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Filmzie – Movie Streaming App
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Jul 19, 2022
5.0 and up


Want to watch top-notch movies and TV series for nothing? If so, you’ve arrived at the ideal location. Your new favorite streaming service, Filmzie, lets you view anything from blockbuster movies starring well-known stars to fresh films and undiscovered treasures. And it’s totally free!

Short advertisements will run while viewers are watching movies on Filmzie, helping to support both our endeavor and the filmmakers who contribute their work to our platform.

There are so many excellent movies made by really gifted directors that are just not noticed by the general population. To change that, we are here!

Award-winning movies, the greatest in indie film, mind-blowing shorts, family movies, informative documentaries, and much more are all available for FREE on Filmzie.

App Features

You’ll adore Filmzie because…

  • Thousands of hours of NO-CHARGE HD movies
  • Regularly added new movies
  • The greatest films and shorts from renowned independent filmmakers may be found in the independent film scene.
  • Watching movies online is 100% free with no fees or memberships.
  • By watching our films, you help small studios and independent productions.

Watching any of the movies on Filmzie is entirely legal and copyright protected.

Welcome to Filmzie, the Free Streaming Site for True Film Fans.

Movies on your Android

A great tool to locate movies made by indie filmmakers and tiny companies is called Filmzie. The variety is vast and includes many different genres, including drama, comedy, action, and short films.

We only need to tap on one of these independent films’ posters to view it. The info box will then be unlocked, revealing the film’s year of production, length, trailer, description, languages it is available in, cast, and other intriguing details. Additionally, we have the option to like and share the material.

Simply hit the yellow button and wait a few seconds for the video to start. The video player in this software, however, allows us to choose the resolution quality.

Advertising is likely to pop up from time to time, but it is to be anticipated as it is how the projects in this app are funded.

Although it’s not necessary to register, we may create a free account to access everything. In this way, we may also review movies, provide comments, and participate in lively debates with other users. This software truly has it all; it also functions as a social networking site.

App Specification 

Version on Filmzie varies depending on the device. requires Android 5.0 or above. 1,000,000+ downloads have been made to date from the Google Play Store. Content rating is for teens. Released on 16-Mar-2020. Offered by Filmzie.

Editors View

Many of the award-winning films, television series, dramatic motion pictures, top independent films, family films, shorts, documentaries, and other entertainment on Filmzie are available for free. There is always something to watch on Filmzie, where there are more than 1,500 films to pick from and more are uploaded frequently.

Streaming high-quality movies for free, Filmzie has a variety of independent, small- and large-scale films. Short advertisements will play while viewers are watching movies on Filmzie, helping to support both our initiative and the actual filmmakers.

There are so many excellent movies made by really gifted directors that are just not noticed by the general population. To change that, we are here!

  • There are no payments or memberships required to watch movies online.
  • compatible with Fire TV
  • Free HD movies for hundreds of hours.
  • Make personalized “watch later” lists
  • Continue viewing on various devices.
  • Watching movies on Filmzie is entirely legal and copyright protected.

You help small studio productions and independent filmmakers by watching. High-quality movies and TV shows may be streamed for free and in full compliance with the law on Filmzie. Enjoy your favorite action, comedy, drama, horror, and thriller films, along with our enormous variety of genre-specific award-winning films.


Guest Users – Access to all Filmzie’s movies is available without any registration, however, there are no social or community elements.

Registered users -May enjoy Filmzie the most! The term “Filmzie’s” is used frequently to refer to registered users. They may use all the fun social features that the platform offers, like making a profile, gaining followers, following other Filmzies, rating and reviewing movies, joining, and making groups, chatting about movies with other movie buffs, making new friends, and much more.

You may get excellent movies with only one click thanks to Filmzie! Try it out right now!

The platform for independent cinema broadcasting is now accessible on mobile devices thanks to this lovely and distinctive application. To watch hundreds of movies for free and without breaking the law, we simply need to download the file.

Simply by watching movies on Filmzie, our audience is helping independent producers. There are tons of excellent movies out there made by brilliant directors, but they seldom receive the recognition they merit. We can change it if we work together.