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TitleHalf-Life: Opposing Force
Developer(s)Gearbox Software
Release DateNov 1, 1999
Size268.34 MB
GenrePC > Action
Half-Life: Opposing Force Game

Half-Life: Opposing Force is a first-person shooter game developed by Gearbox Software and published by Valve Corporation. It is an expansion to the critically acclaimed game, Half-Life, and was released in 1999. In this game, players take on the role of a soldier, Corporal Adrian Shepard, sent to eliminate alien threats in the Black Mesa Research Facility.

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The game starts with Shepard’s helicopter crashing into the facility after he receives orders to eliminate the remaining Special Black Ops team, who were sent to cover up the incident. As Shepard makes his way through the facility, he encounters new enemies, including alien shock troops, Human Grunts, and a new race of aliens known as “Race X”. He also teams up with the friendly Vortigaunts and scientists who survived the catastrophe.

The game takes place parallel to the events of Half-Life, giving players a different perspective on the story. Throughout the game, players also get to see glimpses of Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of Half-Life, as he progresses through the facility.

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Similar to Half-Life, Opposing Force follows a physics-based gameplay, allowing players to interact with the environment and use it to their advantage. Players have access to a wide range of weapons, from traditional firearms to experimental alien weapons. The game also introduces new weapons, such as the Barnacle Grapple, which allows players to climb walls and traverse obstacles.

One of the unique gameplay features of Opposing Force is the ability to command and control squads of marines. Players can recruit and give orders to the marines, such as taking cover or attacking specific targets. This adds a strategic element to the gameplay and allows players to approach combat situations in different ways.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Opposing Force were a major improvement from the original Half-Life game. The environments were more detailed, and the character models were more realistic. The sound design was also top-notch with eerie sound effects and a haunting soundtrack, adding to the intense atmosphere of the game.


Half-Life: Opposing Force received critical acclaim and is considered one of the best expansions to a video game. It also won several awards, including the “Game of the Year” title from multiple publications. The success of Opposing Force led to the development of other expansions and sequels to the Half-Life franchise.

Despite its age, Half-Life: Opposing Force remains a classic and is still played by many fans of the franchise. It is a must-play for anyone who enjoys first-person shooter games and wants to experience the Half-Life universe from a different perspective.


Overall, Half-Life: Opposing Force is a fantastic expansion that provides a unique and thrilling experience for players. With its immersive storytelling, engaging gameplay, and impressive graphics and sound, it is no wonder that it has stood the test of time. If you are a fan of the Half-Life series or enjoy first-person shooter games, Opposing Force is a must-play. Get ready for an intense and unforgettable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility.

System Requirements

Minimum: 500 mhz processor, 96mb ram, 16mb video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

Recommended: 800 mhz processor, 128mb ram, 32mb+ video card, Windows XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

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