Battle Bouncers for PC Download


App Details

APP Name
Battle Bouncers: Legion of Breakers! Brawl RPG
Game Hive Corporation
Game, Role-playing
Last Updated
Oct 4, 2021
5.0 and up

About the Game

Battle Bouncers mix the addicting gameplay of classic arcade titles with thrilling RPG features to produce a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Get ready for an action puzzle game that will have you playing for hours, brought to you by the creators of the popular games Tap Titans 2 and Beat the Boss.

Play Battle Bouncers on your phone and experience countless thrilling puzzle challenges where you must smash and eliminate your opponents with your magic balls. Line up the ideal shot with the simple controls and watch as your strike ricochets across the enemy lines.

Use powerful hero abilities to alter the course of combat in an instant. As you strive to preserve the planet, collect over 30 wonderfully designed heroes from the four races. 

To boost your power levels and destroy the evil guys, equip various weapons and enhance your heroes.

Game Hive Corporation provided Battle Bouncers. The game’s interactive components are that it offers in-app purchases and that it is an engaging game with unique RPG-style stages.

App Specifications

This game is compatible and can be played on both android and iOS phones.

 It is compatible with Android phones 5.0 and higher, as well as iOS devices such as the iPhone, which requires iOS 12.0 or later, the iPad, which requires iPad OS 12.0 or later, and the iPod touch, which requires iOS 12.0 or later.  It requires macOS 11.0 or later, as well as a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.

It is a game for children above the age of 10, although adults like playing it as well because of the RPG characteristics. This game has fantasy violence, so even children may enjoy it.

Editors View

A powerful yearly rite that has kept their planet at peace and avoided conflict with the True Enemy for a thousand years has been carried out by brave warriors who have journeyed across the country.

The True Enemy reappeared, encasing the valiant heroes and their famous weapons in shattered crystals, and everything went wrong as a new generation of carriers set out on their adventure.

Four gallant heroes have appeared in the face of an endless army of mindless fighters, and they are on a quest to restore peace to the kingdom once again.   You must lead your warriors in combat using your brick-breaking prowess while armed with strong ball-bouncing powers.

A group of valiant and magical heroes is the last chance in a world at war with a sinister and enigmatic foe. In this journey to restore peace to the world, smash through waves of enemy lines, form a squad of legendary heroes, and combat with powerful pals.

How To Play 

Command your warriors in combat as you battle your way through hundreds of RPG brick breaker levels. Aim and shoot magic balls to unleash deadly strikes on oncoming opponents. Release trapped heroes from their shard jails as you travel through several realms to activate their powers and enjoy the ultimate RPG experience.

Pull back and release to launch destructive assaults such as tornadoes, fireballs, and lightning bolts to smash opposing forces. Prepare to aim, shoot, and bounce balls off incoming adversaries and dangerous blocks as your great heroes make their way through the stunning hand-drawn kingdoms, rescuing your heroes from imprisonment in the process.

The Game Modes 

Heroic Mode

Your favorite stages may be played again in heroic mode with increased difficulty, and you can collect uncommon Shards to increase your damage output.

Tower Mode

To acquire skill scrolls, tower tokens, and money, your heroes may combat non-stop adversaries every day in tower mode as they ascend a tower.


Shards allow you to unlock, evolve, and enhance your heroes’ combat skills.


Clans allow you to form a guild and communicate with people all over the world while collecting Runes and earning Clan Tokens to spend on in-game items.

The Battle Bouncers Team

A strong squad is essential in the game since it makes the game even more exciting and levels much simpler. Keep unlocking the great heroes as you advance in the game, and you will enjoy the game even more as the advanced heroes and the rich graphics will make the game thrilling. 

You won’t be able to do much at first, other than play with what you’re given, but you should still attempt to advance as much as you can to unlock stronger characters!

Each character will have a unique attribute, and the game will have three categories of heroes: –

Attacker: Attackers exhibit the strongest attacks as well as talents that swiftly chip away at opposing HP bars. We need our attacking heroes to reach higher levels soon.

Defenders: We need defenders for their defensive talents, and they can push back some blocks and will let us continue the game with their defensive talents. If you play strategically without the defensive moves, you can lead the game.

Support:  Support heroes can heal their teammates and will support the team anytime. Attackers and supporters are the ones who will help you lead the game.


There are many of heroes to gather and level up in this fantastic Arcade-style “brick breaker” and RPG elements to play.  Despite being easy to play, the game needs a strategy to complete. With your aim and ball-bouncing skills, you may now battle through hundreds of different RPG-style levels and overcome a wide variety of adversaries. To play the amazing new RPG brick-breaker, aim, shot, and bounce your way to success. Events offer motivation to push oneself, and there are many different game modes that are taught gradually to prevent beginner players from feeling overwhelmed. There are no ads unless you offer to view them in exchange for in-game wealth or supplies. All that is required is a decent internet connection.