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Darkness Rises
NEXON Company
Game, Role-playing
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Aug 5, 2022
4.4 and up

About the App 

Darkness Rises is a ground-breaking Action RPG that combines stunning graphics, unique gameplay, and fierce boss battles in the palm of your hand. Darkness creeps across the country, bringing with it a swarm of terrible demons eager to penetrate our defenses. The route will be difficult, but you must endure and go into hell itself to remove this evil before it infects our globe.

Legendary heroes, from the earth-shattering Berserker to the magic-wielding Wizard, are at your disposal. Character customization allows you to select from a variety of classes that best suit your playstyle and construct your character.

With a flurry of strong skills, hack and slash your way through terrifying adversaries. Enter the PvP arena and show off your prowess against other players. Can you rise to the challenge of this epic roleplaying game, which pits you against demons and worse?

Conquer the darkness before it wins. Download it right now.

Editors View 

Darkness Rises is a fantasy-themed third-person action RPG in which you can select from four distinct characters to begin your quest. You can play as a warrior, berserker, wizard, or assassin. Furthermore, once you’ve completed the training, you may utilize a sophisticated editor to fine-tune your character down to the smallest detail.

Darkness Rises’ gameplay is quite like those of other products in the genre. The virtual movement stick is on the left side of the screen, while the (many) action buttons are on the right. You can even perform fantastic “finishers” against select adversaries at times.

You may give your hero a few various customization options before engaging in combat. You may offer your character new skills by not only giving him new Armor and weapons but also by unlocking new talents. With the gold you acquire, you may level up both your powers and your equipment.

Darkness Rises is a superb ARPG that provides a unique and entertaining gaming experience. The visuals are also genuinely stunning, with a slew of adversaries on the screen at once, some of which (like the dragons) are very striking.

Game Features

Adventure RPG

 Hack and slash your way through demons and swarms of creatures in this adventure RPG 

The single-player RPG mode allows you to battle the evil onslaught alone. 

Investigate the numerous levels of the dark dungeons.

Epic Boss Fights 

This roleplaying game has difficult boss battles that will put your talents to the test.

 PvP battles become fiercer as you progress deeper into the abyss.

Experience The Best RPG

Take legendary heroes on dungeon raids – collect your comrades to explore dangerous dungeons and find rare riches 

 Join a guild and assemble a band of warriors 

Enjoy magnificent visuals that will realize you into the world of Darkness Rises 

Fantasy RPG gameplay features – utilize the Soul Link ability to grab control of monsters and turn your opponents against themselves

Customization Of Characters

You may create a character from scratch with the Character Creator. 

You can pick from the classes of Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, or Berserker to enter the world of darkness.


Darkness Rises game features four characters as of now: –

  • Warrior – Overall good, 
  • Melee DPS Wizard – Overall good, 
  • DPS Berserker – Good HP & 
  • Attack stats Assassin – Good Attack speed

You must select one of these characters at the start of the game. If you wish to switch characters (no progress may be transferred), restart the game and pick that character, build the character, and restart the game.

Get Upgrade Stones


Activate the Daily Dungeon Mode. Tap the PvP option, Daily Dungeon, and Begin Battle on the main screen. Alternatively, you can complete the chapters in narrative mode. You may also get it from the shop.

The essence used in enhancing the character’s stats: –

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • HP
  • Critical Hits
  • Damage Decrease
  • Defense Pen

The adventure mode allows the player to collect essence. You will be able to boost the max level after you have reached the maximum level of these traits.


You can equip up to three basic talents and one ultimate skill in Darkness Rises. In battle, you can use the fury skill by filling the rage gauge. Let’s learn about all these abilities.

  • Normal Skills
  • Rage Skill
  • Ultimate Skill

Normal Skill

As you go through the levels, you will get access to or discover new normal skills. In all modes, including Co-Op, Adventure, and PvP, you can equip up to three talents for battle. You may increase the performance of these skills by enhancing them. It depletes your skill points. When you level up, you can get skill points as a reward.

The connect skill is triggered after a particular level. After utilizing the normal skill in battle, you can immediately utilize the link skill; back-to-back two skills – no cooldown break.

Rage Skill

The fury bar may be seen on the top-left side of the screen, immediately below the HP bar. Rage Skill is activated when the rage gauge is full. 

When the prerequisite is met, you’ll be able to use the rage skill. The condition may be found in the rage skill area. To use the rage skill, simply press the skull icon.

  • Normal: – Green Skull Icon: – Instantly Kill a normal monster
  • Elite: – Orange Skull Icon: – Instantly Kill an elite monster
  • Boss – Red Skull Icon: – Epic deals damage to the boss

Ultimate Skill

When you finish the main quest chapter 2, your first ultimate skill will be unlocked. The ultimate skill does huge damage to the monsters and boosts the likelihood of victory.

In this adventure RPG, level up and confront the powers of evil with your group. Download Darkness Rises today for a unique free RPG experience.


Nexon Company created the role-playing game Darkness Rises. Download Darkness Rises to defeat the darkness before it destroys your planet. Use formidable talents to combat terrifying enemies. 

Darkness sweeps throughout the country in this role-playing game. This darkness comes savage monsters seeking to breach the barrier. You must go into hell to eradicate this evil to save your world. You can pick from a variety of legendary characters at your disposal, such as the world-shattering berserker and the wizard with a staff of magic. You may also select to construct your characters from a variety of classes that suit your playstyle.

Explore the many levels of the dark dungeons and PvP arenas as you hack and slash your way through terrifying monsters and demons and unleash your might on other players. In this adventure RPG, you may also level up and confront forces of evil with your company. Gather your buddies and go into perilous dungeons in search of rare riches.