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Jun 16, 2022
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With the invention of smartphones, taking pictures and videos has become more common than ever. Almost everyone has social media accounts now. To maintain and post pictures in our accounts, we all want our pictures to be of great quality and lighting. So, we use photo editing apps to make the photos look better and richer.

If you are looking for a great photo editing app, then Adobe Lightroom photo editor is the perfect pick. This is not just any other casual photo editor, but a photo editing app that is used by professionals.

The app is highly recommended for photographers and people in media. You can professionally edit your photos as this app comes with stunning editing tools. Now, we will learn in detail about this app’s features and benefits.

Why Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is the best photo editing app? 

 There are numerous photo editing apps on the market. You can find hundreds of photo editing apps in the Play Store. But, what makes Adobe Lightroom photo editor the Top Choice among other photo editor apps?

Adobe Lightroom photo editor comes with amazing photo editing techniques and is used by photographers and media professionals. The app has got 4.4 ratings in the Play Store.

You can edit even the normal images and make them look highly professional using Adobe Lightroom photo editor. Enrich the quality of the image using this photo editor app.

The best part about this photo editor app is that it does not require an internet connection to function. You can edit any number of photos anytime anywhere using this app as it supports offline editing. Turn your raw photos into something amazing through this photo editing app.

The app comes with a lot of professional editing tools. You can also store the edited pictures in the app’s cloud storage. This is a great advantage for the users.

 Fantastic features of Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor 

 To give you more insights about this app, let us now look at its interesting features. These features make the app top-rated in the Google play store, and also highly recommended for people who are looking for a great photo editing app.

  • Various photo editing tools

Adobe Lightroom photo editor comes with so many photo editing tools. You can add new lighting, colors, filters, and presets to your photos. You can also crop and rotate. Adjust brightness and contrast. Use a healing brush, increase sharpness and do plenty more using the app. There are more than 150 presets in Adobe Lightroom premium.

  • Cloud storage

One of the best features of Adobe Lightroom photo editor is it offers free cloud storage. Users can save the edited photos in cloud storage. All the edited pictures will be of high quality and automatically stored in the cloud.

  • Organizing of photos

Adobe Lightroom photo editor will help you organize your photos in an orderly manner. You can add ratings and flags to your photos to group them or mark them together. This can help you find the photos easily. You can also create albums for photo groups. The app also allocates keywords to the photos automatically to sort them out without any tagging.

  • Automatic sync

If the internet connection is ON, the app will sync the recent edits and save your photos in the Lightroom gallery. All the edits and changes will be up-to-date because of the sync. When you are online, you can view how other people edit pictures and learn from them. This can help you improve your creativity and photo editing knowledge. Other people can also see your work in the Discover section and show appreciation for your work.

 What is the cost of an Adobe Lightroom photo editor? 

Adobe Lightroom photo editor can be used for free. Yes, you heard us right. The app is available for free cost. You can use almost all the features of the app for free. If you want to access other advanced features you can subscribe to the premium version of the app.

The premium version of the app comes with some advanced photo editing tools. Nevertheless, the regular free version of the app comes with numerous beneficial features for people who wish to edit their pictures. Therefore, if you wish to use the free version, you have an absolute advantage as you can access so many useful photo editing tools. The edited pictures will look highly professional and of top quality.

What is the size of the Adobe Lightroom photo editor? 

Adobe Lightroom photo editor is 97 MB in size. This is not much for the amazing features Adobe Lightroom photo editor app offers. All the photo editing tools offered by this app are Rich to make your photos look highly professional.

The photos that you download after editing using this app will be of high quality and quite large. This is because of the photo quality the app offers. The size of the app is worth the features it comes with.

The mobile version of the app contains almost all of the features in the PC version. Color correction is also too good when compared to the PC version. One drawback of the mobile app version of Adobe Lightroom photo editor is the unavailability of some important features tools in the free version of the app. You cannot find Healing, raw editing, and spot selection features in the free version of Adobe Lightroom photo editor.

Some gradual filters are also not available in the free version. You need to subscribe to the premium version to get access to complete features.


Overall, the Adobe Lightroom photo editor is a must for anyone with an eye for photography. Transform your raw pictures into something colorful and highly qualitative. You will be stunned to see the results of your edited photos as the app offers amazing editing tools. Most of these tools are available for the free cost!