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You may join other users’ rooms and start chatting right away with Clubhouse for Android. It is a free audio-only social app. Following somebody is a simple activity that shows you the rooms they’re in and allows you to join them in conversation. The app has held several celebrity presentations, and several of these rooms have reached the 5,000-member limit.

The programme is somewhat like Discord or Stereo; however, it provides a simpler experience. The programme is unimpressive as a social app and is readily replaceable. However, when celebrities are used, the programme provides a fresh method to listen to your favourite talk shows or conversations.

Social media in your pocket

The clubhouse is a light and simple programme that blends podcasting with social interaction. All rooms have a membership maximum of 5,000 people and the speakers can be restricted. The service reduces the social component to audio-only, removing the need for servers and feeds containing hundreds of messages.

Make New Friends

ClubHouse is a terrific way to meet people online, but you must provide your actual identity. You may join and listen to banter while working, or you can host your own room and start discussing your own interests. If you discover a user you like, simply follow them and you will be able to join them in any room they visit.

Explore New Spaces

The hallway is a convenient method to see a feed of new rooms you may join, as well as who is in them and what the room is about. Entering a room is as simple as hitting a button, and you can see how many listeners are there ahead of time. Tapping on the room for information reveals extra information, such as who the speakers are following. This tool lets you quickly and easily locate new speakers you’ll love listening to.

It is a fantastic software for conversing with strangers all around the world. Unfortunately, when compared to existing established businesses, the app’s few distinctive features fall short of standing out. However, the programme makes it easier to discover strangers and join them in chat or listen in than any other option.

Casual chats are easily accessible.

Talk to anyone from anywhere on the globe.

There is no compulsion to participate in dialogues.

App Specification

Clubhouse Version is 22.08.04. It Requires Android 8.0 and up.  Google play store downloads to date have been more than 10,000,000 downloads. Content rating is for teens. Interactive elements are User interaction. Released on 20th May 2021 Offered b Alpha Exploration Co.

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Clubhouse is social audio software for iOS and Android that allows users to speak in audio chat rooms that may hold thousands of people.

Clubhouse was founded in the fall of 2019 as a social media business by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Originally intended for podcasts as a Talk show, the app was renamed as “Clubhouse” and released on the iOS operating system in March 2020. After collecting money from famous angel investors such as Ryan Hoover, Balaji Srinivasan, James Beshara, and other venture capitalists, including a $12 million Series A investment from the venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz in May 2020, Clubhouse was valued at $100 million.

The programme grew in popularity during the early months of the COVID-19 epidemic, and by December 2020, it had 600,000 registered users. Clubhouse debuted a beta version of the Android app for customers in the United States on May 9, 2021, and on May 21, 2021, Clubhouse became accessible globally for Android users.

App Features


Clubhouse’s core feature is real-time virtual “rooms” in which users may chat with one another via voice. Rooms are classified according to their amount of seclusion. Anyone on Clubhouse can join “open rooms,” and all rooms default to this option when they are created. Only those who have been approved by the moderators are permitted to enter “social rooms.” To enter “closed rooms,” users must first get an invitation from the moderators.

The moderator role is indicated by a green star next to the user’s name. When a user first enters a room, they are assigned the role of “listener” and cannot unmute themselves. By clicking on the “raise hand” symbol, listeners can tell the moderators of their intention to enter the stage and speak. Tap the “leave silently” button or the peace sign emoji to quit a room.


Many Clubhouse interactions occur spontaneously, but individuals may arrange chats by arranging events. When arranging an event, users may first name the event before deciding on a day and time for the talk to begin.


Clubs at the Clubhouse are user communities that meet regularly to discuss a similar interest. Clubhouse contains many clubs covering a wide range of themes, and users may search for clubs by name using the search button. A club has three types of users: “Admin,” “Leader,” and “Member.”


Backchannel is a messaging capability that allows users to connect via text individually or in groups. This is significant since, up until this moment, Clubhouse was only available in speech mode, with no means to connect or communicate. Text communications were reliant on Instagram and Twitter.


Clubhouse’s homepage gives access to ongoing chat rooms that are recommended based on the individuals and clubs that the user follows. Users may access the explore page by touching the magnifying glass symbol.

Clubhouse Payments

This is the app’s direct payment option, which allows users to transfer money to content producers who have enabled this feature in their profile. Users may send money to a creator by clicking on their profile, then selecting “Send Money” and enter the required amount.

 Creator First

Clubhouse Creator First is an accelerator programme designed to assist Clubhouse content producers in growing their following and monetizing their material through a direct payment method.


The Clubhouse app icon is a grayscale profile photo of a social change leader and platform users that changes regularly. In the app development industry, most firms employ a designer to produce an icon, whereas Clubhouse collects user photographs instead.