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Super Mario Run
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May 13, 2022
Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC

For all these years, it seemed like Nintendo will never tap into the mobile game market. But everything changed the Japanese gaming giant announced the launch of Super Mario Run. Previously, Nintendo launched Pokemon Go in collaboration with Niantic, but this time it decided to make a mobile game itself.

Nintendo finally made a mobile game and it is none other than its star IP, the Super Mario. As we all know Super Mario Run is the first-ever mobile game that is solely made by Nintendo.

Super Mario Run is not an endless runner; instead, it is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. It has a lot of similarities with the original game that was launched in 1985. Three decades later, some things are bound to change, while certain things have remained the same.

If you are a Super Mario fan and want to know more about this game, you should read our review below.

Super Mario Run: Gameplay

Super Mario Run is a game that is played with one hand. This is what makes Super Mario Run different from other traditional Mario games, which are played with both hands.

Instead of having multiple buttons, Super Mario Run has just one button, and that’s for the jump. Players can use this button by just tapping the screen. Thus, it enables them to play the game with just one hand.

Mario moves automatically and continuously to the right. This removes the need for a run button or a joypad. All you have to do is make Mario jump when it is required. For bigger jumps, you must press the button longer.

This may sound a bit weird to some players. But once you start playing this game, you will be surprised to see how fast you forget about the old control method.

Mario has different flip moves and jumps depending on what he’s jumping off. For example, he can jump off in the opposite direction or slide down blocks, and more. The developers have also included other mechanisms like reversing, halting, or stalling.

There’s a timer and you must prevent it from running out. Because once the timer runs out, it will kill you. So you need to be a bit careful while playing Super Mario Run. This feature is included to make the game more challenging.

Super Mario Run: Modes

Super Mario Run is an impressive mobile game that is split into three different modes. The first is the World Tour, which is sure to dominate your playtime. It features a series of worlds, each of which is divided into three levels. It also includes a Bowser’s castle boss level, which is a bit more challenging than the other levels.

The second mode is called Toad Rally, which is more social and unconventional. In this mode, players try to beat other players in terms of performance. There’s a series of high scores, recorded by real-world players. You aim to beat one of those high scorers.

You play against a player’s performance ghost in live mode. Collect more coins and impress more toads to outperform your target. Remember, that you are on a timer, so you need to accomplish your goal within the given time.

You can play Toad Rally games against your actual friends as well. But this will not get you any rewards.

The third and final mode is the Kingdom Builder. This is where you spend all your gains from the other two modes. In the Kingdom Builder mode, you build your kingdom and add new buildings and decorative items. Some of the new buildings can get you exciting goodies and bonus games. If you are successful in impressing Toads in the Toad Rally mode, they will come and settle in your kingdom. The more toads you have, the more items you can unlock.

Nintendo is also working on a fourth mode which will be included in the game soon. It’s called the Remix 10. This upcoming mode will combine snippets from different levels to create a new space for players to explore. It will also include some extra rewards. In addition, they will include a new playable character called Daisy.

Super Mario Run: Levels

The single-player World Tour mode consists of six worlds, and each of them has four levels. Only three of the World Tour levels are available for free.

There are multiple levels in the Toad Rally mode. In this mode, you travel across levels and pick up coins, while competing with a ghost character of a real-world player that you choose.

You can spend your collected coins on the scenery and buildings of your kingdom. Some of the objects can give you extra levels. To purchase in-game items, you need to link the game to your Nintendo account.

Super Mario Run: Always Online

Super Mario Run requires an internet connection at all times, even when you are playing in single-player World Tour mode. What we mean is that you have to be always online to play this game.

This is considered an anti-piracy measure and prevents the game from being copied. But there’s a drawback to this measure. The game crashes if you have a weak internet connection. For example, if your Wi-Fi is slow or your mobile signal drops below two bars. This is why it is better to save your progress.

Super Mario Run: Price

Super Mario Run comes with a free tag. But the truth is that it is a premium game. To get the full game, you need to pay $10.

In case, you don’t want to spend money, it has a free tier that gives you access to World 1 and its four levels. Along with that, you will be given access to the basic version of Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder.


Nintendo’s first mobile game Super Mario Run is a fun and entertaining game. It is designed to be played with one hand and is somewhat different from the traditional Mario games. The only drawback is that it requires you to be online always. In simple words, you cannot play this game without an internet connection.