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GoPro Quik: Video Editor
App, Video editors & players
Last Updated
Aug 8, 2022
9 and up

The official GoPro app allows you to remotely operate your GoPro camera using an Android device, among other things. Additionally, you can utilize it to easily share anything you’ve captured and even browse through the GoPro channels of other users.

The HERO4, HERO3, and HD HERO2 GoPro devices are compatible with the GoPro App. If you’ve already set it up, you may thus remotely manage the cameras from the screen of your Android. The video may be played, paused, or even seen as it is being captured.

The ability to see all your recorded footage is a crucial feature. You can quickly and easily see all the films taken with your camera, exactly as with a gallery app.

Of course, the GoPro App is only useful if you possess a GoPro camera; otherwise, it is useless.

App Specification 

The version is 10.21.2. Needs Android 9 or later. The Google Play Store has received more than 10,000,000 downloads so far. If you want to make a purchase, the price ranges from $1.99 to $49.99 per item, but you can always turn off in-app purchases in the settings. Content rating is for Everyone. In-app purchases are interactive aspects. Released on November 12th, 2012. Offered by GoPro.

App Features 

With Quik-only filters, an automatic video editor!

A collection of all your favorite shots

Post your best photos to your own Mural in the Quik app, and you’ll never again lose track of them on the camera roll of your phone.

100% Quality Backup for All Backups

With a Quik membership, you may download infinite murals of 100% quality. Owners of GoPro cameras receive all of that, plus complete backups of all their data, through the GoPro membership.

Share with Quik from any location

For optimal speed and ease, you may send your favorite photos directly to Quik from your phone’s camera roll, text messages, email, and more.

Videos with automatic highlights

Our AI picks out your finest photos and adds transitions and unique effects to them

Effective Editing Tools

powerful yet user-friendly editing tools that enable your manual control on a timeline with multiple selections.

Beat Sync

Syncs GoPro audio or your music to the beat of the video, transitions, and effects.

Speed Tool

Take complete control of the video speed at various points in a clip—super slow, rapid, or frozen.

Take A Frame

By taking a frame from any video, you may obtain high-resolution images.


Specialized filters are designed for conditions like water and snow.

Share on Social Platforms

Share content instantly to your preferred social networking platforms from Quik.

Features For GoPro Camera Owners

Remote Control for Camera

Use your phone as a remote control for your GoPro, which is ideal for framing images, remote recording, and setting adjustments.

Preview Images and Content Transfer

Even while you are off the grid, you may see GoPro pictures and films on your phone’s screen before sending them to Quik.

Live broadcasting

Whatever you’re doing, broadcast it live.

Horizon Leveling

Get horizon leveling built in so your images are never off-center.

Unlimited Cloud Backup

Subscribers to GoPro may store content from their camera or app in the cloud in original quality.

Updates to Firmware

Simply adhere to the straightforward pairing procedures to get the most recent updates for your GoPro.

Select The Ideal Soundtrack

Use a song from your own collection or pick one of the more than 100 free tunes available. AAC, FLAC, AIFF, MP3, M4A, MOV, and WAV are all supported by Quik.

Start the song on your soundtrack at any time.

Quik automatically synchronizes transitions with the musical rhythm.

Editors View 

On Android smartphones, one of the most popular video editing apps is called GoPro Quik, and it has a user-friendly design. Users may more easily modify their films because the program has a variety of editing templates. To access this application’s premium features, such as cloud backups, saving, and more, you must first create an account with them.

Users may enjoy seeing their own creations by adding their favorite music to videos using the app. For anyone who enjoys making video clips and wants to transform them into short films, this function is crucial. Using this tool, you may also freeze specific portions of the video to add another impact to the whole process.

The most important factor in the popularity of GoPro Quik among customers is its top-notch editing features. Whether they are action shots or travel photos, you will be pleased with the results since these are incredibly simple to use and make all films seem excellent. This app allows you to import images for alteration from different sources. Color Balance, Contrast Bias, Custom Color Editor, Exposure Level, Temperature/Tint, Color FX Curves & Hue, Detail Editor, and more tools are among the available options.

GoPro Quick could be the perfect editor for you if you enjoy adventure and spend a lot of time traveling and discovering new locations.

Add stickers and captions to the text

Various stickers are accessible in the program for editing reasons. These are not just relevant to themes; you can quickly locate them for your needs. In addition, you may include text subtitles in your movies to offer more details about images.

Easy cuts and simple controls

The application’s controls are incredibly simple to use and comprehend. The user is not sidetracked by superfluous additions. Just pay attention to the audio and video and tweak it whatever you like. The user experience is improved by the user-friendly design and quick access to all editing options.

Fast and slow motion

Depending on the situation, users of the GoPro Quik app have the option of editing footage in slow motion or rapid motion. When editing a video, this is crucial and makes all the difference. FPS (frames per second) and resolution may be readily modified by users, which is crucial for editing videos.


GoPro Quik converts videos and photographs from their own Android or GoPro into incredible highlight videos using only one swipe. Then, instantly locate your favorites thanks to a brand-new interactive Mural feature that puts your must-see moments front and center.

To take your video edits to the next level, you can also purchase GoPro-only filters, image video editing apps, themes, and music. Also, keep in mind that Quik is your one-stop shop for downloading HERO and MAX footage as well as for controlling remote cameras from your phone.