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APP Name
Garena Free Fire: 5th Anniv.
Garena International I
Action, Game
Last Updated
Jul 15, 2022
4.1 and up


The well-known survival shooter game Free Fire is playable on mobile devices. You are placed on a desolate island for each 10-minute game, competing against 49 other players who are all trying to survive. The goal of the game is to spend as much time as possible in the safe zone. Players pick their starting place freely using their parachutes. Drive cars to travel the wide landscape, hide in the woods, or protrude under grass or rifts to disappear. There is just one objective: to survive and perform one’s duty. Ambush, snipe, and survival are not options.

Battle in style with free fire!

  • 50 actual players converge on an island in the mobile battle royal shooter Garena Free Fire, where they compete to be the last man standing. Games are brief, lasting little more than ten minutes.
  • Before the safe zone gets smaller and forces players to leave swiftly, explore the island to gather guns and other supplies. As the safe zone becomes smaller and the players are forced to battle in an ever-shrinking play area, things start to heat up.
  • Garena Free Fire stands apart from other battle royale games because of its distinctive character system. More than 10 unlockable characters with various playstyles are available in the game.
  • Take part in an exciting 50-player battle on a large island with distinctive settings and treasures.
  • Jeeps, pickup trucks, and even the amphibious can cross land or water, allowing for speedier travel.
  • Additionally, you may use premium cash to purchase in-game pets that follow players around and clothing for characters.
  • Battle in groups of up to four people using voice chat in-game.

Game Features

The original version of the survival shooter

Find weapons, stay in the play area, take your adversaries’ treasure, and survive till the end. To obtain a little advantage over other players, aim for legendary airdrops while avoiding airstrikes along the route.

50 players, 10 minutes, and epic survival bliss are in store.

Quick and simple gameplay: A new survivor will appear after ten minutes. Will you go above and beyond the call of duty and be the one illuminated?

4-man squad with voice chat in-game

Create teams of up to four people, and immediately start communicating with them. Respond to the call of duty, lead your allies to victory, and finish as the last team standing.

Battle Squad

The frantic 4v4 game mode is now accessible 24/7! Control your finances, buy weapons, and take down the opposition team!

Smooth and realistic graphics

You can get the best mobile survival experience with simple controls and slick visuals, which will help you go down in history.

App Specification 

The Free Fire Version is 1.92.1. It requires Android 4.1 or above. The Google Play Store has had over one billion downloads to date. You can always turn off in-app purchases, but they can cost anywhere between $0.49 and $109.99 per item if you do. Given that there is blood and violence in the game, the content classification is Mature 17+. Users’ interactions and in-game purchases are interactive components. Released on December 7, 2017. Offered by Garena International I.

Editors View

Popular survival shooter game Free Fire Battlegrounds has numerous players engaged in an action-packed fight. One of the earliest Android games to emphasize a mystery plot in which players come face to face on a desolate island was this one. You have the option of playing individually or with a team. You must defend yourself against radiation and adversaries if you want to win the game.

Fast-moving sequences, a variety of customizing options, and fun gameplay

The idea behind this action-packed survival shooter game is built on cooperative play. It follows that the game cannot be played offline. There are two alternative modes available when using an internet server to play the game. The first one emphasizes an all-out, island-wide strategy. To win the game in this edition, 40 people compete against one another. The second one divides participants into teams of four in a somewhat smaller format. The goal is still the same.

The controls of Free Fire Battlegrounds are simple to use. The primary character is capable of crawling, crouching, and standing movements. The target point becomes red to indicate the enemy’s precise location in the game’s partially automated shot mode. There are several safe zones in the game where you may relax and stop the radiation from the island from further harming your health. These zones get smaller as the game goes along. Although the play is just 10 minutes long, the goal is to save your energy till the very end.

There is a limited supply of ammo in the battle royale game, and you must buy weapons, grenades, and other stuff to get additional abilities. You may purchase a variety of health packs to keep you alive until the game’s conclusion. Additionally, you may buy automobiles with “diamonds” and other in-game items.

The cars and weapons are easy to operate. You may maneuver through the action game’s many actions with the help of the on-screen compass. You are unable to shoot other players when operating a vehicle. However, you may drive them over and go on a killing spree. The background melody keeps you interested even though the pictures in certain scenes appear antiquated.

Every stage of the game is kept interesting by the character modifications. Many characters don’t appear like typical people, and some of them even have pets or accessories. ‘Diamonds’ may be used to upgrade and modify avatars, buy weapons, and operate vehicles on big landscapes.

Graphics come with the option to change weapons, fill up on health, and drive automobiles.


This battle royale game, created by Garena International, has succeeded in establishing a strong global following. The action game came out before the immensely successful mobile games Mobile Legends Bang, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite Battle Royale. The action game is unique, uninspired, and original.

Playing this action game is enjoyable. It can keep you occupied for several hours at once. Free Fire Battlegrounds often get new skins, modifications, avatars, and weaponry. The development team also plans unique occasions, sales, and promotions. You keep returning to the island because of the fun gameplay, where everything is possible to win.