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Apple TV
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Last Updated
May 26, 2022
8.0 and up

About the App 

A free app/service that acts as a content portal for different streaming providers, including Apple TV Plus. Individual subscriptions to certain channels are also available, as are movie rentals or sales. The software is already installed on the Apple TV set-top box.

The Apple TV app, referred to as Apple TV and the TV app, is a group of media player software applications created by Apple Inc. for watching television shows and movies that Apple delivers to consumer electronics. It can play content from the iTunes Store, the a la carte video on demand service Apple TV Channels, and the Apple TV+ original content subscription service.

It can also index and access material from connected applications of other video-on-demand providers on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Apple TVs. The app was initially published in the United States in December 2016 for iOS and tvOS Apple devices, and it was then pushed out to additional countries beginning in late 2017.

It was brought to Mac and the third generation Apple TV in 2019 and 2020, smart TV platforms, with select new Sony Android TV models gaining access in October 2020.

Content from the TV app may also be streamed to certain smart television sets from Sony, Vizio, LG, and Samsung using Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol from a device that supports the TV app.

Apple TV’s original shows and flicks. Thousands of movies are available for purchase or rental. Popular streaming services. Everything is available on the professionally curated Apple TV app, which is available on your favorite Apple devices, streaming platforms, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. It’s the best way to watch TV.

Purchase, rent, or watch. Everything is included within the app. the new home for hundreds of films, including the most recent blockbusters You may now buy, rent, and view content directly from the app, as well as watch anything you’ve previously purchased through iTunes.

Personalization. As though you’ve never seen it before. Discover more of what you love, including movie and program recommendations tailored specifically to you, as well as specialized picks based on what you watch across all applications.

Choose from the editors’ suggestions. Watch Now allows you to browse curated suggestions hand-picked by our editors to help you find the best of what’s on.

App Specification

Version 6.1 of Apple TV. It requires Android 8.0 or above. Google Play Store has over 5,000,000 downloads to date.

The app’s content rating is Teen, Diverse content: Use caution. The interactive elements are in-app purchases.

It is released On November 3, 2020. Apple provides it.

Editors View

Use one app to access all your favorite TV. Watch Apple TV+’s unique Apple Originals. Purchase or rent new and popular films. Subscriptions to premium channels are available. Everything is hand-picked and personalized for you.

App Features

  • The Morning Show, See, Dickinson, For All Mankind, The Elephant Queen, Helpsters, Ghostwriter, Servant, and more new exclusive Apple Originals are available every month on Apple TV+.
  • Subscribe to only the channels you want and share your subscription with your family. Channels play ad-free in the Apple TV app, online or offline, with no additional applications, accounts, or passwords required.
  • Purchase or rent new releases or browse the portfolio of over 100,000 movies and series, including the largest collection of 4K HDR movies.
  • Up Next – your watchlist – is included with Watch Now. It allows you to instantly search and watch your favorite shows, as well as resume what you’re already viewing from where you left off across all your devices.
  • In the Library tab, you can easily discover all your purchased or rented movies and series.
  • Payment for Apple TV Channels will be charged to your Apple ID account at the time of purchase. Subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of a payment term. The number of concurrent streams is limited on a per-subscription basis. Apple TV features, channels, and content may differ by nation or area. After purchasing, go to account settings in the Apple TV app to manage and cancel your subscriptions.

App Tv Channels 

Apple TV Channels is a feature available through the TV app that collects content from major video-on-demand a la carte subscription providers. Apple’s billing service can also be used to centralize the payment method.

The material will be ad-free because it comes from premium membership services. HBO was a launch partner, but after the launch of HBO Max, they deprecated their channel, discontinuing new subscriptions but retaining existing ones for Apple users who registered for the channel before the May 2020 launch of HBO Max until July 22, 2021, when it was discontinued.

The global reach of Apple’s 1.4 billion devices prompted large services, some of which already have their content distribution networks, to strike arrangements with Apple. 

iOS and tvOS versions

TV was announced on October 27, 2016, at an Apple media event, and was introduced in the United States on December 12, 2016, with iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1, replacing the Videos app in previous versions of iOS. Only material from Apple’s services is displayed in the TV app; all other content is displayed in the associated app.

Following Apple’s March 2019 media presentation, TV underwent a dramatic overhaul that refocused it as a hub for Apple-distributed video streaming. The latest version enabled support for Apple TV Channels and introduced a new symbol that resembled the Apple TV hardware icon, replacing the old icon that resembled a television.

Version of macOS

On October 7, 2019, TV was introduced alongside macOS Catalina as one of three programs designed to replace iTunes.

Non-Apple Platforms

In January 2019, Apple announced that the TV app would be made available on non-Apple platforms for the first time. The move to extend to other platforms was mentioned as part of Apple’s aim to increase service revenues by making video content more readily available to the general population. Non-Apple device software features are more limited than those on Apple devices, such as a lack of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision compatibility, however successive upgrades have reduced the discrepancies over time.