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Gacha Life
Game, Simulation
Last Updated
Jan 22, 2020
4.0 and up

You may play different games and explore the Gacha Life universe while dressing as your favorite anime characters. Prepare to go on a new adventure by selecting from hundreds of clothes, hairstyles, shirts, weapons, and accessories.

Put on the appropriate attire for your characters, transport them to the studio, and envision the most fantastic settings for them to be in. There are more than 100 backgrounds available to build the ideal narrative. Skits, shows, and other alternatives are all possible.

Discover new pals by exploring different regions of Gacha Life! Chat with NPCs to learn more about them and keep an eye out for surprises. As you play Duck & Dodge and the other eight fantastic mini-games, you may also add unique presents and diamonds to your collection.

You may change the eyes, lips, nose, hairdo, and more for each of the 20 characters. Then brace yourselves for never-before-seen positions. In the Gacha Studio, you can do anything.

App Specification 

The current version of Gatcha Life is 1.1.4, and it requires Android 4.0 or above. The Google Play Store has had over 50,000,000 downloads to date. You can deactivate in-app purchases in the game settings, but they cost between $1.99 and $19.99 for each item. The content rating is for Everyone. Users engage and digital purchases are the interactive aspects. It was released on October 23, 2018.

Gacha Life is a famous mobile role-playing video game developed by Lunime Inc. It’s designed for children and teenagers who enjoy anime characters. 

Editors View

Gacha Life is a mobile role-playing video game in which users may create and customize anime-style characters. The term ‘gacha’ refers to little toys sold in vending machines in Japan and packaged in tiny capsules. It is especially popular among older kids and pre-teens and allows kids and teenagers to role-play as characters while making up stories of their own ideas. With the help of the software Gacha Life, you may create anime characters and engage with them in various contexts.

Game Features

Gacha Life gives players a lot of creative flexibility. The software generally looks to be a lot of fun, and the scenery and characters are of amazing quality.

Gacha Life provides a holistic experience that is ideal for anime aficionados. You may browse a large library of characters and then begin to adjust attributes to build your perfect representation. You may alter the energy it communicates as well as the face form, movement, skin color, eyes, hair, and expression. You may also decorate it with clothes and weapons.

Ready To Get on A Brand-New Journey? 

Make your own characters in the anime style, then dress them in your preferred attire! Pick from countless options for clothes, clothing accessories, haircuts, weaponry, and more! Enter the Studio once you’ve designed your characters and build any setting you can think of! Create the ideal tale by selecting from more than a hundred backdrops.

Users may dress their avatars in various clothing and accessories, as well as personalize aspects of their look such as their hair and eyes. They may play one of eight mini-games or create scenarios in Studio Mode and make ‘friends’ with non-player characters (NPCs). Some individuals may choose to share their Gacha Life tales on other social media platforms.

To explore new terrain and make friends along the way, switch to the new Life mode.

Play your favorite mini-games and gather gems to Gacha for unique prizes! 

Begin your journey in Gacha Life.

Design Your Own Characters

Put your characters in the newest anime attire! Mix and pair up hundreds of items, including headwear, weaponry, and clothing! There are now 20-character slots!

Personalize your appearance! Change your haircut, eyes, lips, and other features!

Unprecedented new goods, positions, and more in Gachaverse and Gacha Studio!

Studio Mode

In Studio Mode, you may create your own scenarios! Enter personalized text for your characters, then pick from a variety of stances and backdrops!

In the Skit Maker, you may create your own tales! Sketches may be easily created by combining various scenes!

 Life Mode

Discover new locales with your own characters, including the town, the school, and more!

Learn more about new NPCs by chatting with them and getting to know them better!

Enjoy offline! There is no Wi-Fi needed to play this entertaining game.

Gacha Games

Eight distinct mini-games are available, including Phantom’s Remix and Duck & Dodge.

Gather and gacha more than 100 gifts to expand your collection.

The game is Free to Play. 

You can effortlessly farm for gems.

Gacha Heat

Users of Gacha Life create content that they then post to social media sites like YouTube and TikTok under the name Gacha Heat. Beyond the storylines found in Gacha Life gaming, the content is obscene and inappropriate. This content could deal with sexual assault and other explicit material, or it might show relationships that are improper for the viewer’s age that normalizes abusive behavior.

The fact that it uses imagery and characters from the mobile video game Gacha Life makes it questionable. Children and teenagers may see these clips on social media platforms, believing they are acceptable to them when they are not. Check what they’re watching and see how you can help them if they come across problematic stuff with our guidance site.


The chat function, in-app purchases, and in-game advertisements are all things that parents should be aware of. Make sure in-app purchases are off if you want to keep your spending in check.

The things they do online and the people they talk to online should be discussed with your child. They will be better equipped to judge what is and is not acceptable because of this. It is critical that kids learn when to report something to an appropriate adult if they get such approaches.

In accordance with Gacha Life’s privacy statement, parents should monitor their “children’s usage of e-mail and other online communications and transactional services.” By contacting Gacha Life and giving them the same screen name, password, and email address as their kid, parents can request a review of and/or removal of their child’s personal information at any time.