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Merkury Innovations
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Apr 12, 2022
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Geeni is her name. Geeni is under your command. From anywhere in the globe, you can easily control all Geeni smart home appliances with a single app or by voice using an Amazon Echo. Geeni is simple to operate and combines the simplicity of an on/off switch with premium features.

Control of each gadget is simple and effective. Choose the appropriate hue or mood from our Color bulbs. Dim a white lamp and track the energy use of a socket with the same app! Control and group devices by room. Create intelligent scenarios for automatic activities. To get additional control and security, schedule when devices switch on and off. Account sharing allows you to specify which devices your friends, visitors, roommates, or family members may control.

Cloud-based systems allow you to access and operate your house from any phone, among other benefits.

All Geeni-enabled smart gadgets are compatible. There is no need for a sophisticated hub because each Geeni gadget is smart enough to connect straight to your home Wi-Fi network.

App Specification 

Using Geeni Version 2.2.3 requires Android 4.4 or above. So far, there have been over 1,000,000 downloads from the Google Play store. The content rating is for Everyone. Released on November 17, 2016. Merkury Innovations is the provider of Geeni.

Editors View

We are aware that smart home technologies might appear complex. Geeni makes it easy! Without a cumbersome central hub or exorbitant services and fees, the inexpensive smart gadgets make it simple with millions of users, a highly rated pleasant app, and devoted support seven days a week. Simply plug it in and connect to your existing 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Through our simple smart home app, you can control your kitchen lights, set the AC to run on a timer, and see who’s at the door from anywhere. Geeni makes smart living simple.

Merkury Innovations is the parent company of Geeni and has followed the trends of electrical accessories and tech for more than 20 years, keeping us ahead of the curve and supplying you with inexpensive items without compromising taste and style.

App Features

Easy, powerful control of each device. 

Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, perfectly Dim a white bulb, and track the energy usage of a plug, all from the same app.

Group devices and control by room

Set smart scenes for automated actions

To gain more control and security, schedule when devices turn on and off.

Account sharing allows you to specify which devices your friends, guests, roommates, or family members can control.

Cloud-based services, including the ability to log in and manage your house from any phone.

Geeni Products

Smart Lighting

While most smart lighting providers offer an RGB or white bulb choice, Geeni offers this for a variety of bulb shapes and wattages. The LUX 800 is an 800 Lumen A19 bulb that replaces a 60W incandescent light bulb, the LUX 1050 is a 1050 Lumen A21 bulb, and the LUX DROP is a 700 Lumen BR30 bulb. Geeni also added a colorful touch to their smart BR30 light with the PRISMA DROP 65W RGB bulb.

This LED produces 700 Lumens while consuming only 8W of electricity, making it like a 65W incandescent bulb. Along with the PRISMA 450 and PRISMA DROP, Geeni offers the PRISMA 1050 A21 RGB bulb, which is somewhat bigger but offers a significant increase in light output, with a leap to 1050 Lumens. This is about like a 75W bulb, with just 10W required to power it.

Smart Cameras

The nanny-cams parents would conceal in teddy bears to watch over the babysitter and children while they were away on a date planting the first seeds of smart monitoring in the house. While it made for entertaining TV, it was always a little unsettling.

The $40 Geeni VISION is a small camera with 720p resolution, two-way audio communication, and night vision IR LEDs. The VISION has a cup and ball design, with the camera positioned in such a way that manual pan and tilt adjustments are possible. Of course, a smart camera would be incomplete without mobile motion-detection alerts, which can be switched on or off on the VISION, as well as the sensitivity adjusted from low to high.

For bespoke mounting sites, the Geeni LOOK HD smart camera offers a flexible stem and an optional adhesive patch. Geeni’s second version in their smart surveillance series, the LOOK HD, is a 1080p standing IP camera that decreases the profile and noticeability of the device, however, changes for pan and tilt would require movement of the complete unit. The video quality isn’t great, and there’s a tiny latency while looking at the app, but the details are clear enough to pick up from within a room in medium lighting, so it works as a basic surveillance tool.

Smart Plugs

There are a few outliers, and Geeni’s offers are an instance of how the nuances make all the difference in a crowded market. Despite their low price, the Geeni plugs have a good build quality and feel robust in the hand. Surprisingly, while Geeni’s most intriguing products are smart lights, the company also has a fascinating portfolio of smart plugs with some extremely useful capabilities. Wi-Fi irrigation controllers and surveillance systems are the most popular smart garden and outdoor gadgets, with some new smart security lighting items finding their way in.

A less expensive option to some other, more expensive outdoor smart plugs is the Geeni 15 Amp Outdoor Wi-Fi Plug. That appears to be sound advice for most technological equipment. The size of this outdoor Wi-Fi plug is one of its strong points.

Microsoft Cortana

These days, a voice assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home is a need for any connected gadget to be worthwhile. Given the popularity of these two assistants, the great majority of gadgets have one, if not both.

Geeni takes a novel approach to covering all bases by including compatibility with not just Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but also Microsoft Cortana on every device they create. While most of the Smart Home market has dismissed Microsoft Cortana as a vital participant in the voice assistant area, Geeni’s inclusion might be a significant benefit in appealing to a broader client base.

Humidifier and Oil Dispenser

Geeni’s SOOTHE XL Wi-Fi humidifier and Geeni’s SPIRIT Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser.

That’s correct, your attendant can not only manage the lights, plugs, and surveillance cameras, but you can also have voice-activated smells and properly humidified air floating around the house. Of course, they can also be activated through an app or schedule, so if you set up scenes using an app and a few connected devices, you may arrive home to dimmed lights, music playing, pleasant fragrances, and the correct temperature to keep you comfortable.