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Dragon Raja
Archosaur Games
Game, Role-playing
Last Updated
Aug 5, 2022
5.0 and up

About the App 

A top-notch MMORPG with more than 35 million people signed up! A worldwide sensation you shouldn’t miss!

Roses sway, and things develop. The awakened elf is pursuing souls while using flowers as allies and thorns as opponents.

Floramancer dances cruelly while singing and dancing the praises of life. Nature has provided seeds as armor, and vines defend themselves from disrespect. Avoid taking any chances. Floramancer leaves a trail everywhere there is life.

A fantastic fantasy MMORPG with outstanding visuals, Dragon Raja was created using the market-leading engine UE4. A vast open environment is available for you to freely explore throughout the game. It’s time to have a distinctive gaming experience with the personalized avatar and cutting-edge career system. Additionally, you may play with friends wherever you are, whenever you want, thanks to the sophisticated in-game social system.

You are free to play as you choose and to be anyone you want to be here!

Game Story

The Dragon Lord, who was formerly imprisoned by a group of people known as Hybrids, has re-emerged. Humans with superpowers known as Hybrids are assembling to get ready for the impending war, which is guaranteed to be an epic confrontation.

Dragon Raja is a large download to accommodate the excellent game quality and extensive game material. Please take note that 1.5GB of art files must be downloaded after starting the game, and 3GB of game data must be downloaded to play the main game.

App Features

Stunning Graphics

With the help of cutting-edge technology and outstanding graphics, Dragon Raja, a next-generation open-world mobile game powered by Unreal Engine 4, provides a vast, immersive environment. The game creates a “smart” in-game world that gives players a great gaming experience using an optical motion capture system and a simulation of actual collisions. Due to its amazing visuals, some individuals may believe they are playing a PC game!

New Stories, New Challenges

Numerous picturesque locations from all over the world have been flawlessly included in the game’s open plot, from Siberia to Tokyo. Depending on the decisions they make, in-game NPCs will offer alternative tasks or engage in different dialogue, giving players the ability to alter the game’s setting. And now, gamers may engage in brand-new narratives, take on more formidable planet bosses, and set off on a fresh adventure!

Full Character Customization

A thorough system for character customization is available in Dragon Raja. Based on how they react to unanticipated circumstances, players may create the characteristics of their characters. In Dragon Raja, users may construct their own distinctive characters and customize their appearance in countless ways. Characters may be styled in a variety of ways, including casual, vintage, futuristic, and street. More options are on the way.

App specification 

Dragon Raja Version 1.0.211.  requires Android 5.0 or above. Over 5,000,000 downloads have been made in total from the Google Play Store so far. You may disable in-app purchases at any moment, but they cost between $0.99 and $99.99 per item if you do. The content is rated, Teen. The game has crude humor, blood, and violence. Users’ interactions and in-game purchases are interactive components. offered by Archosaur Games. The release date is February 27, 2020.

To play this game the device compatibility required is

System version Android 5.0 or above is required. Coming to RAM 2GB or more is required. Storage space of at least 6GB is required to install all game aspects. CPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher.

Editors View 

A 3D MMORPG with a future fantasy setting is called Dragon RAJA. However, pay attention to your surroundings because you could just spot a few authentic locations from various regions of the world. You may construct your avatar using the fantastic character editor before you start your quest (and while you download extra game data).

One of its strong points is the Dragon RAJA fighting system. Compared to other games in the category, it delivers a far more dynamic experience. Using the virtual stick on the left side of the screen, you may freely maneuver your character. Along with the leap and dodge buttons, there are several attack buttons to the right. You may tie skill combinations together in this method, which is crucial for taking out the game’s toughest foes—or other players in the PvP mode.

The creation of Dragon RAJA is quite comparable to those of other MMOs. From the beginning, you may take any sort of task and earn experience by fulfilling it. You have the choice to either maneuver your character automatically during these missions or manually. Regardless, as you keep completing tasks, you may move forward in the narrative, which always centers on your avatar.

Dragon Raja’s story mode is unquestionably one of its primary draws, but the game also gives you the option to do a variety of various choices. You may attend musical performances, interact with pals online, go for a drive, and much more.

A stunning MMORPG, Dragon RAJA features excellent graphics befitting desktop consoles or PCs. Of course, the issue is that all this visual capability requires more storage space. Remember that installing the whole game’s assets will require more than 6 GB of free space.


Unreal Engine 4, the cutting-edge, next-generation graphics engine that combines realistic physics modeling and unmatched visual fidelity, lets you explore a vast open environment. You’ll think you’re playing a console game if you play Dragon Raja based on how nice it looks!

The Dragon Lord has emerged from his prison after centuries of being imprisoned there. Now, a unique group of humans known as the Hybrids must come together to oppose him in a battle that will determine the fate of the planet Earth!

Take part in an exhilarating sci-fi fantasy adventure that will take you on a world-trotting, nation-hopping campaign like no other, from Tokyo to Siberia. Enter a compelling story filled with drama and peril. Discover a cast of renowned heroes and colorful villains. Without having to wait long, be ready for the big confrontation with the Dragon Lord.