FlipaClip Download for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)


App Details

APP Name
FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation
Visual Blasters LLC
App, Art & Design
Last Updated
Jul 19, 2022
Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC

An Android-friendly app called FlipaClip is accessible through the Google Play store. It is from Visual Blasters LLC, and this program is intended for everyone interested in art since it allows you to make amusing animations with your digital art. You can now create animations and enjoy producing digital art with only your Android phone. It is the finest drawing app for your Android phone that you will fall in love with.

How Do I Begin Using the App?

If you have a smartphone, head to the google play store and find the app and once you, have it you can install it on your android smartphone, once installed your good to go and now you can start using the app. Your cartoons will spring to fruition when you use the fantastic brush strokes and colors available.

You have plenty of features to play with, and you may use them for free for one month. This app features in-app purchases.

FlipaClip is designed for those who like to create sketches and illustrate art, and it comes with a variety of tools that make drawing a great deal of fun. There were a lot of downloads because of the excellent animation system it offers. Animation creation would be enjoyable for you.

Once you’ve finished creating your artwork or animation, you may share it with friends or store it on your phone for later use.

What Can I Do After I Download the App?

Consider your phone screen to be your drawing board or canvas today and begin creating art; you may draw anything you want and add details gradually and conveniently to make the final result enticing.

Begin your cartoon animation journey with FlipaClip. Its basic and engaging features will make it very easy to master, including novices. It uses user-friendly interface technologies. It will be useful for beginners who want to learn digital art or even expert artists who want to develop cartoon animations. To practice creative art, you no longer need to invest in art supplies; all you need is the Flipaclip software, which is 60Mb in size.

Is Flipaclip Compatible with Other Apps?

FipaClip’s compatibility with a few video-making tools makes editing your clips simple and allows you to show off your artistic abilities.

The stylus or smart digital pen may be used with this software, which enhances the beauty and precision of your work. It would be best to use this app on a large-screen phone or tablet.

It features a variety of brush possibilities for creating the most spectacular animations. You may look at your flip animations frame by frame. The fascinating artwork you produced can have background music added to it. FlipaClip is a robust drawing application that allows you to create rich tales using a variety of tools easily, quickly, and simply on your smartphone.

Remarkable FlipaClip Features

With its incredible features, this software will give you a more advanced drawing experience, and its animation features will bring out the creative artist in you. I’ve highlighted the app’s top features.

Tools including rulers, shapes, brushes, erasers, roving tools, fill choices, colors, brushes and many more are available in the program.

Include a Text Feature

After generating the animation or artwork, you may add words or a caption to make it appear to be a tale. You may add text to the storyboard and arrange it wherever you like, and with creative captions or words, you can express yourself using your artwork. With the animations, you produce, establish yourself as a cartoonist.

Canvas Dimensions

You have ample options for canvas sizes to exhibit your artboards. From the lowest canvas size to the largest canvas size of 1920×1920 is available.

When creating amazing digital art, try using a stylus or smart pen instead of drawing with your fingers.

Feature of Layers

Use the layers tool to create the greatest animation and view the results of your sketching and animation. If you choose to utilize the pro version, you will have access to the best version. You will have the option of using up to ten layers. Isn’t it fantastic?

However, FlipaClip allows you to utilize the layer feature for free for a month, but you are limited to three layers.


The art of frame-by-frame animation is now available for exploration. With the help of the Onion skin animation tool, you can easily make art. Frame Viewers will allow you to see beautifully created pictures or animations. You can add the overlay grids which will guide you in drawing and animating.


The animation has been made, and if you want to add music or a voice-over background narration to it, that option is also accessible. It is one of the finest features of the Flipaclip software.

You may add up to six distinct audio tracks to an animation. Consider how it will look once you add the audio and share it with your friends. They will be astounded just by looking at it.

You may import interesting sounds and create your own speech for your cartoon animations. You may make the audio more fascinating by using the app’s sound effects and features.

After tweaking, the animations you produced will now appear realistic.

Videos and Rotoscopes

You may import videos or clips and add them to your creation as well, so you are not limited to only adding music. You may also use photographs, graphics, or video clips to enhance your animated video. You may doodle on top of clips and photos as well.

This app allows you to incorporate rotoscopes into your animation. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve made after the animation is finished with all of these fantastic features.


After learning about all the unique features of the FlipaClip, I am confident you will appreciate the app. Users of Android devices may download and enjoy the art of animation. Download it and use all of the tools I mentioned above to show off your ability to your friends, on Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media platform.