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TitleHexen: Beyond Heretic
Developer(s)Raven Software
Publisher(s)id Software
Release DateAug 3, 2007
Size183.99 MB
GenrePC > Action
Hexen: Beyond Heretic Game

Are you ready to step into a world of dark magic, ancient powers, and epic battles? Look no further than Hexen: Beyond Heretic Game. This classic first-person shooter game, released in 1995 by Raven Software and id Software, takes players on a thrilling adventure through a land of sorcery and monsters.

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The Storyline

The game takes place in the medieval realm of Cronos, where powerful wizards and sorcerers vie for control. The player takes on the role of one of three different characters: a fighter, a cleric, or a mage, each with their own unique abilities and weapons.

The story begins with the demoness D’Sparil, who has been banished from her dark home world and seeks revenge on the humans of Cronos. She has enlisted the help of three powerful servants – the Death Wyvern, the Zedek Sisters, and the Korax – to rule over Cronos and bend its people to her will.

The player must navigate through four distinct realms – a volcanic land, a desolate desert, a frozen glacier, and a sinister castle – each ruled by one of D’Sparil’s minions. Along the way, they must collect powerful artifacts and spells to defeat the demons and ultimately face off against the evil sorceress herself.

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Gameplay and Weapons

Hexen: Beyond Heretic is a first-person shooter game, similar to its predecessor Heretic, and it features fast-paced action and intense combat. Players must fight their way through hordes of monsters, solve puzzles, and collect keys to progress through the game.

One of the unique features of Hexen is the ability to use both ranged and melee weapons. Players can choose from a wide variety of magical weapons, such as the Fighter’s Sword of Justice, the Cleric’s Wraithverge, and the Mage’s Arc of Death. Each character also has unique special abilities and spells, adding an element of strategy to the gameplay.

Another notable aspect of the game is the “hub” system, where players can travel back and forth between different levels within a realm to complete tasks and collect items.

Legacy and Reception

Hexen: Beyond Heretic Game received critical acclaim upon its release, with praise for its graphics, level design, and gameplay. It was also one of the first first-person shooter games to incorporate RPG elements, influencing many future games in the genre.

The game was later re-released in 1996 as Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, an expansion pack with new levels and enemies. It has since been remastered for modern systems and is available on various digital platforms.


With its immersive world, challenging gameplay, and unique blend of magic and technology, Hexen: Beyond Heretic is a must-play for any fan of classic first-person shooter games. So grab your weapons and prepare for battle – the fate of Cronos rests in your hands.

“Explore the realm of Cronos, battle powerful demons, and unleash ancient magic in Hexen: Beyond Heretic Game.” – GameSpot

System Requirements

Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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