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Task Mate
Google LLC
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Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC

About the App 

On Google’s Task Mate app, you may get money by completing tasks for companies across the world. Taking a picture of a nearby eatery, responding to survey questions, or assisting in translating lines from English into your native tongue are a few examples of activities. Participate in activities that interest you or skip those that don’t. A task can be finished at any moment.

Get paid for the jobs you successfully complete and use the Task Mate app to withdraw your profits in your home currency. To cash out, sign up for an e-wallet or bank account with Task Mate’s payment partner. As we continue to learn more about how to offer more income possibilities through crowdsourcing, Task Mate is still in beta and only available to a limited number of testers. Visit to learn more.

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1,000,000+ downloads have been made so far on the Google Play Store. The content has a 3+ rating. available from Google LLC.

Editors View 

With the help of the free business mobile app Job Mate, you may perform task requests and receive payment. This early-access Google project management tool functions similarly to Google Opinion Rewards but provides more varied opportunities to get money. Remember that this app is under beta testing, therefore you may only use it if you have a Google referral code.

Simple things for simple money

Similar in many ways to Google Opinion Rewards, Task Mate offers more than simply Google Play credits and survey opportunities. You may perform several simple activities using this software, such as snapping images of a place of business, recording lines in your language, and answering short questionnaires. These are meant to assist businesses in having better internet positioning and advertising using Google services.

Another significant distinction is that you receive genuine money as compensation rather than virtual credits. When completed for a specific number of times, each assignment gives a reward in your local currency. However, the payouts are little, so don’t plan on using this app as your primary source of money. When you have spare time, this is better suited for side jobs that pay extra. For this, you’ll also need a profile with a third-party payment processor.

To use this app, you must first obtain a referral code. Since the app is still in beta testing, you can anticipate that the process for receiving a code will largely remain the same; you must conduct internet research and obtain codes as soon as possible because there are a limited number of spaces. Choose a nearby work, do it as correctly as you can, and then pay out your profits anytime you choose once you’ve registered a valid code.

Accessible only to certain

Overall, Task Mate has a lot of promise to be a simple way to get money for little jobs that support nearby companies. Exclusively a limited number of users may be accommodated by this crowdsourced awards software, which is only accessible in a few nations. 

However, it could ultimately gain popularity and be customized for a larger audience, much like Google Opinion Rewards.

How to start earning? 

Users have the option to participate in tasks that interest them or bypass ones they don’t wish to do. The ability to do work from anywhere, at any time, is the finest feature of Task Mate.

The task mate’s UI is simple to use. The program gives users every instruction they need to accomplish a task correctly, along with all necessary information. The task mate program does not need a lot of storage space and is highly suitable for all Android devices.

  • Utilize the applications you have access to find the local assignments.
  • Then accurately finish the assignment to start earning.
  • And you may withdraw your winnings in a few easy steps, with payment made in local money.

How to Withdraw the money earned?

The users will receive payment in their home currency for each task they successfully accomplish. Additionally, customers need to have an account with a third-party payment processor to make a payment. 

Users just need to register their e-wallets or accounts with their payment partners once in Task Mate to cash out whenever they desire.

You need to have an account with a third-party payment processor, such as PayPal or another one, to receive money from the applicant for the work you have done. Payment will be made in Indian rupees. 

When you’re ready to withdraw money,

  • You only need to download our app and register your e-wallet or account with our payment partner.
  • Visit your profile page after that.
  • Click the Cash out button now.
  • Following that, you may cash out any earnings in your local currency.


You must be familiar with a good number of mobile applications that allow you to make money. But for many users who have some of them, the issue is how they withdraw the money they have made because, in some situations, the procedure is difficult even if the payment has not been rejected, which can occasionally happen.

The Google money-making app

Because of this, you could be interested in an app like Google Task Mate, which was created by Google and is thus endorsed by the corporation when it comes to providing a clear-cut way to make money using a mobile device. You only need to take out easy chores like snapping pictures of a business’s front, doing a quick translation, or finishing a survey to accomplish this. Simply locate a local assignment, perform it, and then wait for it to be validated to receive your payment.

This is a fantastic method to make money using your smartphone, but to sign up, you must provide an invitation code that was sent by another user. However, as we previously mentioned, if you are successful, you will be able to withdraw your money in your own currency. You must have an account with an electronic wallet or the app’s payment partner, such as PayPal, to accomplish this.