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BandLab – Music Making Studio
BandLab Technologies
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Aug 18, 2022
6.0 and up


A social music platform called BandLab enables musicians to create music and share their work with other musicians and fans. BandLab is a platform that integrates social aspects like video sharing, chat, and discovery with music creation and collaboration capabilities like the first cross-platform DAW in the world. By offering an entirely FREE and limitless service, Band Lab’s goal is to eliminate the obstacles that exist between creators, collaborators, and the community on a technological, geographical, and creative level.

A music editor with social network capabilities is BandLab. BandLab, which was created by music enthusiasts, gives you access to numerous highly user-friendly tools and inventive loops to assist you in composing your tunes and beats. 

Additionally, you may record your voice and mix it with other samples and piano, guitar, and bass beats using the program. If you want to, you may also record the sound of your instruments. Although the major musical genres covered by BandLab include hip-hop, pop, R&B, and electronic music, users may also follow other artists or even take on the role of their beatmaker, vocalist, or guitarist.

App Specification 

The version of BandLab is 10.26.3. and needs Android 6.0 or later. The Google Play Store has received more than 10,000,000 downloads so far. Teenage is the content rating. User interaction and in-app purchases are interactive components. Published on June 8, 2015. Available through BandLab Technologies.

App Features

New Sampler

A new tool that you may use to make unique instruments. Create a new Sampler Kit by recording noises you hear in the environment, choosing samples from Band Lab’s library of over 15,000 royalty-free sounds, or just importing your own sounds. Each sample may even be modified so that you obtain the exact sound you desire. With the Sampler, musical imagination is virtually endless.

Editor for 16-Track Mixes

The Mix Editor, a portable multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW), is where you create music. Use it as a beat creator, audio editor, audio recording software, and so much more. Everywhere and at any moment, you may create music.

 More than 330 Virtual MIDI Instruments

You need 808s to make a beat. For your lead lines, do you use synths? Why not use the sitar? We have a vast selection of Virtual MIDI instruments available for you to use in our pocket-sized software to create music.

180+ Pre-set Vocal/Guitar/Bass Effects

World-class effects with real-time monitoring may give your tunes that additional kick. There is something for everyone to express their creativity, from ambient sounds to bizarre modulations.

The Looper

No matter what your degree of expertise, anyone can produce beats. While on the road, freestyle your way through a brand-new mixtape, create tracks instantaneously using a vast library of loops, add some synth or reverb, or all three.


Prepare your songs for distribution. Upload your music or audio and then sit back and let our in-built mastering do its thing. has mp3 and other format support.

 Video Blend

Whether you’re a rapper freestyling over a rhythm or a songwriter laying down a sizzling solo, make expressive video clips. Enhance your video with top-notch effects!


Not feeling creative? No issue! Explore and be inspired by new artists, genres, and collections that BandLab has specially selected for you.

 Creator Connect 

Are you looking for a vocalist, producer, or beat maker? Find creative people that share your interests nearby or halfway around the world! Simply complete your profile, and we’ll connect you with possible collaborators that enjoy the same music as you.

 Metronome and Tuner

The vital audio equipment for today’s music producers and creators ensures that you never run out of beat or tune.

Remixed music

Do you lack the motivation to begin a track? To create your own rhythm and remix, “fork” a track that a producer has released in public.

Simple user interface

Despite having a wide range of functions, it has a user-friendly interface and comes off as a rather straightforward toolkit.

Editors View

With more than 50 million users worldwide, BandLab is the finest free music recording and top social music production platform.

No matter your background or skill level, BandLab enables you to create and share music. You may record, edit, and remix your music with our multi-track Mix Editor. Use loops and samples from our royalty-free sound packs from genres like EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and more to create rhythms, add inventive effects, and more.

The amount of music you can produce has no boundaries. The music you generated on your phone is accessible from your desktop browser thanks to limitless cloud storage and device compatibility. There are musicians everywhere.

Without having to do an audition, you may form a band with other musicians, guitarists, beatmakers, rappers, and more using Band Lab’s social networking capabilities. Using your musical preferences and sources of inspiration, Creator Connect connects you with potential DJs, producers, and beat creators.

BandLab is more than simply a song recorder, music creator, beat maker, or recording app. You can find millions of songs generated by DJs and artists, make custom playlists, and even witness live performances of prominent musicians.

The use of BandLab is completely free. No subscription fees, paywalls, or experience restrictions. Use the BandLab app to start creating music right away!


The free app for music fans is called BandLab. It is a single software that lets you make, listen to, and quickly share music. To identify oneself as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, DJ, or just a fan, you must first register an account. The app may recommend material based on your preferred musical genres. You always have the option to modify your profile, choose a different genre, or delete it. Additionally, you may personalize your profile, thus making it a social network.

You may post anything, including photos and original music. Additionally, you may look at the works of individuals who interest you, follow them, and communicate with them. Like that, there is a library part where you may keep whatever you wish. Your projects or your favorite bands or songs, for instance.

This app also allows you to play music in the background, allowing you to browse the app without pausing the song you’re now listening to. If you enjoy music, BandLab is the app for you. Download it today and listen to a tonne of music for all preferences.