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Cookie Run: Kingdom
Devsisters Corporation
Game, Role-playing
Last Updated
Aug 9, 2022
5.0 and up

About the App

A warfare simulator and role-playing game are combined in Cookie Run: Kingdom. The game is mostly played by creating the player’s own Cookie Kingdom and gathering Cookies using the gacha to compete in different game types. Players start with a plot of land on which they may erect buildings and facilities to help them gather resources.

The Cookie Castle, manufacturing structures, and the Fountain of Abundance must all be leveled up for the player to gain more resources and things. Players will also need to construct extra buildings to utilize for trading or upgrading. With numerous manufacturing structures, players may generate resources for their Kingdom.

When given enough materials or complete specific objectives, the Cookie Castle may be renovated, allowing the user to increase the available area, level up structures, and put more of them.

The Fountain of Abundance, an offline reward system, operates similarly. The player may also extend their territory by employing supplies or defeating opponents with their troops in specific regions.

The game has 74 playable Cookies, which serve as the main battle troops in the game’s numerous game types. These Cookies may be earned using the game’s gacha system, which can be accessed by exchanging Crystals or certain event tokens for a specific Cookie.

Crystals may be obtained through numerous means in the game or purchased with real-world money. The player organizes cookies into groups of up to five. Cookie has seven rarities ranging from common to legendary, as well as eight classes that fulfill diverse tasks in battle.

Support Cookies heal, harm, and give brief benefits to teammates, while Magic cookies weaken opponents. Every cookie has a talent that may be used to produce harm, healing, or other effects. These abilities have a brief cooldown before they may be used again.

App Specification

The game’s version varies depending on the device. It requires Android 5.0 or above. The Google Play Store has had over 10,000,000 downloads so far. They are in-app purchases that may be turned off at any moment in the game settings. In-app purchases range in price from $0.99 to $99.99 per item. Because the game contains fantasy violence, it is recommended for those over the age of ten. It was released on January 19, 2021. It is offered by Devsisters Corporation.

Editors View

Three witches once experimented with various ingredients, including colored sugar, butter, moonlight, whisper’s powder, and life’s powder, to create the perfect recipe for magic cookies. This resulted in the creation of living cookies.

They are first enthralled by the new environment, but when they discover they will be devoured, they flee, leaving the witches with unbaked magical flour. The mixture is then exposed to sunshine over time, resulting in the formation of additional cookies.

The five unique cookies—Pure Vanilla, Holly berry, Golden Cheese, Dark Cacao, and White Lily—built their empires over many centuries. They are supplemented with Soul Jams, which offer them endless youth and allow them to govern in peace.

The witches, on the other hand, still retain some Life powder, resulting in Cake Monsters. One day, a cookie inquires as to why they are manufactured, and upon discovering the horrifying reality, is dipped into the batter.

That cookie became known as the Dark Enchantress Cookie. She then orders the monsters to assault Earth bread. The Ancient Cookies band together to battle her, only to be defeated at the last minute and have their Soul Jams stolen.

At that time, Pure Vanilla Cookie attacks her with his last remaining strength, triggering an explosion that leaves their destiny unclear. Following that, their kingdoms fell with little knowledge of what had occurred.

Later, when Ginger brave emerged from the oven and into a new period, a fresh light appeared.

App Features

It’s time to let the loveliest dreams in. Take in the latest wonderful tale with your Disney buddies.

The Cookies Are Everyone’s Favorite Tiny Heroes

  • Meet our Cookies, who are all portrayed by an incredible array of voice talents.
  • Witness their spectacular abilities, fall in love with their vocals, and dress them up in elegant new clothes.
  • In Cookie Run: Kingdom, come join the Cookies!

Start An Epic Journey Around Earth bread

  • The ancient Cookies’ and their kingdoms’ secrets are waiting to be discovered.
  • Join Ginger Brave and his companions in their fight against Evil Enchantress Cookie and her dark horde.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom’s story has only just begun!

Create A Deliciously Sweet Kingdom

  • Select from a wide range of one-of-a-kind decors to create the Kingdom of your dreams.
  • Create resources, make products, and plan various activities—the colorful kingdom life awaits.

Battle Your Way to Success

  • Create the ideal Cookie team by combining an infinite number of Treasures and Toppings.
  • Demonstrate your fighting prowess in the Kingdom Arena, Cookie Alliance, Super Mayhem, and Guild Battles!
  • Create various methods to emerge triumphant.

Bring Honor to Your Guild

  • Assist your guildmates in reaching the top of the ranking table.
  • Expand your guild’s Domain and gather Guild Relics to become the most powerful guild.


You’ll need to unlock various cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom to assemble a talented and well-balanced team. It won’t be easy for your soldiers, though. In many situations, their pathways will be obstructed by opponents who are lying in wait. You’ll engage in entertaining battles throughout the rounds, where you’ll need to click on the various warriors to unleash effective strikes and combos. However, keep in mind that each character card may only be utilized after a few seconds of recuperation.

But combat isn’t the only thing that happens in the Cookie Run Kingdom. To create homes and other structures, you must also travel to the Cookie Kingdom. You may level up your heroes while providing a lovely environment for your populace to live in harmony. All while improving the situations of the characters that already make up your squad.

Cookie Run Kingdom has enjoyable gameplay and a complex plot that allows you to go further into this story. Throughout the game, as you combat the most fearsome opponents and manage the Cookie Kingdom’s resources, you’ll aim to capture a big portion of the area to destroy evil.