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Google Assistant
Google LLC
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May 31, 2022
5.0 and up


The virtual assistant software program known as Google Assistant was created by Google and is largely accessible on mobile and home automation devices. Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant that, unlike Google Now, the company’s prior virtual assistant, can hold two-way conversations.

Although keyboard input is also allowed, users communicate with the Google Assistant mostly through natural speech. The user’s device’s hardware settings may be changed, hardware inquiries can be answered, information from the user’s Google account can be displayed, games can be played, and more with the help of Assistant. Additionally, Google has revealed that Assistant will handle making purchases and sending money, as well as be able to recognize objects and gather visual data via the device’s camera.

With Google Assistant, using your phone and applications is simple and hands-free.

Use Google Assistant to get hands-free assistance. You can use it to organize your calendar, seek up information, browse and operate your smart home devices when you’re away from home*, and much more.

Requires compatible devices

A simple method for using your phone and applications

Simply use your voice to activate Do Not Disturb, change the Bluetooth and airplane mode settings, activate the flashlight, and quickly launch your favorite app. You can also explore your phone and control your phone’s settings with ease.

“Open YouTube.”

“Show me your Shimla pictures,”

‘On your flashlight’

Utilize hands-free calls, messages, and emails to stay in contact.

Keep in touch with the people that matter most. Make phone calls, text messages, and email lookups to your contacts.

“Phone Sanjay,”

“Text ‘On my way to Rupa.”

Keep working while traveling

Set reminders and alarms, manage your schedule and projects, and get things done while you’re on the road using only your voice. Look up solutions and receive assistance with routes and neighborhood knowledge.

“Remind me to go grocery shopping at 7 o’clock.”

“Put a wake-up call for 7 a.m.”

“Put a five-minute timer on.”

Put oats on my list of things to buy.

What time is my first appointment tomorrow?

“A nearby gas station”

“Navigate home”

Aids in keeping you one step ahead

Receive timely reminders and proactive information to help you with your specific needs. You may further simplify your day by setting up automatic routines for the tasks you perform frequently.

Happy morning!

‘Good night,’

Let’s return home,

even when you’re not home, manage your smart house

The remote for your smart home is on your phone. Even while you’re not at home, you can manage your smart appliances, change the lighting and temperature, and more.

“Switch off the lights”

“Turn the Tv on.”

App Specification 

Google assistant Version is 0.1.452181178.  Requires Android 5.0 and above.  The Google Play Store has had over one billion downloads to date. Content rating is for Everyone.  Released on 4th October 2017. Offered by Google LLC.

Google Assistant Features 

Use the motions or the “OK Google” command to activate Google Assistant on Android devices that support it. You can also say “Hey Google” on some phones. Open the Google Assistant app on your iPhone or iPad, then either speak “OK Google” or hit the microphone icon.

You may also type out a question if you don’t want to speak. Text may be entered into Google Assistant by touching the keyboard button in the bottom right corner. It will react just as when you speak to it.

The benefit of Google Assistant is that it can comprehend conversational context.

You can ask Google Assistant anything after you’ve launched it. If Assistant is unable to answer your inquiry, it will bring up Google results. Assistants can communicate with a wide variety of applications and services.

The following are some of the best Google Assistant choices to investigate:

  • Change the voice and sounds of your assistant and how conversational it is.
  • When you enable Continued Conversation, Google Assistant will keep listening for queries after you finish speaking to it. You can avoid saying “OK Google” repeatedly by doing this.
  • Food preferences: Make a note of your dietary requirements, preferred cuisines, or items you like or detest so that the Assistant will keep them in mind when answering any questions, you may have about a meal or a restaurant.
  • Hey Google and Speech Match: Improve voice recognition by teaching your Assistant how your voice sounds.
  • Control your house here if you have any smart home gadgets by configuring them to operate with Assistant.
  • Languages: You can communicate with Google Assistant in a variety of languages if you speak a second language or are studying one.
  • Set your favorite music service so Google Assistant will know what to play your requests on when it comes to music.

Editors View 

Google’s virtual assistant is called Google Assistant. It enables you to do tasks more quickly. Instead of repeatedly typing on a screen, you may utilize voice or automation instructions.

Depending on the device and platform, the Assistant may do a wide range of tasks, like opening applications, sending messages, making calls, playing a certain song, checking the weather, controlling smart devices, setting timers, obtaining general information, setting alarms, and many more.

Of course, Assistant isn’t limited to mobile devices. It’s also present on numerous other goods, like headphones, smartwatches, and smart speakers.

Enable Google Assistant 

You must first activate Google Assistant on your Android smartphone before using it. Don’t worry; just follow the easy instructions and you may complete the procedure.

Step-by-step directions for activating Assistant

  • Open the Google app.
  • In the top-right portion of the screen, tap the account image button.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Go to Google Assistant.
  • Tap on General.
  • Turn on the Google Assistant toggle.
  • That Assistant is now activated. 

You can begin utilizing it. You can start your command by saying “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google.” For instance, “OK Google, play a humorous pet video on YouTube.” 

Remember that for this to operate, some phones must be unlocked. Google Assistant will hear your command even if the screen is off, but it might require you to unlock it to carry out the required action. Although it is a bothersome feature, it is necessary for security.

There are a couple of other ways to call Assistant. The primary one is to press and hold your device’s home button while you wait for Assistant to appear. You must swipe up and toward the center from the bottom left or right corner if you’re using gestures on Android 10+ or don’t have a home button. Additionally, certain smartphones from manufacturers like LG and Nokia include a dedicated Google Assistant button. Or you may use the corresponding button on the search bar to go to it.