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Miracast is a wireless technology used for connecting screens to the computer in a wireless manner. It is one of those standards of wireless display that has been set by the Wi-Fi alliance. It is such a technology that enables the detection of two devices, to connect and also to mirror the entire screen of one device on another. You can also refer to it as HDMI with Wi-Fi. It has replaced the cable from the device to the display.

How Does It Work?

Miracast uses the concept of peer-to-peer connection for sending screencasts wirelessly as they are made from direct Wi-Fi connections in a way that is similar to Bluetooth. They are appreciated as with the help of this technology one can reproduce on multiple screens of their PC, the content shown on other devices like smartphones, TV, and everything else that supports the technology.

When two devices are directly connected, one can serve its purpose being the main source or the transmitter and the other functions being the display. This is the device that receives and serves content to users. With the help of Miracast, you’ll be able to watch your desired content from anywhere in the world. It works mainly by transmitting content via Wi-Fi direct, which is an innovation that was done to ensure easy communication between different devices, and also carries out the exchange at a greater speed in comparison to Bluetooth.

Using this technology enables data to be sent at a 10 times faster speed than the speed of Bluetooth. It creates a data flow that when you want to show on a screen whatever is done on the other. When you use Miracast on PC or mobile for sending the content to any TV that is compatible, it creates a WiFi network in between. After establishing this connection via your network, the data can be sent from one to another directly and wirelessly.

At the point of association of both the gadgets, there is a lot of efficiency without any lags. All that you can see on one screen can also be seen on the next in no time. It also enables you to share the video in completely HD resolution or lower via the codec called H.264 and sound encompasses 5.1. This is an implication that information that is sent from one device to the other is protected. If you want to know more about this technological innovation, read ahead as this post will take you through an overview of Miracast.

Which devices support Miracast?

Miracast is supported on almost all the new generation devices like mobiles, smart TVs, and laptops. All of these gadgets can support this technology very efficiently. There might be a chance of using it without even knowing. It will also be important to have a wireless network on the devices to have access to sharing the screen in between these devices. This technology is now supported by numerous advanced devices across the world.

Miracast is also supported by resolutions till full HD 1080p and 5.1 level of surround sound. It is also supported by resolutions of almost 4k. With the help of a wireless connection, the data present in videos are transferred to the H.264 format which is the most widely known standard of HD video encoding right today.

The biggest advantage here is dissimilar to the rest of the protocol; Miracast is designed in such a way that it follows the standard of cross-platform.

What is the different screen mirroring types offered by Miracast?

Before knowing the whole definition of Miracast, you must know the team screen mirroring. This term particularly means reproducing on the TV screen, the screen of your computer, tablet, or telephone. It is also called screen sharing. Here are the different types of screen mirroring offered by Miracast:

  • Wireless: This mode can be used with all products and no cable. You can use these products on the device directly. Several decodes like laptops and smartphones, and wireless display technology within them. It is an innovation that enables the users to cast/stream without any wires. Miracast is the best example of a standard wireless display.
  • Wired connection: Your device gets tired of TV with the help of a cable.
  • It comprises the utilization of an HDMI cable for reproducing the image of the device on a TV.

How can you use Miracast?

Users can do a lot of things like viewing pictures from a smartphone on a widescreen TV, sharing a laptop screen with a conference room projector, and also watching live functions from the box of home cable on the tablet.

  1. Share from one device on a TV screen or computer to live stream or record the walk-through.
  2. Business, education, and entertainment purposes of shoeing videos, games, photos, and presentations from a small screen to a larger screen. You can use it in education for endorsing cooperation in the form of adding mobility to an instruction-based setting. In business, you can use screen mirroring to deploy different types of devices that are required to show content on a bigger screen. For your entertainment, you can use it when streaming videos, mobile games, pictures, audio, and others.
  3. Sharing the device screen to monitor.

The biggest reason to use this technology is that it removes the concern of users who have to search for the right link or cable by taking the requirement of wires out with cables. People like presenters and teachers can now be disconnected, without any wire from the main source of the display. This provides the chance for free movement and gradually creates a very cooperative environment.

Final thoughts

That’s all that you should know about the Miracast technology in detail. It is mostly used for screen mirroring. Different uses of Miracast have also been explained above in this post. You can also find out the names of devices on which Miracast is supported in this post. If you’re looking for the best screen mirroring technology, nothing can be better than Miracast for you.