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Among Us
Innersloth LLC
Game, Strategy
Last Updated
Jul 12, 2022
6.0 and up

About the Game

Play with 4 to 15 other people online or locally over Wi-Fi as you try to get your spaceship ready for takeoff. Just watch out for the imposter who’s out to murder everyone! The impostor can be found and expelled off the ship by fellow crew members, or they can win by doing all missions. Sabotage can be used by the Impostor to create pandemonium, allowing for simpler killings and better alibis.

Among Us is a fantastic game that is full of action and mystery. Join the crew of a spacecraft as they cruise across space… only to discover that a dangerous invader has gotten onboard, bent on destroying the whole crew!

All the action in Among Us takes place on a spacecraft made up of many modules. Start a new game – either online or against the computer – and you’ll be assigned the position of crewmate or impostor, which is hidden from the other players. If you’re the impostor, your mission is to eliminate the whole crew by coming up behind them and pressing the kill button. If you’re a member of the team, you’ll have to evade the impostor and discover who it is… before it’s too late.

To do this, a chat room with all the participants emerges after all the action, where they may debate and vote on who they believe the impostor is based on what they’ve seen during the game. During the game, players can also interact with some of the things in the ship’s chambers.

Overall, Among Us is a fantastic multiplayer game, whether you play with friends or with people from all around the world. Onboard the spacecraft and experience the thrill of finding the impostor in each game!

App Specification

Among us, the current version is 2022.7.12. It requires Android 6.0 or above. Until now 500,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store You may deactivate in-app purchases at any moment in the game, but if you want to buy something, the prices range from $0.99 to $24.99 per item. Due to its light blood and fantasy violence, this game is rated for everyone above “10+” for its content. Users interact and Digital purchases constitute the game’s interactive aspects.  The game was released on June 15, 2018. The publisher of this game is Innersloth LLC.

Editors View

Prepare to go, but be wary of the impostor! Play with 4-15 other people online or over local WiFi as you try to keep your spaceship together and live, but be careful. One or more of the crew’s random members are Impostors out to kill everyone.

Fill the group taskbar or evict the Impostors.

  • To win, complete all the jobs on the ship or evict Impostors.
  • If you notice any corpses or strange conduct, call an emergency meeting.
  • Keep an eye on fellow Crewmates by using the admin map and Security cams.
  • To reverse the Impostor’s sabotage, you must act immediately.
  • Make sure you have an alibi ready in case you are wrongfully charged.
  • Vote to kick out suspected imposters. 

The goal is to eliminate the crew

  • Kill crew members and frame innocent onlookers.
  • Pretend to do chores to blend in with the Crewmates.
  • To go fast, sneak via the vents.
  • Sabotage jobs to produce confusion and disorder among the workers.
  • Close doors to capture and murder in secret.
  • Make every effort to persuade the team that you are one of them.

Game Features


There are a total of 18 colors available to players. Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime, Maroon, Rose, Banana, Gray, Tan, and Coral are among them. Two additional colors (Forte green and Olive) are/were in the game or were supposed to be in the game but are presently inaccessible to players. Players may also customize their look by selecting from a variety of skins, headgear, and pets.


During the MIRA HQ release, two new skins were added: one for chemists and one for security, as well as two for the Polus map launch: one in cold gear and the other in mining. The mobile version requires purchase for the skins, which include headwear. The special skins for each of the two maps could only be acquired by buying them when it was launched. Both maps’ skins were still premium.


Several headgears were offered for players to create their characters, such as caps and masks, and Halloween or Christmas hats. In the Halloween upgrades, there was new headwear such as a hockey mask, devil horns, a dagger, and so on. It also got new headwear in the special Christmas upgrades, including a Santa Claus hat and antlers, among other things.

Later, more hats were introduced, including five free hats and an eight-hat premium bundle on mobile and free on PC. New headwear, such as the balloon hat, masks, and tufts, was included in version 2020.6.11.

Cosmetics for the visor

Visor cosmetics, which include many accouterments linked to the player’s visor, have been added to the game. Many new visor cosmetics were introduced, as well as the conversion of some prior headwear into visor cosmetics.


Pets are little animals that follow the player around. Each pet also has its movements and emotions to the death of its “owner.” There are now 11 different pets to choose from.


The Skeld

The Skeld, which is the game’s initial map and the only one that is free until June 2020, is also its sole open-access map. The Skeld is set aboard a turtle-shaped starship that the Crewmates used to navigate through space. Crew members must fulfill chores on the ship while determining who each Impostor is.

MIRA Headquarters

The second map published in Among Us is MIRA HQ. Unlike the others, this map was made available as paid content and takes place on a sky base rather than a spacecraft. Impostors, unlike The Skeld, can freely travel about vents that are not close to a specific vent.


Polus is Among Us’ third map. It is set at a research facility on the rocky, purple planet of Polus. This map is comparable to The Skeld and MIRA HQ, b