Arlo for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)


App Details

APP Name
Arlo Secure: Home Security
Arlo Technologies, Inc
Last Updated
Jun 6, 2022
Varies with device

About the App

Arlo is the global market leader in Smart Home Security and the inventor of the world’s first wire-free, weatherproof 4K UHD the security camera. Arlo security devices make it simple to safeguard and connect what is most important to you. Stream live video, play recorded footage, simply arm, and disable your system, and remain informed about what’s going on. Take rapid action on notifications without unlocking your phone with Arlo Smart and Rich Notifications.

Arlo also integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT to help you create a safer and smarter home. 

Voice control is possible with Alexa (Alexa device available separately). There is no audio support.

Patented wire-free design for convenient insertion anywhere and 110-degree field of vision

Arlo app assists users in configuring Arlo cameras such as Arlo ultra and ultra-2, Pro, Pro 4, Pro 3 floodlight camera, Pro 3, Pro 2, Pro, Essential interior cameras, Essential spotlight camera, Essential cameras, and additional cameras such as Arlo baby camera, go and Q and Q plus camera. The Pro 3 floodlight camera and security light configuration are also explained. Moreover, Essential video doorbells are wire-free, essential video doorbells are wired, and audio doorbells and chimes are examples of doorbells.

Indoor/Outdoor HD Security Camera Arlo Smart Home

The Arlo camera is a 100% wire-free, entirely wireless, HD smart home security camera, allowing you to obtain the exact picture you need, inside or out. The Arlo camera is weatherproof and comes with motion detection, night vision, and applications. It can record video and give you notifications whether you’re at home or away, giving you peace of mind around the clock.

App Specification 

Arlo Version varies depending on the device. It requires Android to function. Google Play Store has over 1,000,000 downloads. Everyone is subject to content rating. Elements that are interactive Users interact, share their location and make in-app transactions. It has been released 4th of September 2019.

The app can be even used on Apple iOS version 11 or above or a computer that runs macOS or Windows.

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Wireless Home Security Camera System Arlo

Arlo app assists users in configuring Arlo cameras. Even in the dark, a night vision camera functions. Real-time email or app notifications and motion-activated cameras. Only records and warns when motion is detected, ensuring that no battery power is ever squandered.

Four Lithium CR123 Photo cameras that are weatherproof for use indoors and outdoors; Temperature range: 14° to 122° F (-10° C to 50° C). App for viewing live video safely when at home or away Arlo Smart enhances the intelligence of your Arlo cameras. 

Customize alerts to identify individuals, particular zones, and contact emergency responders directly from the lock screen of your smartphone (optional service, includes a 1-month trial) Please keep in mind that products containing electrical plugs are intended for usage in the United States.

Because outlet and voltage standards vary from country to country, this device may require an adapter or converter for usage in your location. Please double-check compatibility before making a purchase.

Arlo spun out from Netgear a while ago, but it’s always used the same Netgear-signed software. There is a new Arlo app available on the Play Store as of today. The redesigned software has the same layout as before, but it now includes two-factor authentication.

The existing Arlo app will be decommissioned on September 30th, so you have a few weeks to install the new one. The key change is that the new software is supplied by Arlo rather than Netgear, so there should be no learning curve. Your existing account login will function, and the new app should be accessible from all your devices. However, you will need to configure geofencing and emergency contact settings.

To enable the new two-factor authentication, navigate to the Profile section of the settings. You may enable 2FA using a phone number (SMS) or a trusted device under “Login settings” (push notification). With either option, your email address may also be used as a 2FA route. Unfortunately, there is no way to employ an authenticator. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

How To Use Arlo App 

To install and utilize your Arlo system, you must have a high-speed Internet connection and the minimum operating system necessary to use the Arlo Secure app or online portal. To retrieve video footage from your Arlo cameras, utilize the Arlo Secure app or online site.

Requirements for connectivity

All Arlo cameras require a high-speed Internet connection, although the amount of bandwidth used by each Arlo camera varies. Bandwidth consumption is calculated per camera. If you have numerous Arlo cameras on the same network, you may estimate the overall bandwidth consumption of your Arlo system by summing the average bandwidth consumption of each camera.

The following are required for your Arlo system:

  • A high-speed Internet connection to support the typical bandwidth demand per camera is as follows:
  • Arlo Ultra Series: Each camera has a 3 Mbps upload speed.
  • 2 Mbps upload per camera with Arlo Pro Series (Pro 3 and newer) and Essential Video Doorbells
  • Almost any other Arlo camera: Upload speed of 1 Mbps per camera
  • If you’re utilizing an Arlo Smart Hub or Base Station, you’ll need an Internet router with an accessible Ethernet connector.
  • Arlo operates with the bare minimum, but functionality and video quality may suffer as a result. With a reduced upstream bandwidth, the video quality is more likely to be pixelated and indistinct. You may also see a delay while launching a live stream.

Arlo Secure app prerequisites

Visit your device’s app store and search for Arlo to download the mobile app for your Apple or Android smartphone.

  • Apple devices: The Arlo app requires iOS version 11 or above for any future product and app upgrade updates.
  • Android devices: The Arlo app requires Android version 5.0 or above for any future product and app improvement upgrades.

Arlo web portal specifications

The following are required by the Arlo online portal: A computer that runs macOS or Windows.

One of the web browsers listed below:

  • Chrome on Windows and macOS (latest version) 
  • Firefox on Windows and macOS (latest version) 
  • Safari on macOS (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows (latest version)