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B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor
SNOW Corporation
Last Updated
Jul 25, 2022
Varies with device

About the App 

You may edit and filter your photos for free with the B612 app, which also offers additional effects. There are more than 50 filters, cosmetic effects, and picture changes to pick from. Face distorting, animal transformation, and other unique effects are all possible using B612’s facial recognition stickers. You may also use make-up to conceal undesirable pigmentations or background elements on your face. You may even sketch unique effects while filming.

Filters may be applied to not just selfies but also backgrounds and background pictures. You may also change an image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation. It all comes down to the impact you want to achieve, not just with your look but also with the rest of the image. This software is ideal for you if you love taking photos and fiddling with them to enhance your appearance and add a little glitz to your next selfie.

App Specification

B612 is the most user-friendly. Face Technology by Sense Time The version varies depending on the device. There have been over 500,000,000 downloads and counting.

The prices for in-app purchases range from $3.99 to $29.99 per item. You can disable in-app purchases in settings if you don’t want to utilize them. The content rating is intended for everyone. It was initially released on October 9, 2014.

Editors View 

With the selfie-specific photography software B612, you can add a variety of filters to your photos before sharing them on your preferred social media platforms. B612 contains more than 50 distinct filters in total. You may select any of them by dragging your finger along the bottom of the screen, where a little preview of how it will appear appears. You may also add a random filter by just swiping your finger across the image.

In addition to applying filters, B612 allows you to create collages from your photos. They may be created with a simple selfie, a collage of up to nine images, or even vertical compositions of two or three images. Along with the tilt-shift feature for experimenting with the depth of focus, the B612 also has a timer, allowing you to capture selfies while standing a distance away.

An excellent photography app with a thorough and user-friendly UI is B612. In summary, it is a wonderful software for everyone who wants to snap a decent selfie with filters, effects, and whatever else they desire. The camera and photo, and video editing program B612 are all-in-ones.   To make every occasion more special, B612 will provide a variety of free services and tools. Discover the latest effects, filters, and stickers, updated daily!

B612 App Features

  • You may create your own filters in B612 like as
  • Make a unique filter and share it with your friends.
  • It’s not an issue if this is your first time designing a filter.
  • Filters may be quickly finished with a few tweaks.
  • The software is free and simple to use.
  • There are over 50 filters to select from.
  • You may select from a range of borders and effects.
  • You may make collages out of your photos.
  • Upload your selfies to social media platforms.


  • Every moment may be captured as your photo of the day by using real-time filters and beauty.
  • Don’t pass up the opportunity to use seasonal special fashionable filters and daily updated AR effects.
  • Smart Beauty: Receive the ideal advice for your face shape and design your unique beauty look.
  • AR Makeup: From everyday to stylish makeup, create a natural look. You may personalize your beauty and cosmetics.
  • With high-resolution mode and night mode, you may take clear pictures anywhere, anytime.
  • Using the Gif Bounce tool, you may capture the fun moment. Make it into a gif and send it to your friends to double the enjoyment!
  • From video production through post-production, with over 500 different kinds of music available. Make your everyday life into a music video.
  • Taking a sound source from your video will allow you to use a unique sound source for music.

All-In-One Pro

It even contains an ALL-IN-ONE PRO editing function where you may use simple tools of the highest quality.

Filters and effects of several types: from classic to emotive current style! Make the atmosphere you desire.

Advanced Color Editing: Use tools like professional curves, split tone, and HSL to bring forth nuances in your color editing.

More natural portrait editing: Add beauty effects, body editing, and hair color style to your photo of the day.

Edit Videos: Anyone may simply edit videos with fashionable effects and music.

Borders and cropping: Simply change the size and ratio and share it on social platforms.

Stickers & Texts for Decoration: Customize your images with stickers and text! Make custom stickers of your own and you can use them.

B612 VIP

When you subscribe to B612 VIP, you will be charged through your App Store account. Twenty-four hours before the end of the current subscription period, the subscription will be renewed and charged. It is always possible to turn off automatic renewal in the App Store.

B612 VIP subscriptions are currently USD 3.99 per month. The sum is based on U.S. dollars and is subject to change without prior notice. It may also differ in other countries. B612 may be used for free without purchasing B612 VIP.


B612 is likewise an easy-to-use software with a simple yet appealing UI and design. You may get the software from any app store, such as Google Play.

Have some fun with your photographs by including some imagination. Everyone likes tinkering with their characteristics to alter their appearance. B612 mostly focuses on your appearance to make you seem better, but there’s no reason you can’t have fun with it as well. Now download the app and have unlimited fun.

Adding adorable or amusing wigs, ears, noses, and spectacles is another option with B612. Could even make it appear as if you had someone in your pocket. Collages of up to 9 pictures can be created. The software also has a timer for taking full-body selfies from a distance, as well as a tilt-shift filter to modify the depth of field. You may share your edited photographs on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social networking app.