Monster Crown Full PC Game Free Download

TitleMonster Crown
Developer(s)Studio Aurum
Release DateOct 12, 2021
Size558.47 MB
GenrePC > Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Monster Crown Game

If you’re a fan of monster-catching and battling games, then you’ll definitely want to check out Monster Crown. This indie game, developed by Studio Aurum and published by SOEDESCO, offers a unique experience that combines classic elements with modern gameplay. Read on to learn more about this thrilling title.

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World-Building and Storyline

One of the standout features of Monster Crown is its immersive world and storyline. The game takes place in the dark and mysterious region of Crown Island, where humans once coexisted with powerful monsters. However, due to a war between the two species, humans no longer have the ability to tame and control monsters.

You play as a descendant of the “Crown Knight” bloodline, who has the rare ability to form pacts and control monsters. Your ultimate goal is to gather a team of powerful monsters and restore balance to Crown Island.

Monster Crown Screenshot 2

Monster Taming and Battling System

Similar to other monster-catching games, Monster Crown allows you to catch and train wild monsters to add to your party. However, what sets this game apart is its unique “Taming” system. Instead of simply throwing a monster in a ball, you must engage in a mini-game to successfully trap and tame a monster. This adds a layer of strategy and challenge to the game.

Once you have your party of monsters, you can engage in battles with other trainers to test your skills. The combat system is turn-based and allows for a variety of attack and defense strategies. The game also features a breeding system, allowing you to create new and stronger monsters to add to your collection.

Monster Crown Screenshot 3

Visually Stunning and Customizable

Monster Crown boasts beautiful pixel art graphics that add to the game’s nostalgic charm. The monsters are designed to be unique and have their own distinct traits and abilities. The game also offers a high level of customization, allowing you to not only choose your protagonist’s appearance but also customize the appearance and stats of your monsters.

Early Access and Future Updates

Monster Crown was released in early access on Steam in 2020 and has since received regular updates and improvements. The developers have also stated their plans to add more monsters, regions, and features in the future, making it an exciting game to follow and continue playing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Monster Crown is a must-play for fans of the genre. Its unique gameplay, immersive world, and stunning visuals make it a standout title in the indie game scene. Keep an eye out for future updates and be sure to add this game to your library for hours of monster-catching and battling fun!

“Monster Crown is the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation, offering a refreshing take on the monster-catching genre.” – IGN

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7
  • Processor: Intel/AMD
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

How to Download

  1. First, click on the "Download" button provided above. A pop-up window may appear asking for confirmation to start the download. Click "OK" to proceed.
  2. Once the download is complete, navigate to the destination folder where the file was downloaded. This is usually the "Downloads" folder on your computer.
  3. Locate the downloaded file named "MonsterCrownGame.exe" and double-click on it to start the installation process.
  4. A User Account Control (UAC) prompt may appear. Click "Yes" to allow the program to make changes to your computer.
  5. The installation wizard will now appear. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game. You may be prompted to select the destination folder where you want the game to be installed. By default, it is usually the "Program Files" folder.
  6. Once the installation is complete, click on the "Finish" button to exit the wizard.
  7. You can now launch "Monster Crown" from your desktop or by navigating to the installation folder and double-clicking on the game icon.
  8. If you encounter any errors or issues during installation, try restarting your computer and running the installation again. You can also contact the game's developer for further assistance.