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Filelinked for PC free Download - LuaDist

Filelinked for PC free Download


App Details

APP Name
Filelinked codes latest 2022
Innotiative Studio
Last Updated
Nov 27, 2021
4.4 and up

Programs, applications, and files may all be accessed for free through the platform FileLinked. The best feature of FileLinked is that each file must be downloaded with a specific code. You will have access to a virtual warehouse where files are kept thanks to FileLinked. Simply input the codes at this point, and FileLinked will take you to the download page.

For those who lack the time or patience to search the internet, it is a useful tool. If you heed my advice, you won’t need it. You may create a code for your software or files once they have been uploaded to cloud storage using the FileLinked App. We can download several files directly and simultaneously to our device using the Filelinked app without entering any URLs. We just need to visit internet file repositories and introduce the necessary code, which you may download whatever you choose.

  • Using FileLinked codes and the FileLinked Software, you may download any app or file to your smartphone.
  • The FileLinked codes you want will lead you right to the Install option after you have searched for them.
  • Apps, wallpapers, and other files can have individual FileLinked codes created by users under the many categories they collect. And they may share the FileLinked codes they produced with their friends and relatives to show them to them.
  • You must specify the actual URL of the built app store or file collection to put it in the app database.
  • To utilize the smart TV to its full potential, use FileLinked for FireStick devices.
  • Downloading unique apps not found via official app stores is possible using FileLinked for Android.
  • Some of the applications you may download using these apps require a different PIN because they can’t be downloaded with merely FileLinked codes.
  • By using the created FileLinked codes, any application or file may be downloaded.
  • When downloading FileLinked on our smartphone, you do not need to sign in for an app registration or membership. Therefore, using this app does not need you to disclose any personal information.
  • For the groupings of applications and files you choose, you may establish special codes.

App Specification

File Linked Version is It needs Android 4.4 or later. Shop on Google Play More than 100,000 downloads to date. The content is rated, Teen. Released on February 24th February 2019. The Innovative Studio offers it.

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With the use of codes, you may exchange files and download content using the software Filelinked. In essence, the app serves as a gateway to a variety of different platforms where you may store, share, and download material.

By selecting Create Code, Filelinked may be used. This will take you to a website where you can either enter your login information or establish a free Filelinked account. You will be sent to your dashboard after signing in. By including the names, URLs, and even logos of your papers, you must construct a new list with the same number of files as you require. A Filelinked Code corresponds to each list.

App Features

Easy Sharing

You may abandon the laborious traditional file-sharing approach using Filelinked. To send many files to a contact in the past, you either had to bundle them and upload them to your cloud storage or share each URL separately and let them download the files. However, with Filelinked, all you must do is share a code with your contact to enable them to control the download process, copy and paste the URL of the files to be transferred to the Filelinked app, and upload the files to your cloud storage account.

Downloading Several Files Directly

This program makes it simpler and faster by preventing us from having to navigate the Internet and handle several connections. Simply search for the relevant codes, which are available on several websites and where you can obtain any type of file, such as Kodi extensions, for example. After entering a valid code, all the files available for download will be shown, and all you must do is click on the relevant button. If you wish to share files with other people, you may write your own codes in which to provide the direct download link. After that, you are free to distribute the code as you like.

Download For Free from App Stores

The basic idea is file sharing, so to do that you can download and install it from the google play store.

Superior Compatibility

Filelinked is especially useful on devices like TVs that aren’t made for scrolling through long URLs and browsing the internet. All Android devices, including Android TV and Amazon Firestick, may use Filelinked because of this. You won’t have trouble downloading files to your devices anymore, therefore.

Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX, Mi BOX S, Sky Stream, H96 MAX, Google TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and all other Android TV and Fire TV devices are also supported.


The only information you share with others is a code for Filelinked. You may erase certain codes in this manner to stop others from downloading your files. As an alternative, you can turn them off for as long as you like and then restore the code validity. quick and simple.

Swiftly and Simply

The UI is wonderfully made, which makes sharing and downloading easy. In just a few easy steps, you may start downloading stuff at a fast speed or sharing files.


For Android users who download several files from cloud storage, this app is helpful. To transfer many files to a person or many people without compressing or supplying the URL for each individual file, for instance. where to start. Unzip files with an Android phone is an irritating thing. You wish to send your family and friends a picture album. This app will then be more useful. Initially, upload them to your preferred cloud storage platform, such as Dropbox. Add each URL to this app after that. Then just email the 5 to 6-digit lengthy code to your family members. Using that code, users can then quickly download a photo album. Zip files don’t require extraction. really quick and simple. Make your downloads go smoothly by downloading this app for free.

The most recent Filelinked codes for Droid Admin and Fire Cast, along with a few crucial ones. Every day updates all the codes and adds new ones, ranging from sports to entertainment. Hopefully, this program will be useful to you.

Updated Stores

Daily Updates

100+ Stores

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