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APP Name
Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom
InnoGames GmbH
Game, Simulation
Last Updated
Aug 15, 2022
4.4 and up

About The Game

Elvenar is a fictional mythical land. In this gorgeous fantasy city builder, you can play as either elves or humans. It is your obligation as the mayor to guarantee that your people thrive. Humans have a great love for medieval weaponry, but the enigmatic elves possess enormous power, which is seen in both their creatures and their buildings.

In the fantasy video game Elvenar, almost every structure may be enhanced and artistically changed several times to increase production, making them even more stunning. Renovating the main hall, businesses, worker’s cottages, homes, and numerous other structures calls for your eager skills. Make your kingdom become the ambitious monarchy that your modest village once was.

Explore the area around your city, complete exciting tasks on the world map, and acquire priceless artifacts to boost your output. Don’t forget to look at cutting-edge technologies. There are over 200 unique features to discover and unlock in Elvenar’s online city builder realm.

App Specifications

Elvenar is based on InnoGames’ popular browser city-builder Elvenar. With only one account, users can now experience the fantasy gaming fun online on their mobile, tablet, and PC browsers. It requires Android 4.4 or above and has already had over 5,000,000 downloads. In-app purchases range from $1.99 to $199.99 per item.

It is a Fantasy violence game with mature content for anyone above the age of ten.

Elvenar is completely free to download and install. Some game features, however, may be purchased for real money. If you do not want to utilize this function, you may deactivate in-app purchases in the settings of your smartphone. You also need a good network connection to play.

Editors View 

You can start your mission on a long-forgotten fantasy world with a small colony of either powerful magical elves or medieval, vicious humanity. Discover unusual artifacts on the world map of this interesting online game to hasten the expansion of your city.

Fantasy Setting Facts Elvenar: Fantasy City Builder Game

  • Make your city and shape it.
  • A large world maps
  • Enhancing output using the Relic system
  • Look into a vast array of technology.
  • Choose your favorite race.
  • Assemble a force of incredible animals on your own.
  • Animated 3D Battles

How To Play 

Now Build the city of your desires in the enchanted Elvenar. You may decide between elves and humans to create a lovely, fantastical metropolis. Discover a magical and mysterious universe as you continually create, grow, and extend your kingdom.

As you acquire resources, trade with other players, and discover old technology, you determine how to grow your city. Elvenar’s intricate beauty makes it simple to design a home for fantastical animals, whether you wish to construct a fanciful paradise or a well-run city.

You are now free to select your race. Play as mighty humans or mystical elves to construct your own world. With a welcoming introduction and an active community, you can start playing right away because city construction is quick and uncomplicated. Discover new provinces by traveling the globe to grow your city.

By upgrading your structures to support your expanding population, you may improve your civilization by trading resources and products with other players and merchants in the marketplace. Make room for new species and a home for dwarves, fairies, dragons, and other endearing fantasy races.

Game Features

Cultural Benefits

Make sure your Culture Bonus is coming from a variety of sources. Create enough Cultural Buildings on your own to complete the first or second bonus phase. As a result, you can advance to the third or perhaps final bonus level by having your neighbors clean your cultural buildings. This will momentarily increase culture output. Too many Cultural Buildings will not benefit your town, so instead of aiming for the highest bonus on your own, you should contribute to building a community in which everyone assists his neighbors.


The diamond is Elvenar’s premium currency. Diamonds are not required to play the game. However, diamonds frequently come with benefits that quicken your development. They may be bought with real money.

Help From Neighbours

Only the neighbors you can see on a map can receive your help. When you have thoroughly investigated a Province close to their city, this will take place automatically. Use the help function to click on their Main Hall to create money, the Builders’ Hut to speed up their builders’ labor, or a cultural building to temporarily increase its output of culture when you visit them. Once a day, you may help your neighbors.

Increase Your Population

The population increases because of new dwelling construction or renovations. Check for potential upgrades first as doing so is frequently simpler than finding a new place for a different structure.

Goods That Enable Technology

Ensure that you produce a huge quantity of things that can be scaled up. Use your Trader to exchange extra Goods or Commodities from other players. You can restock at the Wholesaler in your Trader building if the market is empty. Y There is always the option to construct a Manufactory to produce the desired commodities, but this is not the best option because it requires a lot of time and resources.

Relocating Or Selling a Structure

Two little buttons towards the bottom of your screen serve as placeholders for these activities. Selling is indicated by the dollar sign on the left, and transferring is shown by the arrow on the right. You must confirm your choice, so don’t worry about selling a building by mistake. Moving your constructions around is free and straightforward if there is enough area.


A legendary power that is said to hold the solution to Elvenar’s secrets is passed down through relics. Their origins and uses are yet unknown. Relics may, however, be used to boost a particular Manufactory’s productivity, which will make you more productive there, according to scientists. More Relic mysteries will very certainly be disclosed in the coming future, so keep collecting.

Interplay With Other Gamers

You must first find the other player’s house by touring the neighborhood to connect with him in addition to exchanging messages. When you come across a new player, you may visit their city by clicking on it, then help your neighbors! The trader fee on this player’s bids would also be reduced, making dealing with them considerably more affordable. You can visit the city and see whether this player makes and trades the specific goods you need.