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Defense Zone 3 HD
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May 17, 2022
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The advancement in technology had made a significant impact on the gaming industry. The game techniques, visuals, and gameplay have become sophisticated and highly engaging. Each of us has got our favorite genre in Games. Despite that fact, action games have always attracted a large chunk of players.

Action games come with an interesting plot and storyline. The player has to indulge in battles and challenges and fight against the enemies to win the levels.

If you have an eye for action games, we have good news for you! There’s a great action strategy game called Defense Zone 3 that comes with amazing gameplay and features. The game is the sequel to the popular Defense Zone game. You can access new weapons, locations, and action sequences in this famous sequel. The core concept of this game is similar to the first installment of the game. Only the features are new and advanced.


The gameplay of Defense Zone 3 is quite challenging. The player has to engage in about 15 missions. Each mission comes with 4 difficulty levels. The player should win these missions to reach higher levels in the game.

There is no tutorial video in this game to help beginners get a hang of the game. Even the newbies have to learn the gameplay by actually playing it. Therefore, new players may find the game a little difficult in the initial stage. Eventually, they’ll get familiar with the controls and gameplay.

The fighting sequences in Defense Zone 3 are so realistic and amazing. The player gets to fight in all three elements including air, water, and land. There are numerous adversaries for the player to fight with. He can use dangerous weapons, machine guns, tanks, etc to fight the enemies. There are rockets to destroy the ships, tanks, and aircraft. There are also lasers to target the ground and air. You can also find advanced weapons like guns that emit liquid nitrogen and electric discharge weapons.

 3 fantastic features of Defense Zone 3

Here are 3 fantastic features of the Defense Zone 3 game:

  • High-quality graphics

This is an action-strategy game that comes with high-quality graphics. While being engaged in the battles, the player will feel as if he is fighting for real.

  • Diverse weapons

There are various weapons in the game ranging from machine guns to liquid nitrogen firing advanced guns. These weapons can be used to destroy enemies.

  • Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Defense Zone 3 is highly engaging and challenging. There are detailed landscapes, challenging missions, numerous weapons, and powerful enemies to deal with.

Technical specifications of Defense Zone 3

Technical specifications of a game are important to determine if the game is suitable for your mobile device. Take a note of the technical details of the Defense Zone 3 game from below:

  • Size

Defense Zone 3 game is 150 MB in size. With the features and graphics that the game offers, this size is very much considerable. Your device needs to have at least 200 MB of free storage space to download and install this game. Google play store will need added 4 MB of space apart from the 150 MB to use the app.

  • Price

Defense Zone 3 game is free of cost. You do not have to pay a penny to download and play this game. There will be in-app purchases in the game.

  • Ratings

The game has got 4.3 ratings in the Play Store. This is a great rating score for an action game. The game has got so many positive reviews as well. Therefore, you can trust and download the game.

  • Security

As Defense Zone 3 game is available in Play Store, it is extremely safe to download and play. The security of your device will not be compromised because of installing the game. The game may ask permission to access your camera and other options. This is up to your preference to allow the access.

Basic Tips To Succeed In Defense Zone 3 

Below are some of the tips to make your presence superior in this game.

  • Indulge in challenges and missions to earn achievement badges in the game. The achievements can boost your score and help you easily access higher levels.
  • Utilize the leader board in the game to view the scores of your friends and fellow players. You can also check your score on this board and compare your score with your friends. This will help you improve your performance and earn more scores.
  • Defense Zone 3 allows users to save their game progress. Therefore, you can save your game progress and resume the game later whenever you wish. You don’t have to start the game from the beginning.
  • You can always set up the difficulty level as you wish in the game. If you keep the difficulty level easy, the gameplay will be easier. Similarly, if you want to play hard levels, increase the difficulty level.

 Is it free to download the game? 

Defense Zone 3 is free to download. The players can download the game from Play Store. They do not have to pay any amount to download the game. The game is free of cost. However, there are in-app purchases in the game. The rates of in-app purchases vary according to the feature offered. Players can make in-app purchases as per their wishes and preference.


Defense Zone 3 has already been downloaded by over 5 million people in the world. The game is highly popular among action game lovers. If you have already played the prequels of the game, then you should try out this sequel as it has got some amazing additional features. The game is free to download and play and has got numerous challenges for the players to try. You can also enjoy playing this game with your friends, as it supports multiplayer mode.