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Defense Zone 3 HD for PC / MAC Download - LuaDist

Defense Zone 3 HD for PC / MAC Download


App Details

APP Name
Defense Zone 3 HD
Game, Strategy
Last Updated
May 17, 2022
5.0 and up


Welcome to the much-anticipated action/strategy game sequel! There are tons of new options, weaponry, and scenery. Now, every gaming session is much more exciting and dynamic.

The fundamental gameplay mechanics remain the same: hordes of adversaries charge your defenses, aiming to overwhelm them by any means possible. However, they have increased their strength and mania more than ever.

Both classic, time-tested turrets and brand-new weaponry will be available to you. You get to choose how you want to use the money you have. Should you strengthen and bolster the existing towers rather than construct new ones? The attack range, fire rate, and damage type of turrets vary. Combining them in a way that they reinforce and complement one another is the only way to prevail.

Every player will be able to get the most fun out of the game thanks to the adjustable difficulty levels. If you’re an experienced commander, you’ll like the brutal, gripping conflicts where every second counts and your skill to strategically place your turrets determines whether you succeed or fail. You may quickly practice and be ready for important battles if you’re a new player.

In either case, you’ll have practically limitless tactical possibilities because of the carefully considered map designs and the variety of accessible turrets. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen because of the gorgeous, intricate landscapes, beautifully crafted skyscrapers, and amazing special effects.

Every facet of the game, including tower statistics, enemy power, landscape features, and special weaponry, has been painstakingly adjusted. Too-easy gaming will never get old. You’ll face challenges on every level. Do you feel up to the challenge?

App Specification 

Game version 1.6.11 is used. It needs Android 5.0 or later. The Google Play Store has received more than 5,000,000 downloads so far.  Teenage is the content rating. There is the content of Blood and violence present in the game. Digital purchases are the interactive aspects. You can disable in-app purchases anytime in the settings but if you wish to purchase it ranges from $0.99 to $99.99 per item, in-app purchases. Released on October 12, 2016. ARTEM KOTOV is the provider.

App Features 

  • Four gradations of difficulty
  • Eight different types of turrets
  • Eight unique skills, ranging from nuclear bombs to air strikes
  • A variety of settings and seasons
  • More than 20 languages are supported

Because of this, the game can load the obb file because it has access to images and other multimedia. It is put onto the external storage (memory) on certain devices.

Editors View 

The game Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD also offers a unique plot. As soon as you engage in the first fights to defend every square inch of your property, you will comprehend. The enemy openly and forcefully invaded in great numbers. There is no other option; you must rise and exterminate all the massively advancing war machines. It’s your responsibility to place forts in strategic areas. Pay attention to these qualities of each type of gun and provide a detailed study so that they can complement one another. Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD is a highly tactical game that calls for observation and calculation skills. After that, every battle is a tough task.

Protect Your Region from Evil Opponents.

This conflict is of today. Both sides’ offensive weaponry deals out a lot of damage. There is no other way to find a solution but to take the lead in counterattacks. The highways, which are the enemy’s route, will be there in addition to the woods. After each round of play, the opponent will be gradually eradicated by placing a protective turret. You have a lot of options throughout the combat, such as enhancing already-existing defensive structures or introducing new ones. With the remaining funds, use the whole budget to obstruct the opposing tank’s progress.

Varied Turrets

In ferocious battle mode, there are always up to 8 different turret types available. Whatever you are, you should attempt to adapt to every scenario since every combination is distinct. To avoid taking the lead, the adversary strengthened over time as they gained wisdom.

Upgrades And Some Distinctive Choices

Turret upgrades dramatically enhance damage. This is the only method to lessen the potency of enemy tanks and guns, which are being encircled by an increasing number of objects. Additionally, you have additional choices like employing nuclear weapons and airstrikes. These are, of course, simply temporary fixes. In a battle, you cannot continually utilize it.

Game Play 

If you pass a stage, the next one will be made available, however, I advise you to give a stage a good go first. initially, the initial phase.

Let’s begin by gaining an overall understanding of the situation, including the terrain that may be repeatedly assaulted and the location where the turret can be put. You will be able to employ Hellfire with rapid speed and improved attack power if you expand it to a level 2 or higher turret. It has a limited use window during which time a brief power-up can be achieved. This is for fierce adversaries.

The placement of the turrets is crucial. The assault power will vary greatly depending on the placement, so let’s consider our options carefully. You can employ installed weapons that are drop items in addition to the turret. Use air assaults when you need them since they have a great attack power! You might wish to plant several land mines close to the objective because they can be a useful tool.

The physical power of the base will decline if you miss a shot. Defeat every wave (attack turn) to keep the score from dropping to zero! The air force will be introduced later in the performance. Set the turret’s attack target appropriately and be ready for the finest interception!


More tanks are hitting the field as you play Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD, which features defensive engagements. The parties will use all their force, just like in a battle, to carry out their objectives. You will be taking on the role of a player with vision in the command position this time. Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD confrontations typically include powerful machines that need a lot of work to destroy by the adversary.

The opponent shouldn’t ideally be able to get too far into your zone. It’s crucial to carefully hold onto the protective barriers from the first wave. To halt the tanks, position your artillery positions in a few advantageous areas. The adversary would often travel in packs. To succeed in combat, players need to consider the density of their weaponry.

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