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APP Name
Garena International I
Action, Game
Last Updated
Aug 10, 2022
5.0 and up

With group chats, phone conversations, amusing events, quick movies, and live streaming, BOOYAH! is the go-to community app that enables you to interact with friends and communities. You may locate your community here, whether you’re a student, a music enthusiast, a comic book aficionado, or a gamer. Text, voice, picture, and video chat easily with pals who share your interests and hobbies. Play in thrilling gaming tournaments, take in popular short movies, and watch live streaming of your favorite games. Play your favorite games with friends in a whole new way!

communities (clubs). If you want to meet fantastic individuals who share your interests, you may join a gaming club, a streamer fanbase, or an e-sports organization. Alternately, you may start your own club to enjoy yourself with your closest pals with texts, calls, pictures, and memes!

  • Join topic-based groups to communicate about music, movies, fanart, etc., chat with your favorite streams, get gaming tips, and win tournament goodies.
  • Invite pals over text, photographs, or amusing memes to catch up
  • Use public voice conversations to discuss your interests or simply listen to relaxing music
  • Establish a private audio chat room with your gaming buddies to talk strategy.
  • Use dependable tools to keep an eye on your clubs’ activities and control permissions levels.

App Specification 

Booyah Version is 1.51.26. Needs Android 5.0 or above. The Google Play Store has received over 100,000,000 downloads. You can always turn off in-app purchases, but they can cost anything from $0.99 to $64.99 each. The content is rated, Teen. Users’ interaction and in-app purchases are interactive aspects. Released on February 11, 2020. Offered by Garena International I.

App Features 

Search community clubs based on interests

In gaming clubs, gamers may pick up gaming advice, form gaming teams with other players, or get the most recent game updates. If you enjoy viewing movies, you may uncover further excellent film suggestions or discuss a well-liked movie in a movie club. Visit additional groups depending on interests and engage in conversation with the locals. Additionally, with just one click, you can move your favorite clubs to the top of your joined clubs list and hang out with pals there!

Using helpful tools, establish your own clubs.

working on a project for school? Create a study group and invite only students who are involved in the project to discuss assignments there. gaming with a select group of close friends? Create a private gaming group chat so you can talk about tactics as you play. Create your own club and use practical and dependable tools to control its invites, roles, chat rooms, and permissions. The community activities area also makes it easy to see how many people have responded to your messages and how interesting your material is.

Keep in touch with others via voice and text group chats.

In text rooms, you may freely communicate with pals using text, images, memes, etc. Join group chats with a specific theme to discuss music, studies, travel, fanart, etc., or to communicate with your favorite streamers. Sending emoji replies to texts allows you to convey your feelings regarding a subject or assertion.

Join voice chats to discuss topics that interest you, make new acquaintances, or just relax and listen to music. Discover who has entered the voice room, chat, and converse freely with new acquaintances.

Short Video Clips

Swipe down to view the never-ending stream of quick game videos posted by community members who are both game developers and players. Share the videos with your friends on social media by liking, commenting, and sharing them. We provide tools to let you easily record your most memorable gaming moments as short films. The quick game movies may be uploaded for global spectator interaction!

Game Streaming

You can restream your favorite games to popular streaming services like Facebook and YouTube while concurrently chatting with your followers and friends on all these platforms for free!

Join the BOOYAH! neighborhood. With the use of text conversations, voice chats, quick movies, and live streaming, expand your great game experiences. Everything is right here for you! Join the gaming community you love by logging in right away!

Editors View 

BOOYAH! is a fully functional streaming service designed specifically to stream games directly from your smartphone. This platform, which gives users all the tools they need to broadcast and watch the greatest content produced by a wide range of their favorite streamers, was established with mobile gaming in mind.

The platform that powers BOOYAH! was designed from the start to provide as many practical capabilities as possible to meet the unique demands of both mobile content producers and their audiences. Like Twitch, BOOYAH! gives you the option to edit live streams into short videos that highlight your favorite moments.

These clips may only be chosen by the broadcasters themselves or requested by their fans, giving them a distinct flair, that other channels often lack and ensuring that only the finest content is included. This avoids any good material from slipping through the gaps and being lost forever.

The seamless, flawless optimization of all BOOYAH’s capabilities when it comes to broadcasting live material is one of its most distinctive aspects. Long, smooth games are possible because of the astoundingly low system resource consumption and the incredibly effective utilization of user surfing data. These factors prevent any gameplay latency or slowdowns.

BOOYAH! is the ideal highlight reel of your finest streams since it has a feed designed to seem a lot like Twitter. This feature adds a lovely touch because it helps to draw attention to tiny channels that would otherwise need a lot of searching to find.


A big number of well-known game streamers have also used BOOYAH, which has gained a lot of fans, to share significant matches or heated clashes in the top game. Once BOOYAH! is installed on your device, you can instantly follow your favorite streamer idol and freely interact with them through chat, comments, donations, and gifts on all their videos and live broadcasts.

When playing games, there is an automatic highlight feature. When utilizing this function, BOOYAH! will automatically record special and lovely moments, excellent handling maneuvers, headshots, or repeatedly taking out many foes on the battlefield and preserve them as brief clips that you are free to share with friends and followers. The program will comprehend if you just say “OK BOOYAH” because this functionality is so cutting-edge.