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Apr 12, 2019
Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC

The design and quality of the Free Cinema HD apps are excellent. All displays are dynamically adjusted to reflect the current time. Cinema HD is the simplest method to see if your favorite movies or TV series are available for streaming on any of your favorite video providers. The Cinema HD app makes it easy to access information about the newest films, including reviews, trailers, posters, and more. Your favorite movie may be rated and reviewed whenever and anywhere you choose. 

Free Movies Full HD Movies and TV Shows, this free movie software will help you locate the movies you desire from all around the world, and you may use it freely and effortlessly. Cinema HD- movies and TV series provide you with a unique way to select your favorite movies. This is the finest software you can download for free and without having to register.

App Specification 

Version 1.2.0 is included with Cinema HD. It requires Android 5.0 or above. It drew a lot of attention and received a lot of downloads. There have been over 500,000 downloads in the Google Play store to date. The content rating is Teen. It will be released on July 14, 2021. Larsen-Cinema provides it.

Editors View

People frequently utilize the internet to view their preferred movies and television series on paid applications or OTT platforms and stream their favorite content on television. Several applications provide your favorite TV episodes and movies, however, most of them are premium apps.

This software will display the free links available on the internet, and they will appear on your smartphone. With this app’s appealing features, you’ll never run out of streaming possibilities for your favorite episodes and movies.

Download Cinema HD if you want to try a fully free streaming software with high-quality content and a vast selection of movies and TV series.

App Features

User Interface 

This Cinema HD software features a basic layout that allows you to immediately grasp how to use it and the function buttons on the application screen. This software makes it simple to browse among the films that Cinema HD has organized.

Movie Library 

You may choose from 60 different genres of movies and television series with this Cinema application. The categorization of this app makes it simple to locate a wide range of films, including horror, love stories, anime, and more. Aside from a massive movie collection, Cinema HD allows you to effortlessly search and watch TV series for free.

A Miniature Movie-Going Experience

Theatre HD provides a superb movie viewing experience like that of a tiny cinema. This app will be a good option for you if you’re hesitant to view movies in a theatre.


You will receive a valuable function from this Cinema HD software, which allows you to automatically play films with subtitles. You’ll need to manually choose the file to view the contents if you don’t use subtitles. The program will appropriately deliver subtitles to provide you with the best movie viewing experience possible.

Suggested List 

The Suggested List is another essential element of Cinema HD, which is a strong aspect of this popular movie program. Every day, many new episodes and movies are discovered and added to the application’s main menu.


The movies and series recommended by Cinema HD will all have extensive information such as name, rating, origin, release date, trailer, and principal actors. The application makes it easier for you to find the perfect material for you and enjoy it by providing thorough data that enables you to grasp the facts about the movies. 

Put Your Favorite Programs on The List.

You’ll find a wide variety in Cinema HD, and Trak TV integration allows you to make playlists to easily play your favorite episodes. This function will compile a list of the recent shows you’ve viewed and alert you if a new episode of a previously watched show or movie is available. This allows you to update fresh content fast and simply while also taking use of the app’s numerous appealing features.

Play Automatically

You may use auto-play in Cinema HD to swiftly watch the films and television programs of your choice. A list of links will appear when you pick something; you must choose one of them and choose “Play” to begin watching. The Cinema HD app will begin playing the video for you if auto-play is enabled, so you won’t need to choose any links.

Watch Offline

With Cinema HD’s offline download option, you will have a more delightful movie-watching experience. You may effortlessly download movies, and TV episodes, and watch any of your favorite stuff with this excellent function.

Incredible Resolution and Sound

To provide the greatest experience possible, Cinema HD, in addition to a huge variety of programs and movie streams, allows you to enjoy high-quality material without login into real-debrid.

With this software, you may enjoy your favorite TV series and movies in their entirety and high definition. Watching HD or ultra-HD movies in Cinema HD is also possible using the auto-play option.

Registration Is Not Required.

Without needing to create an account, the Cinema HD program will offer a tool that allows users to freely select and watch movies and TV series.

No Advertisements

You won’t have to worry about commercials interfering with your viewing experience in Cinema HD. As a result, you may watch movies and TV shows effortlessly and without interruption with Cinema HD.


When creating an account, you do not need to be concerned about giving out personal information such as your name, address, or email. You may use this function to freely access and delight yourself with your favorite movies and Tv shows without having to log in to your account. Before deciding which stuff to watch or not, you may also see the trailers for movies and television series. This Cinema app’s nice and easy UI will let you enjoy a terrific movie-watching pleasure. If you want to experience a completely free streaming app with a high-quality video and a large range of movies and TV shows, download Cinema HD.