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Dynasty Heroes: Samkok Legend
Game, Role-playing
Last Updated
Jul 5, 2022
4.0 and up


A traditional hero collection game with the historical setting of the Three Kingdoms is called Dynasty Heroes: Legend of SamKok. This game features fantastic characters with excellent combination skill effects in 2D cartoon visuals. To increase the characters’ level and bond, you can assemble all the heroes from the Three Kingdoms who are well-known. This game is simple to play because of the gameplay. This mobile RPG is playable on both Android and iOS, and it also features brand-new titles that are very well-liked abroad.

To overcome the opponents and emerge as the top team in this game, you must assemble a warrior squad or a powerful hero team.

This game’s narrative is based on a true account of the three kingdoms during the Lu Bu period. The primary unit of account in the fabled Dynasty Heroes of Samkok game is the ingot. Therefore, using ingots will enable the mobile RPG to purchase premium things from the store.

App Specification 

The Dynasty Heroes version number is 0.0.52. needs Android 4.0 or later. Over 100,000 downloads have been made to date on the Google Play Store. If you want to make a purchase, the price ranges from $0.99 to $99.99 per item, but you can always turn off in-app purchases in the settings. The game contains violence and is rated Teen for content. User interaction and in-game purchases are interactive elements (including random items). Released on January 15, 2022. Offered by Play best Limited

App Features 

experiencing the game’s most thrilling combat! In the 6v6 strategic RPG card game Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok, you will command hundreds of troops and control your own destiny to rewrite history.

Features of the game

Log in to claim free draws.

Register to assert that 100 Free drawings are offered sometimes! For seven days, go in to claim SSR Warrior! Resources and Ingots are Free in the game! To claim UR Warrior, complete the 14-day challenges!

Goddess Will Form Your Special Team.

Massive ladies in live-action video games! You hold both splendors and territories in your hands!

Casting Spells Featuring Stunning Graphic

There are over a thousand Warriors and a thousand spells waiting for you to gather! A unique concept of combo skills gives the battlefield new possibilities!

Speed up the battle! A better encounter

More effective looting throughout the fight! more quickly gathering resources Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok allows you to experience speed that is ten times quicker than before!

Customize the character

The dynasty heroes offer some of the greatest character customization options, giving you the chance to choose your character’s skin tone, haircut, and clothing choices they will make while playing the game.

Voice Modulation

With the use of the speech modulation option present in the game, you may also alter the voice’s quality. All of this has led to the game meeting the unique demands of players and generating great word-of-mouth, which has helped thousands of others download it.


It’s important to keep an eye out for the fantastic background music that the specific game offers since it properly complements the gameplay and plot. When a fighting scenario is onscreen, the music is loud and powerful; when a love or sentimental situation is onscreen, the music gets delicate and emotional.

Epic RPG experience

Excellent core plot and several legend hero biographies that fit in the palm of your hand to store Samkok history.

There are about 140 heroes from various kingdoms that may be collected.

Tactical Play 

Take over the three kingdoms, then engage in a breathtaking tactical battle.

As you defeat each of your opponents, display a variety of hero formations and awaken inventive combinations.

Victory and Fame 

When you finish the many tasks that are assigned to you in this specific game, you will receive a significant number of points and virtual currency with the help of which you may unlock various character kinds and new game levels. You may easily top the world leader board and attain the highest level of glory and notoriety by connecting the most points possible. You may improve your weapons and unlock the strongest characters with the assistance of the points you have accumulated, which will make it easier for you to defeat the enemies throughout a game.

Legion and Glory

Establish a Legion, engage in conflict and battle for legion glory, and create your own mythology.

Come celebrate with us in the Dynasty Heroes!

Editors View 

This RPG has eye-catching visuals and tactical gameplay, which seems very intriguing. Players are transported to Samkok, where they may rewrite the city’s history as they see fit. The objective is to locate, recruit, and train many heroes from many kingdoms. The final objective is to improve their abilities to the point that you can assemble a super-warrior group.

The title has an interesting narrative set in an immersive environment. The game has more than 140 characters to choose from, and all of them have rich backstories. Dynasty Heroes asks players to take control of all three of its kingdoms while offering a tonne of tactical fights. You get to discover a tonne of brand-new hero formations and combinations as you advance toward that goal.

As you advance through the ranks in arena combat, defeating your opponents also qualifies you for unique equipment. A player’s ability to showcase their strategies to other players across the world increases if they make it to the top rankings. Dynasty Heroes is ultimately about creating your own tale and sharing it with the world. It involves forming a legion and engaging in combat to uphold the honor and glory of that legion. Uses one-tap gestures to accomplish simple games.


Command your own army made up of powerful warriors and renowned heroes from the Three Kingdoms era with Dynasty Heroes: The Legend. Protect your realm against adversaries. In this thrilling Android game based on ancient Chinese history, you may rise to the position of greatest emperor. Perform a variety of activities and vanquish threatening foes in combat. You can finally assemble an unbeatable army by hiring more individuals. Attack rival opponents while also defending yourself. Win and receive worthwhile rewards. Your characters’ stats will increase as they level up.

Game attributes:

  • 100 Illustrious Heroes
  • Epic Combat
  • Combat With Other Players
  • Various Heroes