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CamScanner - PDF Scanner App
CamSoft Information
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Aug 16, 2022
5.0 and up

About the App 

CamScanner is one of the most well-known mobile scanner applications for Android. It scans papers using the camera on your smartphone. After that, you may apply filters, save them as several file kinds, export them, and do other things.

CamScanner with many comparable functions wrapped up in an easy-to-use UI. It may be downloaded for free or with a license.

The free version of the software includes most of the functionality listed below, with the exception that documents are watermarked, there are advertisements, and you can only annotate 30 pages. Other options, such as uploading to OneDrive or Evernote, are likewise time limited.

The ‘Premium’ service is a monthly or annual subscription model that removes advertisements and time limits: you may utilize all app features with increased capabilities, such as creating collaborative documents that can be accessed by more than 40 individuals.

Then there’s the CamScanner license, which is a paid service as well. However, it just removes adverts from the free version, making it largely ineffective.

Aside from scanning, the program also allows users to store and convert data. Although PDF is the default file format, text and spreadsheet documents can be converted to other forms. You may edit and annotate documents, share them for editing with others, and publish them to the CamScanner cloud. After scanning a document to your Android device, you may adjust the brightness and contrast, as well as convert a color image to black and white. Crop, resize, and sharpen fuzzy photographs before sharing them on social media, email, and other platforms. Please take note that some of these features are only accessible to Premium users.

App Specification 

The CamScanner version number is Android 5.0 or above is required. To date, there have been over 100,000,000 downloads from the Google Play Store. You may prevent in-app purchases at any moment, but the prices range from $0.49 to $399.99 per item. Everyone is subject to content rating. Interactive elements are User interaction, In-app purchases. Released on the 30th of October 2010. CamSoft Information provides this service.

Premium subscription payment models:

-$ 4.99/month

-$ 49.99/year

Please keep in mind that the subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the month unless you opt to cancel it.

Editors View

CamScanner is the greatest scanner app for converting your smartphone into a PDF scanner. With a single swipe, you may convert photos to PDF.

Over 380 million devices in over 200 countries have been installed. Every day, about 500,000 new registrations are made.

CamScanner allows you to scan, save, sync, and collaborate on a variety of files across cell phones, iPads, tablets, and desktops.

App Features 

Digitize Documents Quickly

Simply use your phone’s camera to scan and digitize paper documents such as receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard conversations, business cards, and certifications.

Improve Scan Quality

Smart cropping and auto boosting guarantee that scanned documents’ words and visuals are clear and crisp, with excellent colors and resolutions.

Image Text Extraction

The OCR (optical character recognition) tool identifies text in picture documents and extracts it for further searching, editing, or sharing. (Only available in premium)

Share PDF/JPEG Files

Share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends in a variety of methods, including posting on social media and sending an attachment or document download link through email.

Documents for Air Print and Fax

Print any document in CamScanner to a nearby printer instantly with Air Print; simply choose a document and fax it to over 30 countries from the app.

Document Editing Expertise

Annotate documents using a comprehensive collection of editing tools. Customized watermarks can also be added to designate your own papers.

Quick Glance

When you have many documents, you may utilize Tags to organize and find them quickly. Furthermore, OCR for Search allows you to discover text within images and notes. You may easily discover the document you desire by entering only one term. (Only registrants)

Keep Important Documents Safe

If you wish to secure secret materials, you may establish a passcode for reading essential documents; you can also set a password when sharing a document download link to prevent others from seeing it.

Platform Synchronization

Sign up for on-the-go document syncing. Simply login in with any smartphone, tablet, or computer ( to read, edit, and share any document. (Only registrants)

Service with a Premium Subscription:

  • OCR (Convert Image to TXT, Image to WORD & Image to EXCEL)
  • Download PDF files in bulk using a web app
  • Distribute the secure document downlink to others.
  • Increase the maximum number of collaborators by 40.
  • Add 10GB of cloud storage
  • ID Mode Scanner
  • Remove any advertisements or watermarks.
  • Combination of two distinct texts
  • Electronic signature
  • Book Mode Scan


Users of CamScanner scan and manage

  • A bill, an invoice, a contract, a tax roll, a business card.
  • A whiteboard, a memo, a script, a letter.
  • Blackboard, Note, PowerPoint, Book, Article.
  • Credentials, certificates, and identification documents.

Third-Party Cloud Storage Services Accepted:, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and others

The free version is ad-supported, and scanned papers are created with a watermark, with a maximum of 30 pages for annotations. Uploading to Evernote/OneDrive is limited to 7 days. Invite no more than ten collaborators per document.


CamScanner rose to prominence owing to its ease of use and HD picture conversions. As a mobile app, it transforms your phone or tablet into an image scanner, converting images of actual documents into digital files for easy internet sharing. Auto-trimming, numerous photo effects, OCR recognition, and PDF editing are among its fundamental features. Although there have been occasional harmful complaints about it, it is generally safe to use.

The picture scanning capability, on the other hand, is only available on the mobile version. You can do everything else except that on the PC and web versions because the application does not support cameras. However, if you prefer to work on your desktop while editing, you can easily import images from your mobile device or view your PC’s photographs directly through the software. After all, it’s mostly for document management.