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JOOX Music
Tencent Mobility Limited
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Jun 30, 2022
Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC

Nobody gets our hearts the way music does! Music is special for everyone irrespective of age and gender factors. With the latest technologies, you can listen to music effortlessly through your smartphones. Gone are the times when people used to listen to music using radios and CD players. Now, you can easily customize your playlist, play songs on repeat, view their lyrics, and do plenty more using mobile music streaming player apps.

Today, we are all set to look at one such music streaming player app that comes with amazing features. Joox Music is a music streaming app that will let you play all kinds of songs and music. The app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. If you are someone who loves music, then this app will be the perfect choice for you! Let us look at the features, price, and specifications of the Joox Music app in detail now.

What makes Joox Music different from other music streaming player apps? 

There is numerous music streaming apps in the market. Most of these apps come with regular features. What makes Joox different from them? Its features! Take a look at its amazing features below:

  • Millions of songs

There are millions of songs and albums in Joox Music. The users can get access to songs from diverse backgrounds all around the globe. Joox is a place Destination for all your music cravings.

  • Short videos

Apart from music listening, you can also indulge in video watching through the Joox Music app. The app contains trending and viral short videos. You can explore these videos and have fun watching them. The videos will keep engaged when you get bored of listening to songs.

  • Access song lyrics

Lyrics are the soul of songs. If you wish to view the lyrics of a song and sing along with singers, the Joox Music app will help you do that. The app will show the lyrics of all your favorite songs and albums. You can learn new lyrics and sing a song along with the singers.

  • Sharing of songs

At times, we like certain songs and wish to share them with our friends and family members. Joox Music app has an option to share songs and playlists. You can share your favorite song and playlist with your friends easily. You can also use the Moments feature in the Joox Music app to share your favorite songs.

  • Joox Live

Joox Live is a place where singers and artists go on life. Users can join their favorite artists live and interact with them in real-time. This can be highly exciting.

  • High-quality music

All the songs and albums in Joox Music app are of high quality. The sound effects and audio are of commendable quality.

  • Group chatting 

There is a group chatting feature in the Joox Music app. You can talk with the group members about your music taste, favorite artist, songs, etc. The group chatting feature is facilitated by Joox Rooms. You can join different rooms as per your preferences.

The above features make the Joox Music app stand out from its competitors.

What is the cost of the Joox Music app? 

Joox Music app is free of cost. Users can listen to all their favorite songs for free. All the interesting features of the Joox Music app are available to the users at zero cost. There may be in-app purchases inside the app. This can be done as per the user’s decision. Overall, the Joox app is free to use.

3 user-friendly specifications of the Joox Music app

Specifications of an app are important to note, as these will help the users decide if the app is ideal for their device. Joox Music app comes with user-friendly specifications. The app is highly recommended for all Android users with a love for music. Read below to know the 3 top specifications of the Joox Music app.

  • Small in size

Joox Music app is just 78 MB in size. All the excellent features of the app are available for this size. Therefore, you will need just about 100 MB of free storage on your device to run the app smoothly. The app will not consume so much storage capacity on your device. This eliminates any hanging or lags in the app.

  • High ratings

Joox Music app has got high ratings in the play store. The app has received 4.5 ratings out of 5. This is pretty great. The ratings reflect the quality of the app. With such good ratings, the app has secured one of the top positions in the play store when it comes to the best music streaming apps. The reviews of the app are also highly positive. You can therefore download the app without any trust issues.

  • Compatibility 

Joox Music app is compatible with Android devices 5.0 and above. If your device is lesser than this version, then the app may not be compatible with your device. But, most of us use the latest devices. So, this won’t be an issue for most people.

Does the Joox Music app contain ads? 

We’re sure some of you wish to know if the Joox Music app contains Ads. Ads can be pretty annoying if they are large in numbers. To answer your question, yes, the Joox Music app comes with ads. But, there won’t be too many ads to annoy you. There are minimal ads here and there. You cannot completely avoid these ads. These ads will be of brief timings. So, you can just wait till your songs resume playing.

If you need a final verdict from us, Joox Music is a worth downloading app that can enrich your music streaming experience. You can play songs of wide genres through this app. You can customize your playlist, share your playlist with others, and even participate in Joox Live with artists in this app. As the app is free of cost, you do not have to think twice before downloading it. The app will benefit you to a great extent.