BitLife for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)


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BitLife - Life Simulator
Candywriter, LLC
Game, Simulation
Last Updated
Aug 12, 2022
5.0 and up


What will you do with your BitLife?

Will you strive to make all the correct decisions to become a model citizen before you die? You may marry the love of your life, have children, and get a solid education all while. Or will you make decisions that will frighten your parents? You may become a criminal, fall in love, or get on adventures, cause jail riots, sneak duffle bags, or cheat on your spouse. You get to select your tale…

Discover how your life decisions, one by one, may add up to decide your success in the game of life. Interactive narrative games have been around for quite some time. However, this is the first text life simulator that genuinely combines and simulates adult life.

App Specification

BitLife’s current version is 3.2.11. It requires iOS, Android 5.0, or above. Play Store by Google 10,000,000+ downloads has been made to date. You may prevent in-app purchases at any moment in settings, however, the prices range from $0.99 to $19.99 per item. Because the software contains sexual material and drug references, the content categorization is Mature 17+. Released on February 5, 2019. Candywriter, LLC provides it. This app was initially made for apple users and then it was even released for android users.

Editors View

Life may be simulated in BitLife, a computer game that allows you to play as yourself from birth. In this one-of-a-kind game, every decision you make counts and leads you to the life you want.

Your character’s details will be the first thing you read after birth: name, gender, country of birth, parent information, and so on. Because you are a newborn, you cannot undertake many things during your early years of life, but as you develop, your opportunities expand rapidly.

You may use the menus to play BitLife exactly as you would Inst Life. But you don’t just get to select whether to study; you may also choose whether to engage in a variety of activities, depending on how you want to live your character’s life. These decisions will lead to many events that may occur and may shape your life.

BitLife is a fantastic videogame that crams a complete existence into your screen. The game is quite well-designed, with a highly user-friendly interface. Another incredible aspect is that the choices are nearly limitless, and all you must do is pick how you want your character to live from the moment they are born until their dying days.

Game Play and Features

To play it, press the “New Life” button. You will be offered two options: begin a “Random Life” or begin a “Custom Life.”

Make sure that all your game settings are retained when you enter the game. At first, concentrate on the game’s numbers. You must spend more time with your parents at the start of the game to strengthen your bond. A great start to the game will benefit you.

Childhood (0 – 18 years old)

When you establish a new life, your character (“you”) enters the Infant stage. The program begins by displaying your character’s parents’ occupations, your date of birth, star sign, how you were conceived, and any siblings or pets you may have. Your character will begin with a random set of Stats, with happiness and health often being extremely high. To add one year to your character’s life, tap the “Age” button in the center of the screen.


You will start elementary (or primary) school at the age of six, and you will also join the student stage. You will start high school (or secondary school) between the ages of 10-15, which varies by country. Following the September 2019 School Update, characters can engage with school professors and students, as well as join activities, clubs, cliques, and sororities/fraternities in nations where they occur.

In this game, just like in real life, you must concentrate on your studies. In this game, studying is crucial to your career. When you first start school, choose the ‘Study Harder’ option. A superior study will assist you in obtaining a scholarship for your studies. You should also avoid taking out student debts. Your education enables you to advance in your career and enjoy a better life.

Adulthood (From 18 years old)

Depending on where they come from, a character will graduate and obtain a driver’s license. They can further their education, find work, join the military, or take time off. If they choose further education, the stage of life would show Students, Unemployed if they took time off, or their work position if they acquired a job or joined the military. If a character is jobless full-time but works part-time, the part-time employment will be displayed as their stage. If they work part-time but are not jobless, their student or job/military position will be displayed.

As we all know, health is very vital in everyone’s life. You must pay close attention to your health in BitLife. You must see your doctor if you feel unwell. Always choose a decent doctor for yourself because your health is very vital in your life. A good doctor may charge an additional fee. However, you should not sacrifice your health for the sake of money.

Adults have more possibilities in the Activities section, as many activities require a character to be 18 or older, regardless of country.

While the legal adult age is 18, a character cannot adopt, sterilize, have a vasectomy, have their tubes tied, or have IVF until they are 25. They can, however, handle birth control as early as 14 years old.


BitLife is a life simulation game with a plot that centers on the life of a character. You must choose a character at the start of the game, and this figure lives a virtual existence in this game. In this game, your characters face a variety of problems, and each stage of their lives necessitates a unique strategy. You will need some tips and tactics to live a prosperous life in this game.

Your metrics will be shown as a bar in the BitLife simulation game. Positive statistics are shown in green. The bar displays your Happiness, Smartness, Appearance, Health, and Fame. You should keep your bars green. It signifies that you are having a more fulfilling life.