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Feb 21, 2017
2.1 and up


The GPlayer is an innovative movie playback program for the Android operating system. It supports resizing, moving windows, and multi-window playback using the Group Media Sharing function. Improved operating experience, including subtitle and popup video support. To put it another way, you can see your video material in any program. You may watch the video while doing something else!

The floating system allows you to adjust the video window location and resize the window boundaries to your liking. You may also play the movie in full-screen mode or reduce it to the system notification tray. If your device is powerful enough, you may also watch the video in “multi-window” mode (Maximum is 6). This means you may watch up to six video files simultaneously.

The “GPlayer” is more than just a popup video player; it includes a user interface that is nice and simple, including List, Grid, and 3D Gallery Flow styles. You can change the theme to your liking. It can save the file’s playing location and designate favorite files. Playing a video file also supports subtitles (Srt, and. smi file types). It can also play audio files (mp3, wav…etc).

Devices with the same network mask can exchange media files via Group Media Sharing. In other words, you may exchange media material with your pals who are using the same Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi Access Point). You should also try the “Sync Play” option, which is rather amusing.

GPlayer App Specification

The current version of G Player is 1.9.9. It requires Android 2.1 or above. So far, there have been over one million downloads from the Google Play store. You may deactivate purchases at any moment in the settings, but if you do want to buy something, in-app purchases start at $3.49 per item. Everyone is subject to content rating. Digital purchases are the interactive aspects. Released on May 16, 2012. It is provided by Gpc.

From Android 1.5 to 4.2, the “GPlayer” supports any screen size and resolution. It will use the built-in media Gallery as a media source, and you may enter a video streaming URL or run the “GPlayer” from elsewhere. File Manager

Editors View

It is tough to see a video on our mobile devices. You must adjust the display and leave everything alone while the video plays. However, we may view movies in the background using this G studio player while using our Android for other things. Do you want to understand how it works?

Your videos will be shown in floating windows.

G Player is a handy video player that allows us to watch them in a floating window. This implies that we may play the films in the background while doing other activities on our Android, such as browsing the Internet or checking WhatsApp conversations. The list of videos that are now in the memory of our tablet or smartphone will be visible when we launch the G player. We may, however, add a URL to watch videos online.

When we select a video, it will open in a floating window that we can move to any section of the screen. You can also play numerous films in various windows at the same time, resize them, take screenshots, loop them, alter the volume, and do other things. This program is compatible with nearly all video formats and has a simple user interface. In addition, unlike most video players for Android smartphones, it provides outstanding value for watching our films in the background.

App Features

  • This is one of the finest media players available.
  • It now works with the Google Chromecast dongle!!
  • Many-Window & Floating Pop-up Technique; You may play the movie in multiple windows at the same time.
  • Simple & Customizable Theme Style System; You may easily create your own theme.
  • Simple Operation and User Interface; View your media in the list, grid, and 3D Gallery mode, and modify the video with a simple gesture. You may also play the movie from the launcher by using the widgets.
  • Wide Video Format Support: With a software decoder and subtitle files, you can play practically any form of media file, such as Rmvb, WMV, etc. It also supports YouTube (HTML5) and URL playback.
  • Group Media Sharing: You can share media with your peers in an unconfigured high-speed wireless channel.
  • Personalize List:  You may label the selected media as preferred or private; this information is only shown in the mirror list.
  • Improved performance and reliability; improved loading and playing performance. Its loading speed is faster for big amounts of video files than other video players.


The program is offered in a free edition; however, several functions are only available in the Professional edition. If you appreciate the product, you can support its development by purchasing the Professional version license via Google Play in-app purchase.

The GPlayer is a cutting-edge application for the Android operating system that plays movies. The Group Media Sharing feature allows for window resizing, window movement, and multi-window playing. Improved user interface with subtitle and popup video support. To put it another way, your video footage is viewable in any software. Subtitles are supported while playing a video file.

Group Media Sharing allows devices with the same network mask to exchange media files. To put it another way, you may share media files with friends who are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. We may watch them in a floating window with the help of the practical video player G Player. This suggests that we may watch the movies while using other Android features, like browsing the web or monitoring WhatsApp messages, in the background. A floating window will open when we choose a video, which we can move to any area of the screen.