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Brawl Stars
Action, Game
Last Updated
Jul 4, 2022
4.3 and up

About the App

Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game in which two teams of three characters must compete in a scenario filled with obstacles and components to interact with. Your goal is to teach the opposing squad a lesson. Easy controls. Simply move your hero with the left virtual joystick while striking your adversaries with the right joystick. Your character will attack the nearest adversary if you merely press it once. Furthermore, after you’ve loaded your hero power, you’ll just have to utilize the button designated for it—an important step toward triumph.

There are several game modes in Brawl Stars. The goal of the rewards mode is to end the game with more stars than the other team. In other game modes, you must battle for a succession of crystals hidden in the map’s center or compete against other players in an epic deathmatch. Supercell’s Brawl Stars is another smash blockbuster. It’s ideal for mobile devices, with simple controls, a wide range of characters and game settings, and extremely colorful graphics.

  • Participate in 3v3 matches against other players in real-time.
  • A mobile-optimized, frantic multiplayer battle royale mode
  • Unlock and gather new, strong Brawlers; each has a special attack and ability.
  • Daily updates to game modes and events
  • Fight by yourself or with pals
  • Ascend the leader boards in local and international rankings.
  • Create a club with other players to exchange strategies and engage in combat.
  • Add unlocked skins to Brawlers for customization
  • Player-created maps provide difficult new terrain to master

App Specification

The version of Brawl Stars is 44.242. Android 4.3 or above is required. To date, there have been over 100,000,000 downloads from the Google Play Store. In-app purchases may be turned off at any moment in the settings. However, if you want to buy something, the in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 per item. Everyone above the age of ten is subject to a content rating. The game contains Fantasy violence. The interactive components Users interact and make in-game purchases including random items. Released on12th of December 2018. Supercell provides this service. The game is from the developers of Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans!

Editors View

Battle royale and 3v3 multiplayer that move quickly were created for smartphones! In less than three minutes, choose from several game options to play with others or by yourself.

Numerous Brawlers with strong Superpowers, Star Powers, and Gadgets may be unlocked and upgraded! Gather distinctive skins to stand out and flaunt. Fight in a variety of enigmatic settings across the Brawl verse!

App Features

Battle In Many Different Game Modes

Gem Grab (3v3): Work together to outsmart the opposition. To win, gather and hold 10 jewels, but lose them if you get fragged.

Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale-style struggle for survival. Gather boosters for your Brawler. Be the last Brawler standing in the wildest battle royale ever by grabbing a friend or playing alone. The winner takes it all!

Brawl Ball (3v3): A brand-new version of the Brawl game! Score two goals ahead of the other squad to showcase your football or soccer prowess. This game has no red cards.

Bounty (3v3): Take down rivals to gain stars, but don’t let them pick off your teammates. The team with the most stars will prevail in the game!

Heist (3v3): Try to break into your rivals’ safe while defending your own. Use the map to your advantage to sneak, blast, and blow your way to the enemy’s wealth.

Special Events: Limited-time PvE and PvP game types for special events.

Championship Challenge: Participate in the in-game qualifications to join the Brawl Stars esports scene!

Update And Unlock Brawlers

A range of Brawlers with strong Superpowers, Star Powers, and Gadgets are available for you to collect and enhance! Level them up and gather special and unique skins.

Brawl Pass

Earn Gems, pins, and a special Brawl Pass skin by completing tasks and opening Brawl Boxes. 

Become The Star Player

Climb the regional and local leader boards to demonstrate that you are the best brawler ever!

Perpetually Changing

Watch out for upcoming Brawlers, skins, maps, events, and game modes.

Game Play 

Players in Brawl Stars compete in a variety of game styles against human or artificial intelligence opponents. For usage in combat, players can select from a variety of Brawler characters that they have acquired through Boxes, the Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, or that they have purchased through the Shop.

Players may select from several different game modes in Brawl Stars, each of which has a unique goal.

Brawl Pass

A game update in May 2020 included a brand-new incentive program named “Brawl Pass.” The game’s equivalent of a battle pass is called the Brawl Pass. Players may advance along the Brawl Pass by earning Tokens from bouts they participate in. From the pass, players may acquire Boxes, Gems, skins, pins, coins, power points, and brawlers.

Power League

A competitive ranking system called Power League was introduced to the game in season 5. The Power Play system was superseded by this. At 4500 trophies, players can access this system. Between bronze level one to master, there are a total of 19 ranks. Except for the first season, which would terminate after season 5, each season is two months long. Players get Star Points after a Power League season based on their rank. Power League is open to individuals as well as three-person teams.

Club League

Club League, a brand-new weekly competition between Clubs, was first introduced in season 9 and has eight Clubs competing on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday weekly. To participate in matches, you must have a ticket. Clubs strive to win as many Club Trophies as they can by having players participate in matches. Players receive extra Club Trophies for the Club when they play with other Club members. The Clubs are rated based on the Club Trophies after each competition day to get Club Points.


A new Brawl Pass and Power League are introduced every season.


Brawl Stars may be downloaded and played for free, but some of the game’s goodies can also be bought with real money. Please deactivate in-app purchases on your smartphone if you don’t want to utilize this function. Additionally, you must be at least 9 years old to play or download Brawl Stars by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.