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Google Home
Google LLC
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Aug 5, 2022
8.0 and up


From the Google Home app, configure, manage, and control your Google Nest, Google Wi-Fi, Google Home, and Chromecast devices as well as hundreds of other compatible connected home items like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more.

App Features

One perspective of your house

The Home tab provides shortcuts for the actions you perform frequently, such as starting music or lowering the lights to watch a movie. Get to the important parts quickly and manage everything with only a couple of taps. The Feed tab gathers all your home’s significant happenings under one heading. You may also learn how to optimize your home’s configuration and use your gadgets more effectively here.

Create Routines that let you play the news, check the weather, switch on compatible lights, and more with a single command. On your connected home devices, you can easily switch between the speakers they’re playing from, adjust the volume, go to the next song, and see all the active audio and video streams in one location.

Quickly ascertain what’s happening at home.

The Google Home app will inform you of your home’s condition and provide you with any information you might have missed. View a summary of recent occurrences and check in on your house whenever you choose. In case something significant occurs while you’re gone, you can also receive a notice.

Using the Google Home app, quickly set up your Nest Wi-Fi and Google Wi-Fi. Perform speed tests, create a guest network, and quickly provide your Wi-Fi password to loved ones. Manage your children’s online time by using parental settings like Wi-Fi pause. Choose which devices to prioritize for all traffic kinds, or automatically give video conferencing and gaming traffic priority on all devices. Get additional information about your network, such as notifications whenever a new device joins it or in-depth insights for diagnosing a bad internet connection.

A private home is a useful dwelling.

One of the most sophisticated security infrastructures in the world is the foundation for protecting your privacy, and we integrate it directly into Google products to make them secure by default. Your Google Account’s built-in security automatically recognizes and eliminates threats before they can reach you, ensuring the protection of your personal information.

We create privacy-preserving products that put you in charge.

You may manage your Google Assistant use, privacy choices, and information. View your activity, choose to manually erase it, or select automatic deletion. You may use voice commands to manage your Google Assistant privacy. Get responses to the most frequently asked privacy and security questions by asking things like “Where can I adjust my privacy settings?”

App Specification

Versions of Google Home vary depending on the gadget. It needs Android 8.0 or later. Over 100,000,000 downloads have been made through the Google Play Store thus far. Everyone is subject to content rating. published on July 18, 2013. offered by Google LLC.

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App for Google Home You may set up and manage Google Nest or Home speakers, screens, and Chromecast with the aid of the Google Home app. Thousands of compatible lights, cameras, speakers, and other devices are all controllable. From a single app, you can also monitor your reminders and most recent notifications. Both iPhones and iPads as well as Android smartphones and tablets support the Google Home app.

Use the Google Home application to:

Configure the following gadgets:

Devices made by Google Nest and Home include your Google Home, Google Nest Mini (2nd generation), Google Home Mini (1st generation), Google Home Max, Google Nest Audio, Google Nest Hub, and Google Nest Hub Max.

Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets like On Hub, Google Wi-Fi, and Google Nest Wi-Fi.

From a single location, you can control, arrange, and manage compatible lighting, cameras, TVs, and more. With thousands of smart home gadgets from the most well-known companies, the Google Home app functions as a remote control.

Manage your Google Account settings and preferences as well as those for connected devices, Google Assistant, and other services.

Control the Devices at Home

The name of your house is shown at the top of the home app screen. If you have set up more than one house, you may move between them by tapping their names.

Quick Move

You have broad authority over your entire house in this situation. For a certain device, service, or set of devices, each button serves as a control. Depending on the device it symbolizes and the condition it is in, each serves a particular purpose.

Lights: Turn on or off your smart lights. controls all your home’s lights or just those in a particular room.

Media: Shows the material you are now playing with and the device it is playing on. You can opt to broadcast from one device to another if you own multiple devices. The media may be started or stopped with a single tap.

Call Home: Calling your home will ring all your Duo-connected gadgets.

Broadcast: Send a message using the Google Home app to your Google Assistant speakers and displays.

Thermostat: The controls for your thermostat are now accessible. You may select which smart thermostat to use if you have more than one.

Cameras: Displays your camera’s video stream. If you have many cameras, you can see them all at once.

Wi-Fi: Manages your Nest Wi-Fi, Google Wi-Fi, or On Hub network and settings, as well as performing speed tests.

Develop and maintain routines for your device.

Opens your home’s settings under Settings.

Action chips: Immediately link media services, connect smart home devices and perform other suggested tasks.


The Google Home app may help you turn your house into a fully smart home. It doesn’t simply support Google goods; it supports a wide range of gadgets.

The market for smart home appliances is expanding, and there are already a variety of gadgets and specialized software available. If you use a different app for each device, it might quickly become cumbersome. Thankfully, many manufacturers have integrated Google Assistant functionality into their products. As a result, you can combine all your smart home appliances into a single, powerful app called Google Home.

One of the coolest smart home applications is Google Home. It already has Google Assistant capability built in. If they have Google Assistant, you can operate hundreds of smart gadgets like cameras, lighting, and speakers.

To-do lists, media subscriptions, and calendar events may all be managed via the app. You can control everything from smart gadgets to app services with the Google Home app, which is available for free.