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App Details

APP Name
Hangzhou CE-soft Technology Co., Ltd.
Last Updated
Jul 12, 2022
5.0 and up


With features including remote monitoring, video playback, push alerts, device activation, and remote setup, DMSS is a mobile security app. You may add gadgets like access controllers, doorbells, alarm hubs, NVRs, XVRs, and VTOs. You may access cloud services like cloud upgrading and others after entering your account. The software works with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi and is compatible with Android 5.0 or later and iOS 9.0.

App Specification 

Version is 1.99.100. needs Android 5.0 or above. The Google Play Store has received more than 5,000,000 downloads so far. Content rating is for Everyone. Released on January 3, 2020. Made available by Hangzhou CE-soft Technology Co., Ltd.

App Features 

  • Live Preview on Several Channels (up to 16 windows)
  • Playback on several channels (up to 4-channels)
  • Playback of videos may be done in fast, slow, or frame modes.
  • Local recordings and snapshots are kept locally.
  • The most recent video played in Live View is automatically displayed via Memory Play.
  • Subscription to Alarm Messages and Push of Alarm Events to APP
  • Control of the alarm output with alarm message subscription
  • Examine the Cloud and Local Messages
  • stores messages for up to seven (7) days.
  • Set Up Each Device Channel’s Resolution, Frame Rate, and Other Video Parameters

How To Install DMSS

 Install DMSS from the App Store.

Go to the “App Store” for iPhones or “Google Play” for Android phones to get the DMSS app. the following links: DMSS is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

 Launch the DMSS App and choose your home nation.

Click to launch the app after downloading it. You will see the phase when you are asked to select a “Region.” Please choose the nation where you currently reside. The goal is to make Dahua’s P2P connection easier to establish. Don’t worry if you decide to go to other nations in the future—you may modify the country or region you select later.

 Add Dahua devices in the DMSS

To add a new device, click the top right corner.

The Dahua device may now be added to the app via SN/Scan, IP/Domain, or Online Search. Choose the option that works best for your installation or heed our or the advice of the manufacturer of your item. Please get in touch with us if you bought a Dahua IP Camera, XVR, NVR, or HDCVI Camera from us and are unsure of what to do.

 If you select “SN/Scan” to add the Dahua Device

If you have decided to add using “SN/Scan,” refer to this step. To start the barcode scanner camera, click the appropriate barcode symbol. Using the Dahua IP Camera, XVR, or NVR’s built-in barcode scanner. 

 Click Add Device Now.

To add the device, click “Next.” To add it to the app, choose the appropriate device.

Enter the Dahua Device’s Details

Enter the device name, username, and password after that. You choose the name of the device.

Please get in touch with us if you bought a Dahua IP Camera, XVR, NVR, or HDCVI Camera from us and are unsure of what to do. Click the Save icon in the upper right corner once you have accurately entered all the necessary information to view the live video.

 If you select “IP/Domain” as the method for adding the Dahua device.

If you decided to add through “IP/Domain,” go to this step.

Enter the device name, address, username, and password after choosing the appropriate device to add. You choose the name of the device.

Your device’s manufacturer should have provided the information to you. Once more, if you bought a Dahua IP Camera, XVR, NVR, or HDCVI Camera from us and are unsure of what to do, please get in touch with us. Click Start Live View to view the live video feed when you have accurately provided all the necessary data.

Playing with a Few DMSS Live View Settings

Referring to the illustration below, selecting the circled icon will allow you to switch between the mainstream and substream, which will allow you to select between fluent transmission and clear image. 

Additionally, you have the option to take screenshots, save video clips, end live watch, etc.

 To see the recorded video

Go to the app’s main menu and select the Playback button in the upper left to playback the recorded video.

Pick a few or all the cameras to respond.

When you click Playback, press the top right corner to choose which Dahua device you wish to use to watch the video again.

 Choose the Time and Date for the Playback to Begin.

You must choose the date and time of the playback you wish to see after picking the appropriate camera. Select what you want, then click OK.

 Playing with the DMSS Playback’s Settings

You may export the video, fast-forward the playback, or watch it in full-screen mode as seen below.

Editors View

Video playback, remote monitoring, device activation, push alerts, and remote configuration are features of the mobile surveillance app DMSS.

Operating Remotely

DMSS is compatible with a range of internet connections. It links Dahua CCTV equipment through Ethernet and the Internet. While IP or domain name support in an Ethernet connection ensures high stability, P2P support in an internet connection demonstrates amazing simplicity.

Through its extensive network coverage, DMSS may be used remotely to control devices anywhere quickly and reliably around the globe. The remote control is possible for a variety of tasks, including PTZ controlling, video preview and playback, video picture change (such as White Balance, focus, etc.), alarm subscription, voice intercom, and more.

Additional Data Security

To provide consumers with enhanced data security, DMSS employs many levels of data encryption protection.

To give consumers greater data security, DMSS employs various levels of data encryption protection from a product to a platform and finally to the mobile client. Additionally, TÜV Rheinland has validated the DMSS camera, certifying that it conforms with the GDPR and TÜV Rheinland 2PfG 2624/06.17 requirements, providing cutting-edge information security and privacy protection. DMSS offers a more seamless user experience because of its more intricate interaction design.

Thermal items are supported.

Access control, thermal cameras, and temperature monitoring terminals are some examples of thermal goods that DMSS supports to offer the greatest support possible for the international efforts in pandemic prevention and control. It enables remote control of thermal items and safer job performance for the workers.