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Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser
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Aug 17, 2022
5.0 and up


Use Firefox Focus for all of those “get in, get out, and forget about it” moments that you want to keep distinct from your primary browser. No tabs, commotion, or hassle. Likewise, block internet trackers. Your browsing history is fully erased with only one press.

The ideal gets in/get out, search, and destroy, and I’m on a mission that’s none of your business — the web browser is Firefox Focus.

Because we think that open and unrestricted is preferable to close and controlled, Mozilla exists to create the Internet as a public resource available to everyone. To encourage choice, transparency, and greater individual control over their online lives, we create products like Firefox.


Within the Safari browser settings, Firefox Focus may be configured as a content-blocker. Trackers will be automatically disabled in the background while using the Safari browser when the Safari integration is enabled in the Firefox Focus settings. When you press the trash can symbol while surfing, all your session data is deleted, and you are sent to the start screen, where a customizable search bar is shown. Long pressing a URL on a webpage will open tabs. Favorite links can be saved on the device’s home screen.

There is a feature in Firefox Focus called telemetry. By turning it on, users give Mozilla permission to gather and receive non-personally identifiable data to enhance Firefox. Telemetry is deactivated by default in Firefox Klar due to privacy concerns. Additionally, it has other customizable features that are enabled by default, such as the ability to prevent screenshots.

App Specification 

The version of Firefox Focus is 103.2.0. and needs Android 5.0 or above. The Google Play Store has received more than 10,000,000 downloads so far. Everyone is rated for this content. Users interacting and unrestricted Internet are interactive aspects. Released on June 19, 2017. Provided by Mozilla.

App Features 

Secure browsing is always on

As soon as your mobile device has been installed. You will immediately begin surfing in secret mode as if you had launched an incognito tab when you do so.

These are its key characteristics:

  • Automatically and without configuration disables web trackers.
  • Automatically removes trackers, cookies, history, and passwords.
  • Less data use and faster surfing without advertisements.
  • No tab management or bookmarking.
  • A button that deletes all session history.

Because this isn’t a typical browser, there are no tabs or favorites. Any feature involving data storage is not available since it is intended to be used during sessions when you don’t want to be identified. Additionally, it has other customizable features that are enabled by default, such as the ability to prevent screenshots.

New Distraction-Free Design

Focus opens with only the amazing bar and keyboard for speedy searching. I’m done now. There are no open tabs, recent history, past websites, ad trackers, or other distractions. Just a straightforward, minimalist layout with logical options.

One Tap for History Deletion

With only a push of the trash button, you can delete your cookies, passwords, and history.

Make Short-Clips

On your home screen, you may pin up to four shortcuts. Quickly to your favorite website without inputting anything.

Ad Blocking & Tracking Protection for Faster Browsing

Due to our increased tracking protection, Firefox Focus hides many of the advertisements you’d often see on websites. As a result, you receive substantially quicker page load times, which means you can get the content you want much faster. Focus by default disables a variety of trackers, including social trackers and persistent ones that are generated by things like Facebook advertisements.

 Backed By a Non-Profit

You can trust Firefox Focus not to sell your data since it is supported by Mozilla, the non-profit organization that defends your online rights.

Editors View 

For PC users, Firefox is Mozilla’s main product. On smartphones, you have the option of using Firefox Focus, a solution that puts security front and center, or the standard mobile version with all the same capabilities.

For all Firefox users on smartphones, Mozilla’s dedicated browser guarantees a speedier, smoother, and above all, safer surfing experience.

By getting rid of web trackers, ads, and superfluous tabs, Firefox Focus stands out from the competition. Although privacy is its main priority across all platforms, some features may vary depending on your preferred device.

This browser excels when used on mobile devices because that is its intended function. It uses little device storage space and loads websites quickly. It is devoid of extra features yet nonetheless snappy and quite useful.

You can maintain your privacy with focus. All monitoring programs are blocked, and browser history erasure is made easier. It will automatically remove your history as soon as you quit it, even if you don’t. Security is 100% full proof overall.

Interface-wise, it still has a modern, appealing style with a purple color scheme and easily accessible icons. The settings menu is also conveniently available for quick adjustments to the key functions as needed.

You have a few choices with this browser to customize your surfing experience. Only your default search engine, ad filtering, and auto-complete URLs are configurable. Additionally, Focus only permits one tab to be open at once, which might be a hassle.


Browse as if no one is monitoring. From the minute you activate it to the moment you close it, the new Firefox Focus automatically prevents a variety of web trackers. You can quickly delete your cookies, history, and passwords to prevent things like unwanted advertising from tracking you.

Mozilla created the Firefox Focus browser, whose major goal is to offer the most secure surfing environment. As a result, it lacks many of the capabilities that are common in current browsers, such as tabs and bookmarks. Naturally, it also doesn’t save your cookies, remember your passwords, or do anything similar. When using Firefox Focus to surf, it feels like you’re using a brand-new program.

Firefox Focus is a lightweight, straightforward browser that offers a completely safe surfing environment. The browser notifies you of how many trackers it has banned and bans all trackers from every webpage. You may control the blockers you wish to activate or deactivate, choose your favorite search engine, and modify the language in the configuration settings.