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Jul 28, 2022
4.4W and up

You may check the live video feed from your network cameras on your smartphone while on the move thanks to the helpful software CamHi. If you’ve been seeking a method to view the live stream of your network cameras on your phone, this app is for you.

It enables you to broadcast the security footage that your camera is recording to your Android mobile. CamHi features a simple user interface and a clever design, making it extremely simple to use. Even unskilled You who have never used a network camera viewer before will have no trouble using this program.

CamHi makes it quick and fast to add cameras to your smartphone. To add a camera to this network camera viewer, go to the Camera window and select the Add Camera option.

This option may be found on the app’s top bar. By selecting this option, you will be sent to a new window called Add Camera. You will be prompted to enter a few facts about your network camera here so that it may be added to the app. Name, Username, UID, and Password are among the details you must enter.

CamHi offers three options for attaching a camera to yourself. Scan QR Code is the first. This option for adding a network camera is found in the app’s Add Camera section. You may add your network camera to the app simply by scanning its QR code. To enable this option, touch on it and then position your phone’s camera near the QR code of your network camera so that it can be read, and the camera is added to the app.

Search Camera from LAN is the second method for adding a network camera to this network camera viewer. You may use this feature by just tapping on its button. The software will start looking for the camera and will add it immediately if it finds one.

Wireless Installation is the third way for adding a camera to CamHi.

By selecting this option, you will be sent to a new window called Wi-Fi Connect.

You must enter the SSID, and Password for your Wi-Fi connection here, and then click Apply.

Remember to turn up the volume on your phone and get it as near to the camera as possible before pressing the Apply button.

CamHi not only allows you to see live surveillance footage from your network cameras, but it also allows you to photograph the live video that is being streamed from your cameras.

These images may be found in the Picture tab. Furthermore, this network camera viewer allows you to record video snippets of the live broadcast. These videos are available in the app’s Video tab.


  • Watch the live real-time video
  • capture a picture for real-time video
  • video playback from an SD card
  • Mobile phone time and time zone settings
  • Synchronization
  • Simple user interface
  • Various techniques of incorporating cameras
  • View live video footage from your network camera.
  • Option to capture live video snapshots
  • Option to record live video snippets as video clips
  • Time zone selection options are provided.
  • PTZ controls

App Specification 

CamHi’s current version is 7.0.19. It requires Android 4.4W or higher. To date, there have been over 1,000,000 downloads from the Google Play store. The Content rating is for Everyone. Released on 05-May-2015. It is offered by Franck.

Editors View

CamHi is a network camera viewer that is suitable for You who wish to monitor the live feed of their network cameras on their phones. It allows them to view the surveillance footage being taken by their network camera. If you have a network camera, this is a great app to have on your phone.

How To Use CamHi

  • Go to “Google Play Store” and install the app
  • Please make sure that you already installed
  • Run the App on your mobile 
  • There is a “welcome” page 
  • Please wait for it completed
  • The App will automatically come into the main window.
  • On Devices page 
  • There are 5 menus on the page, below is the introduction to these menus.
  • You can click the “Edit” button to edit the added device or delete the added device.
  • You can click the “+” button to add the device.
  • You can browser add the device.
  • You can open the local folder which includes the screenshot.
  • You can watch the playback video. 
  • You can check the App version and SDK version.
  • Add camera page 
  • Users can click “+” to add the camera as below:
  • You can rename the “camera name”
  • You can rename the “username”
  • You type in “UID” to add the camera
  • You type in “Password” to add the camera, 
  • You can scan the “QR Code” on the camera to add the UID
  • The devices in the LAN can be searched
  • Connect your phone with a wireless network
  • Scan the QR code 
  • Users can add the devices to the App by scanning the QR code which can be found in the device’s packaging box, and device case body. 
  • Keep your phone steady until the app detects the code on the camera body. Ensure that the QR code fits inside the transparent area in the center of the phone screen. 
  • Fill out the camera’s “UID” and “password” on the “Add device” screen, then wait for the app to load the camera and display live footage.
  • When Users receive the request to permit the app’s usage of the mobile camera, please allow the app to utilize the camera.
  • Manually importing the device into the app Users can manually add the device to the App if they know the UID number of the P2P QR code.
  • Local device searches and add to the App Navigate to the smartphone “settings” menu and enter “MiFi XXXX” as the default password: 1234567890.
  • If your mobile device is connected to “MiFi XXXX”, the app will automatically search for cameras.
  • Then choose and click the camera you want to add; the camera adding screen appears, and enter the correct password to add it to the app.
  • Add a Camera List Page
  • After adding the cameras to the App, all of them will be listed on the “Device” tab.
  • Click the to edit the camera’s name and modify the camera’s password.
  • Delete the device from the app. users can click to delete the device from the app