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Jul 8, 2020
5.0 and up

With the help of the program AllCast, you may see images and movies on any of the following gadgets: a Smart TV from Samsung, Sony, or Panasonic; Chromecast; Amazon Fire TV; Apple TV; Xbox 360; Xbox One; Roku; or WDTV.

The AllCast user interface is clear and uncomplicated. The drop-down menu on the left provides quick access to your music library, image, and video galleries, and even galleries on Dropbox or Google Drive (your accounts need to be synced).

Selecting it on your Android’s screen makes sending photographs, movies, or sounds to the screen simple. Additionally, the display quality is excellent. Just remember that there is a watermark in the lower right corner of the screen for the videos.

Use the excellent cast app AllCast to watch any multimedia content on your TV.

You may transfer pictures, music, and movies from your Android device to your TV with AllCast.

You may cast using AllCast to:

  • Chromecast Cast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV 
  • Xbox One 
  • Xbox 360
  • Roku
  • WDTV
  • Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic
  • Other DLNA Renderers

This is All Cast’s free version, which casts while displaying advertisements on the user’s phone. To get rid of the adverts, upgrade to the premium version.

App Specification 

All Cast Version is It needs Android 5.0 or later. Over ten million downloads have already been made through the Google Play store. Content rating is for Everyone. Released on December 23, 2013. Offered by Clockwork Mod.

Editors View 

The purpose of AllCast was to modernize prehistoric TVs. Simply download the app to your devices to see a tonne of high-definition pictures and videos.

A TV beautifying app AllCast.

After some time, your AllCast will convert your TV into a massive digital photo frame while you are not using it. The lovely scenery images that are already built-in will be shown automatically. But if you want to use your own, it’s simple to add your pictures to the database.

Additionally, you can connect AllCast to as many applications as you choose, including Facebook, Google Photos, and Instagram. You can disable this feature if you don’t enjoy seeing pictures from a certain database.

Additionally, you may alter the display speed. The speed is displayed using slow (0.5x), normal (1.0x), or rapid scales (2.0x). You may also activate the weather information display.

Compared to a conventional smart TV, it offers a larger movie selection.

You are likely familiar with popular programs like YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora that support AllCast. What else you can stream to your TV is the real issue here, though. Simply launch the Google Home app on your phone and choose the Discover option to find out. You just click on it to explore AllCast on your TV and add the Google Home area.

You may find all installed AllCast applications there, along with those in the Google Play Store for mobile devices, in the Google Cast directory. Video streaming from websites like YouTube, Netflix, and other apps that enable that capability is what makes AllCast unique.

On the other hand, if you have an Android device, you may mirror its screen to any TV. You only need to press the cast button and drag down the notification drawer. Your full screen will then be transmitted to the TV when you choose the AllCast you want to utilize.

Screen Mirroring 

You must first open AllCast and select the overflow action button in the upper right corner to use AllCast to reflect your whole computer screen to your TV. After that, click the down arrow next to the cast button and then click it again.

Finally, click Cast to begin the reflection after selecting desktop casting and the AllCast you wish to utilize. This trick’s disadvantage is that your computer’s audio will not be played over the TV. The sound bar will still be audible through the computer speakers, though.

With the remote control, play or pause the videos.

The most annoying and time-consuming aspect of using your phone to stream videos or movies to your TV is needing to unlock it simply to pause the video. Instead of using your phone to manage your AllCast, you can just use the play and pause navigation keys on your TV remote.

App Features  

Utilize Google Home to view the weather forecast.

All the Google extensions are available. The weather forecast is one of them. This is a feature that every TV should have. Seeing the weather prediction is preferable to hearing it constantly and wasting your time, of course. Saying “OK, Google, show me the weather on my TV” is all that is required. Additionally, the top of the TV’s screen displays the weather prediction for the next several days.

Security cameras are accessible to users

With Chromecast and AllCast working together, your TV may function as a monitor. You may access every surveillance option by pressing a single button on your TV. You may use the program and the Home to stream live feeds from your camera.

Make a playlist that plays the songs in order.

You may use the YouTube app on your phone to build an ordered list of videos to view while a video is playing. Simply search for your preferred video and click it to see the Play and Queue options. Click Now Playing at the bottom of the screen to start playing the videos you’ve chosen. Once chosen, videos will start playing in the sequence they were added. We are currently unable to change the above order, which is unfortunate. You must first remove it and then re-add it if you wish to alter it.


Initially, DLNA-capable devices are the only ones that can use AllCast. Koushik Dutta added the Chromecast support app when Google released the Chromecast SDK. Finally, the business enables consumers to easily stream video via TVs and Android smartphones.

This program is what you need if you want to stream multimedia content from your computer, including music and movies, to your Chromecast or other devices like a Roku or gaming consoles. Any music player that complies with the original standards is supported by AllCast as well.

The application’s standard version is also available for a free trial. You must pay USD 4.99 to use all the application’s features in their entirety.