enhance your look with 200+ premium pre-sets that are only available from top photographers.
  • Utilize AI to propose the ideal pre-set for your shot. Suitable Pre-sets
  • Design your own style and store it as a pre-set filter for simple application to any image.

Camera & Photo Editor

  • With Lightroom’s auto editor, instantly enhance your photographs with a single click.
  • To fine-tune all your lighting settings, including contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows, use precision sliders.
  • Utilize the colour mixer and colour grading tools to produce eye-catching edits.
  • Use the sliders for clarity, texture, dehaze, and grain in the photo enhancer to alter the appearance and feel of your photographs.
  • Rotate and crop your image to achieve the ideal composition.
  • To make sophisticated adjustments to highlights, mid-tones, shadows, and colour, use curves.
  • Try experimenting with versions to compare various adjustments without erasing the original.
  • Unleash the full potential of your phone with special controls like exposure, timer, quick pre-sets, and more.
  • Use advanced capture settings like raw, professional, and HDR to get more detailed pictures.

Video Editor

  • Use our picture and video editor to access Premium video editing capabilities and open a world of opportunities.
  • Use the widely used photo editing tools in Lightroom to create compelling movies.
  • Use pre-sets, edit, cut, and retouch films using fine-tuned sliders for contrast, highlights, vibrance, and other aspects.

Premium Membership

With the picture & video editor in Lightroom Premium, advance your photography! With a straightforward photo editor, you can upgrade and unlock simple tools like unique pre-sets, Healing Brush, masking, geometry, cloud storage, and more.

  • Adobe Lightroom has evolved into a user-friendly picture and video editing tool with a variety of intriguing, adaptable capabilities.
  • Lightroom’s new Premium video editor extends its utility beyond photographs by bringing the same high-quality photo editing tools that customers like to video.
  • With our exclusive photo & video enhancer, apply stunning video filters in the same way as you would for photographs.
  • Get access to 200+ expertly crafted premium pre-sets made by experienced photographers and image editors.
  • Let AI suggest settings for your photographs that will work the best.
  • Use an all-in-one picture and video editor to trim and edit videos to become a professional videographer.
  • Use the Healing Brush to retouch and remove items or distracting components.
  • Use masks to modify a certain portion of a photo without affecting the overall composition. Lightroom AI makes life simple by automatically choosing the subject or sky in your shot for additional editing.
  • Web galleries for Lightroom enable you to display your photographs online. Edits you make to photos and videos sync easily, ensuring that they are always updated.
  • In the Discover area, share your modifications and creative process with other people.

App Specification

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor version is 7.4.1. It needs Android 8.0 or later. Google play store downloads have been more than 100,000,000 downloads so far. In-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $119.99 per item, however, you may disable them at any time. Content rating is for everyone.  Interacting users are interactive aspects. Released on January 14, 2015. Offered by Adobe

Devices with powerful processing and memory capabilities, including but not limited to the Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and OnePlus 5, are presently supported in full raw HDR capture mode.

Editors View

Light Room is still a solid option even if it lacks a few workflow tools, plug-in functionality, and printing options. With the aid of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, editors may complete their work swiftly and with ease. Compared to Raw Therapee, Light Zone, Irfan View, and other rivals, Lightroom offers more sophisticated capabilities including gesture control and sync control. When Lightroom is running, a grid of synchronized pictures with expanding toolbars will be visible.

While Lightroom runs flawlessly on an Android phone, you might want to think about making the tablet interface simpler. Fortunately, gesture control provides you the ability to quickly clear the screen of clutter. Adobe Lightroom “Profiles” may be used for modifying raw camera picture files. It’s a significant advance over the previous version’s limited raw file conversion choices.

A function called “Curves” is available in Lightroom and makes adjusting the tone simple. Most of the lighting and color settings are available with the Android version. Utilizing cutting-edge tools like the healing brush, local adjustment brush, and gradient and linear adjustments, you may employ the touch-input mode. More than just a photo-editing program, Lightroom is.

Regarding facial recognition, Lightroom essentially outperforms all opposition. After finishing your editing or arranging, you may quickly distribute the finished product on a CD or one of Adobe’s online galleries. Basic improvements may be made with Lightroom, while sophisticated tools can be used for intricate processes. The only drawback is that it is not feasible to synchronize all the modifications from one image to the whole batch.


The Android app has become more and more well-liked among people and freelancers; however, knowledgeable experts and organizations will still prefer Adobe Lightroom’s desktop version. In addition to an editing tool, a thorough organizer is required by Instagram influencers, wedding photographers, creative designers, and portrait photographers.

This is where Adobe Photoshop Lightroom excels above the competition since it offers the best of both worlds. Lightroom (Android) is a great option because it syncs files in Adobe’s galleries and allows you to access the whole Creative Cloud suite.