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DU Recorder for PC / MAC Download - LuaDist

DU Recorder for PC / MAC Download


App Details

APP Name
DU Recorder Pro Screen Recorde
MatCute Team
App, Video editors & players
Last Updated
May 9, 2022
5.0 and up

DU Recorder is an Android screen recorder that is free, reliable, and produces high-quality recordings. With capabilities such as screen capture, video recorder, video editor, and no rooting required, DU Recorder makes it simple to record screen movies such as gaming videos, video chats, live performances, and more.

DU Recorder is a free screen recorder with a variety of extra features. The program, which is designed for Android, also allows users to capture screenshots, modify recorded movies and photographs, and start a live stream. Tutorials, game videos, live events, and video calls may all be recorded. You may also enable the face Cam and record external audio using a DU recorder.

App Specification

Free of charge, without any in-app purchase. There is no need for a root, and there is no time restriction on the recording. It has a version of 2.4.4 (100570) and file size of 31.2 MB. Android versions 5.0 and above are required. High-definition video: 1080p, 12mbps, 60fps interface in more than 20 languages

Editors View

DU recorder has a hovering widget that allows you to conveniently pause and resume mobile screen recording sessions. You may snap screenshots with a single click using the floating window. For simplicity and speed, the same activity may be performed via the notification bar. After saving the snapshot to the smartphone, DU Recorder offers in-app picture editing capabilities to further alter the screenshots. You may sew together photographs from your phone to create content.

When screen recording using a DU recorder, you have two options to select from. There are two recording modes: basic and standard. Based on the device specifications, the app automatically picks the best-suited mode. However, users may modify the option at any moment.

Primary Mode

This recording mode is best suited for low-end devices with limited storage capacity. The software will record movies in low resolution so that the device is not overburdened. The recorded video with low quality takes up less space and has less information.

High-Quality Live Streaming in Standard Mode

It is the preferred mode for devices with high specifications. The software records video at the best resolution possible, resulting in sharp, detailed films with good audio quality. This quality is typically utilized for live broadcasting sports over the internet. DU Recorder allows you to broadcast live to sites such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

While live broadcasting from your Android phone, you may perform the following.

  • Set the resolution to guarantee that you are live streaming at the finest quality available.
  • The stream’s privacy settings define who gets access to it.
  • A commenting feature for real-time audience participation.
  • Using the front-facing camera, you may include yourself in the live stream.
  • Include live features such as contributions and subscriptions that can be accessed with the push of a button.


Screen Capture

DU Recorder records the screen reliably and fluidly. You can quickly record popular mobile gaming videos, video conversations with relatives and friends, and popular programs on live applications like Periscope and Bigo Live with this screen recorder. DU Recorder includes the following free features:

  • There are several resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available, as well as compatibility for HD video.
  • Stop and resume screen recording
  • Enable the front camera (face Cam)
  • Capture external sound
  • Control screen recording through a floating window or the notification bar; disable the floating window for frameless video.
  • In the screen recording, show click operations.
  • Shake the smartphone to stop the screen recording.
  • Internal storage / SD card as an alternative storage place
  • Touch the screen to sketch with a brush.
  • Download movies and pictures using a computer that is connected to the internet.
  • GIF maker: A GIF recorder allows you to record your screen as a GIF.
  • With DU Recorder, you can Livestream your screen to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Video Editor

DU Recorder includes a plethora of video editing features that can assist you in creating better videos. With the screen recorder, you can easily perform the following video editing operations:

  • Remove the middle section of the video by trimming it.
  • Merge videos: Combine multiple videos into a single file.
  • Make a video with background music.
  • Video volume can be adjusted.
  • Subtitles for video
  • Add an intro and outro to your video.
  • Add a background image to a vertical video
  • Video speed can be changed.
  • Video should be rotated.
  • Video cropping
  • GIF video conversion

The Live Creator

You can stream your screen to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch using DU Recorder’s screen broadcast feature. You may stream gaming to demonstrate your abilities, or films, TV shows, and sporting events to share your interests with a larger audience! To make it easier to broadcast, DU Recorder includes the following features:

  • Broadcast resolution options, high-quality streaming
  • Settings for Livestream privacy
  • Real-time crowd feedback
  • When live streaming, you can use the front camera.
  • Live instruments: Many YouTube live options are available to help you improve your live streaming: contributions, subscription and donation objectives, and message robot.

Image Editing and Screenshots

DU Recorder is not only a video screen recorder, but it is also a screenshot and image editing program. With DU Recorder, you may capture a screenshot with a single click. With only one hand. There will be no more double-press and hold. Quick and simple! 

You can also share screenshots or stitch and trim local photos using in-app image editing tools.

To snap a one-click screenshot, use the notification bar or a floating window.

Stitch Images: Combine many images intelligently.


DU Recorder is free software that allows you to record a video of anything on your Android screen. The finest feature is the ability to modify videos using the app’s editing tool after they have been captured.

You may alter the video quality parameters in the app’s settings, such as the number of frames per second (up to 60 FPS), the video output (up to 1080p), and the video quality (up to 12Mbps). Furthermore, you do not need to root to record.

It’s time to edit your video once you’ve modified all the parameters and filmed it. You may cut and join pieces, add background music, and change the loudness of the video. When you’re finished, download the movie to your smartphone’s memory or share it straight on any social network.

DU Recorder is a sophisticated video recording application that allows you to record whatever you do on your smartphone’s screen. All these features in just 4MB.

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