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Biugo-video maker&video editor
Noizz Team
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Aug 15, 2022
Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC

About the App

Biugo is an app that allows you to generate videos using media saved in the memory of your smartphone. Using the app’s many themes, you may produce stunning and entertaining movies to share with others in only a few seconds. All the templates may be found in several categories on the main Biugo menu. Find the portion that most closely resembles your vision by perusing each of them.

Biugo also has a plethora of filters and effects that you may apply to your videos. Furthermore, the app includes many song lists that you can employ in your videos to make them more visually appealing. The best aspect is that you always have complete control over the images and audio you use in each creation, and you can even add words and other features to ensure that the final outcome is precisely what you envisioned.

Biugo may help you make the perfect birthday video for your family and friends, or it can help you recall fun experiences with others. Once you’ve exported the final product, you can quickly share it via your social networking accounts, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, without leaving the app. All of this is accomplished through an extremely easy method that requires no prior technical expertise, making it ideal for all types of users.

App Specification

The current version of Biugo is 5.3.4. It Requires Android 5.0 and above. Google Play Store by Downloads 50,000,000 till now and still counting. The In-app purchases may be disabled at any moment in the settings, however, if you want to purchase, the in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $114.99 per item. Content rating is for everyone. Released on the 30th of November 2019. It is offered on Noizz Team.

Editors view 

Biugo is an Android software that allows you to make short videos, status updates, animated graphics, and electronic photos with music. This is one of the most straightforward programs on the market, allowing you to produce spectacular photographs and films with only a few touches. It’s a basic video and status producer that’s ideal for novices. It simply takes a few clicks to create an eye-catching and awe-inspiring video/image. Wallpapers, magic pictures, photo art, joker face photos, glitch art, and hundreds of more spectacular graphics may be created in no time.

The nicest part about Biugo is the abundance of templates. Templates are available in a variety of genres, including love, cartoon, humorous, wallpaper, VIP, Hello, and Happy Birthday.  The categories make it simple to discover the needed template, and you can also use the search box to find templates. You only need to add photos to a template once you’ve chosen one. You may also crop photographs after they’ve been placed in the template.

The app may be used to create status videos for many social networking networks such as WhatsApp, TikTok, Likee, Share Chat, and Vfly.

Music Video Master

Biugo is an MV (Music Video Master) Video Status Maker. With free magic video templates for biugo live, the video editing tool provides an entirely new vfly video editing experience. In only a few steps, you may make entertaining and multi-themed mv films for your family, friends, and loves. We enhance your video editing with unique magic templates, entertaining stickers, and stunning effects.

Videos Using Magic Effects

The magic effect videos are incredible. It provides your videos and photos with a lively appearance. On Biugo, there are several themes available to give your photographs a wonderful look. Biugo provides templates for changing the color of your garments and creating a fantastic wardrobe.

Cut Cut

Cut Cut is an outstanding feature of Biugo. It removes the backdrop from your photograph. The photograph is then put on a magnificent background of your choosing. It only takes one tap to do all of this. You simply need to choose a template and upload photographs. Your photographs will be cropped, and a new backdrop will be added.

Photographic Art

You may make an art photo out of your photograph. In Biugo, this is simple. The application enables you to produce a variety of different sorts of art, including cartoon impressions, paintings, drawings, marine art, pen sketches, broken images, torn photos, and more. There are several picture art apps available.

Glitch Art

Glitch art is now popular. You may captivate your social media audience by creating eye-catching glitch art. There are several fantastic glitch art templates available.


You may also incorporate music into your video and images. Every template has an appropriate soundtrack by default; however, you may choose any other music you like. Biugo has its own music collection, which you may also add from your device.

Free Video Editing MV Master

With this mv master software, you may share your amazing vfly films on social media. With this mv master software, you may produce your own distinctive vfly films to display your love dream, record the anniversary festival, and inform others about your unique moments using several free magical video templates!

Create an amazing electronic picture exhibition in three simple steps. After you’ve added photographs, you can choose background music and begin creating your own musical album using this mv master program for bigo live.

Highlights of Biugo

 It’s a really fantastic idea to make VFly films out of your photos. Add photographs to the template to create your own magic effect video.

With this mv master program, you may create birthday, wedding, love, good morning, good night, and other special effect templates.

The Aging Shutter

Do you wish to know how you’ll appear when you’re elderly or see your old face? Enter Aging Shutter, snap a selfie, and you will glimpse your future face and riches.  Make videos and share them with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Status.


You may make gorgeous digital images and videos with the aid of the app Biugo. There are several templates accessible, and you simply need to choose the finest one. In a matter of seconds, your movie or image will be ready. There are several templates available for various reasons. You will notice many categories. The templates are more than plenty, and the pro edition gives you access to even more. Biugo has its own soundtrack collection. You may easily pick the required song.

Biugo is a premium product with a free version accessible. The app’s limited functionality is available for usage and may be downloaded for free. The free program is enough for daily usage, but if you want to experiment with additional themes, you must purchase the premium version.