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Conquerors: Golden Age
Game, Strategy
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Jul 30, 2022
4.4 and up


Become the most powerful sultan in history in Conquerors Golden Age, a strategy and management-based game, and you’ll be tasked with restoring the glory of the Arab Caliphate. To accomplish so, you must construct the most exquisite city and assemble the greatest army imaginable.

Conquerors Golden Age’s gameplay is quite reminiscent to other Android games of the same genre. You’ll receive additional assignments as you play, most of which call for you to level up your castle, create specific structures, or hire specific soldiers.

While controlling your city will take up most of your time, you will also need to deal with the troops of the foe. Fortunately, you will also have a variety of heroes accessible to fight for your cause in addition to recruiting troops in your barracks. Even in the most difficult conflicts, these heroes will assist you in achieving victory.

Conquerors Golden Age is a strategy game that doesn’t have anything particularly special to offer in terms of gameplay, but it does take a different approach than other games in the genre and has beautiful Arabic settings. The graphics in the game are also fantastic.

Once your conquerors have the Golden Age code, you can sign into your game and begin the code activation process there. The features of your account have been updated with those from the Conquerors Golden Age bundle.

App Specification

Released on 12-Jul-2017, Conquerors Golden Age requires Android 4.4 or above and comes with Version 4.6.1. Too far, it has received more than 10,000,000 downloads. This game features in-app purchases that you may disable at any moment, but if you want to buy something, the prices range from $0.99 to $99.99 per item. The teen content rating. There is blood in the game because there is violence. IGG.COM is the provider.

Editors View

Arabian antiquity is the setting for the video game Conquerors Golden Age. To strengthen your kingdom, you must engage in conflicts in this strategy game. Build a strong army and defeat your opponent to improve your reputation. On the eve of the comet’s descent, a vanished island mentioned in the ancestors’ scroll resurfaced. Opportunities come to the fated even in the face of calamity. My Sultan, gather courageous Heroes to face the perilous ways ahead! Construct a courageous army and form alliances! Set off on a fresh adventure to reclaim the lost country right now.

It’s difficult to realize this game is only a few years old because the graphics and music are so convincing and authentic. It is unbelievable how far technology has progressed. The first word in these battles is cooperation, and you must protect the borders of your friends just as you defend your own. This game contains several strategic components.

You may train and enhance hundreds of different sorts of forces at various levels. Conquerors: Golden Age contains various tools, resources, and hidden and efficient goods that they must use to conquer in a harsh environment.

You are tasked with controlling the city in the game, particularly its reputation. By managing structures and resource efficiency, you must aid in the growth and empowerment of your city. In the second half, you must recruit men and build a formidable army. You can play Conquerors: Golden Age online. Game streaming might take the form of PVP competitions or group conflicts. You should always keep some of your soldiers in your base and be ready for any threat in any case. This is a completely secure game that you can download and play on your smartphone.

Game Features

Warfare in real time.

PvP fights might take place on your area at any time.

You are about to encounter heroic characters with strong weapons.

Honor for the most powerful sultan! Raise the Prestige of your City to unlock special Prestige Skills and defeat your opponents!

Enhance your city with a selection of skins to add some flair and receive attribute boosts while doing so!

Call forth uncommon pets, then feed them to level them up! You may expect to meet Crimson Dragon, White Wolf, Cheetah, Lion, and more.

To discover a kingdom that best fits your gaming style, you can freely move between them.

Participate in Sovereign Strife, the universe-spanning battleground for the real sovereign.

Take control of Provinces to increase your Guild’s influence and win fantastic gifts and bragging rights!

Capture foes for specific Province advantages, but careful about being kidnapped yourself!

A palace is essential for any emperor. Become a King and conquer your own Palace, while enjoying benefits such as renaming the Kingdom and more!

The ability to rename the Kingdom is only one of the benefits of being a King and conquering your own palace.

To save your princess and become a puzzle master, solve riddles on treasure hunt islands.

To save your princess and advance your puzzle-solving skills, solve problems on islands with treasure hunts.

The secret to surviving is having powerful allies. Join a formidable guild or form your own!

Interact with gamers from all around the world by joining our community and chatting with anybody from anywhere using real-time translation.

A well-managed city serves as the basis for a powerful army.

To remain ahead, upgrade structures, investigate technologies, acquire resources, train soldiers, and promote Heroes.


Conquerors: Golden Age tells the chronicle of successive battles and historical struggles in Arab countries. In this game, you take on the role of warlords of various Arab tribes as you grow and build your city and kingdom while simultaneously attempting to stop the advance of your opponents by bolstering your city’s fortifications. Your objective is to communicate with each of your adversaries and allies during the game. Since your adversaries are waiting for you to make a mistake so they can quickly destroy you and seize your resources, you shouldn’t even pause to try to better the situation in this game. This game is not difficult to learn. The controls for this game are displayed on the screen, and you may push them to steer in the desired direction.