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Es File Explorer File Manager
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Oct 7, 2021
4.4 and up


A fantastic tool for managing files and applications is ES File Explorer. It also includes a utility for stopping running programs, direct cloud drive storage (via Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive), and an FTP client that can be used on both your PC and mobile device.

Any Android user may use the app to simply manage all their resources, access anything on their phone, and even share it if they want to. It’s now simpler to upload images, stream videos, and manage your 3G connection. You will be able to edit your files using the standard desktop computer functions like copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename. However, email may also be used to transmit files to everyone. Additionally, you may read the content of documents in a variety of file kinds, decompress ZIP or RAR files, and even access the data on your computer through a Wi-Fi network.

For the more experienced Android users, ES File Explorer is an extremely helpful tool since it puts a tonne of options at your fingers.

  • Application Manager: classify, remove, backup, and create shortcuts for your apps.
  • Support for almost 20 languages.
  • File sharing and searching.
  • Support for compression and decompression.
  • Three sets of professional icons for toolbar, menu, and more than 100 distinct file kinds.
  • Accessible basic features like cut, copy, erase, compress, and extract
  • Support for several resolutions.
  • File manager with list and grid views.
  • Thumbnail for. Apk, photo, and. video files.
  • Support for multiple selection and different sorting.
  • Support file shortcuts for easy access on the home screen.

App Specification 

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An effective, free local and network file manager, as well as an application manager, file manager, network manager, and media manager, is the Android File Manager. The most capable file manager has been picked by users worldwide!

Do you believe that too many files on your phone make it impossible to handle them? You must use this compact, fully functional file manager every day to manage your phone’s applications. Such as music, video, pictures, documents, or any other APP installation on the phone, you can take a quick look through the file manager, making mobile devices simple to manage. This completely fixes the phone’s issue, making the battery last longer and making daily life more convenient—all for free!

Use Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark to manage your files just like you would on a desktop or laptop.

You can manage your files and folders on your device and in cloud storage using File Manager. Furthermore, as soon as File Manager is opened, you can see how many files and programs are on your smartphone.

The following are some of File Manager’s primary features:

  • Internal text editor, internal picture viewer, and internal music player: These built-in tools can be used for quicker and better performance.
  • You can manage all the files and folders on both your internal and external storage using the Main Storage, SD card, and USB OTG options.
  • New files, documents, audio, video, and image downloads: To make it simple for you to locate the specific file you’re looking for, your files and folders are automatically classified according to their file types and other attributes.
  • Apps: You have access to and control over every app installed on your local device.
  • Access from PC: You may use FTP to manage files on your local Android device by logging into your device’s storage from your PC (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Storage analysis: To remove unnecessary files, examine local storage. Which files use the most space may be determined.

App Features

Space Analyzer and File Manager

You may add, delete, and manage files on your smartphone device with this function. It gives you access to documents, videos, music, and other things on both your desktops and Android smartphones. With the ES file manager, scanning outdated SD cards that you plug into your smartphone is simple. Analyze your device’s space and manage it appropriately. Checking which items to delete and which to backup will help your smartphone run faster.

Application Manager

Es file manager has an integrated app manager. You can accurately assess the sizes of various programs on your phone with this application manager, which aids in effective storage management. You can also use this to delete cache garbage from deleted apps that left behind data files on your phone.

Download Manager

You may simply pause and resume downloading directly from the Web using the download manager of ES file explorer. When you are connected to a network, pausing is simple if you wish to disconnect and then proceed again.

Music Player

The music player will look through your device’s music and mp3 files and group them together. With ES File Explorer, your music may be played in the background.

  • “File Manager” Use the same file management tools (Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark) as you would on your desktop or laptop to manage your files.
  • Application Manager: organize, delete, back up, and create shortcuts for your applications.
  • Three commercial icon sets for more than 80 file kinds, toolbar components, and menu items
  • Support for multiple resolutions
  • Back up 19 languages
  • File explorer list and grid views
  • Support for compression and decompression
  • File sharing and searching
  • Support for multiple selections and different sorting
  • Thumbnail for.apk,.jpg, and.mp4 files
  • Support for file shortcuts for easy access on the home screen
  • Accessible basic features like cut, copy, erase, compress, and extract
  • Manage numerous tabs at once.
  • SMB (Windows) file sharing
  • A variety of themes and interesting icons
  • A navigation drawer for speedy access
  • App Manager to open, save a copy of, or immediately remove any app
  • Quickly access history, bookmarks, or a file search
  • For advanced users, there is Root Explorer.


A file management app created for mobile devices is called ES File Explorer. The software imitates the features and effects of desktop file managing tools. The Google Play store no longer offers the app for download, though. One of the most well-known file managers is ES File Explorer. It will make managing files and photographs on your Android phone incredibly simple.

Google withdrew the app from the Google Play store because of a case involving click fraud, in which the developer of the app was charged with secretly clicking adverts in users’ applications. This raised doubts about the app and the business. If the ES File Explorer app is still on your phone, critics advise deleting it. The Amazon Appstore and file download providers still offer the software.