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Danale Inc.
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Aug 4, 2022
5.0 and up

The iPhone and Android apps for Wi-Fi and security cameras are created and supported by Danale. Through the App, Danale also offers monthly cloud service for each device. They create and maintain their very own Danale App. Additionally, they have partnerships with other camera manufacturers who, while they could have their own apps, depend on them for account administration and cloud services.

Products that have been particularly created and tested to operate inside the Danale family are given the name Smart by Danale. This implies that any item wearing the Danale brand will be completely compatible with everything else in our ecosystem and function harmoniously with it. The Danale cloud, which enables users to access real-time data from their smart devices, is one example of this. When a device is designated Smart by Danale, it is guaranteed to function within the Danale mobile application, allowing you to manage all your devices from one spot.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, software developer, or hardware designer, who can utilize their services, the app is helpful. Distributors, suppliers, and re-sellers may have their goods completely compatible with the application with the aid of Danale’s simplified certification approach. They are eager to connect with anybody who shares their enthusiasm for the IoT sector and thinks that gadgets should not only be smart but also functionally straightforward.

App Specification 

Danale Version is 5.9.32. Needs Android 5.0 or above. Over 500,000 downloads have been made to date on the Google Play Store. Content rating is for Everyone. Digital purchases are interactive aspects. Released on September 9, 2014. Made available by Danale Inc.

Uses of Danale

Danale creates and offers assistance for the Wi-Fi and security camera iPhone and Android apps.

A device (camera) can be linked to your account using the App after the App has been loaded and a user account has been created.

A free app makes it possible for your Wi-Fi and security cameras to:

  • 24/7 live streaming of one to four cameras on a single display
  • Push Alerts for Sound and Motion Alerts
  • Video Clips are being saved to your phone or an optional SD card.
  • Dual-Wave Audio
  • Access Exchange

Cloud Service

Through the App, Danale offers monthly cloud service for each device.

Your Wi-Fi and security cameras may do the following thanks to the cloud service:

  • Video is being recorded nonstop for seven days. The cloud provides a secure place to keep recordings. Motion and sound notifications are captured on video. Through the App, we provide cloud service on a monthly subscription basis, per device.
  • For seven days, cameras that have a cloud service subscription will continually record footage to the cloud. The recorded video is deleted from our servers after the seventh day.
  • Events that trigger a notification (sound or motion) and occur within a 7-day window will be connected to a matching video in the app.
  • Your video recordings are extremely safe since Danale provides Secure TLS and Amazon Cloud Service.

Editors View 

The way we connect with our homes, workplaces, and everyday settings has altered because of the internet of things. The cloud infrastructure known as Danale links all IoT hardware and services. We are the top IoT platform provider in the world.

China, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East are all served by more than 300 cloud servers and over 100 CDN servers that Danale has placed internationally. Our solid alliances enable us to offer dependable service to the IoT sector, with a 99% success rate in connecting and supporting more than 10,000,000 devices to date.

For Final Users

You can control the smart home appliances you possess with the help of a Danale or a Danale-enabled application.

Pertaining To Manufacturers or Distributors

Need a cloud service for your wonderful smart gadget or a bespoke app? Count on our devotion and tested model to advance you.

For Software Developers

Work with us to expand your service whether you are a hardware designer, software developer, or a design house for both.

A Global Leader in P2P & Cloud Service Provider: Danale Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Danale, Your IP Device on the Internet.
  • IP camera/NVR/DVR connections and services have never been easier.
  • Always keep your video with you.
  • Plug-and-Play is very simple to set up on its own.
  • Security is ensured by unique dynamic encryption.

How to Apply

  • Create a Danale account first.
  • Log in.
  • Click “Add Device,” then add your Danale-supported device by following the on-screen directions. (If you don’t already have one, please click “Discover” on the login page to view our public live videos.)
  • Enjoy an amazing viewing experience!

App Features

Cloud Storage and Services

Having the option to save material in the Danale cloud and access it from a device wherever you are, whenever you want

Smart Alerts and Monitoring

Smart monitoring is made possible by proprietary algorithms, and consumers are alerted when significant occurrences occur.

Remote Control and Access

Allow consumers to engage with all their gadgets in real-time and access them remotely.

Intelligent Adaptation

Devices with adaptive learning capabilities can automatically adjust to user preferences.

Task Automation

Create your own rules to make difficult or repetitive jobs easier for the consumers.

Danale Cumulus

Cross-collaboration with numerous Danale Cloud-based devices and applications


The app Danale was just made available by Danale Inc. The user-friendly design of Danale Inc.’s Lifestyle app makes sure that all your controls are always close at hand. Danale’s most recent version for Android smartphones and tablets is 5.9.32, which works with 2019 devices including the Google Pixel 3 and LG G7 ThinQ.

The Android smartphones with system version 4.2 and higher, including the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, LG G6, Motorola Moto X4, Google Nexus, and TCL BlackBerry Key2 mobile phones, work well with this software.

Danale version 5.9.32 may be downloaded quickly and easily for Android directly from the Pure. Download source. The trademarks and the Danale file are owned by the developer Danale Inc.