Phantom Abyss PC Game Full Free Download

TitlePhantom Abyss
Developer(s)Team WIBY
Publisher(s)Devolver Digital
Release DateJun 21, 2021
Size1.95 GB
GenrePC > Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Massively Multiplayer
Phantom Abyss Game

Are you ready for a pulse-pounding, heart-racing adventure? Then look no further than Phantom Abyss Game, the latest release from indie game developer Team WIBY.

Phantom Abyss is an action-adventure game that takes players on a journey through treacherous temples filled with traps and obstacles. But what sets this game apart from others in its genre is its unique and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Phantom Abyss Screenshot 1


The premise of Phantom Abyss is simple – players must navigate through a series of temples, each with their own unique layout and challenges. The goal is to reach the end of the temple and claim the artifact hidden within.

However, what makes this game truly exciting is that each temple is generated procedurally, meaning no two playthroughs will be the same. This keeps the game fresh and unpredictable, challenging players to constantly adapt to new environments and obstacles.

But that’s not all – the most thrilling aspect of Phantom Abyss is its multiplayer feature. Asynchronous multiplayer allows players to compete against ghostly versions of each other, trying to beat their best times and claim the top spot on the global leaderboard. This adds a layer of competition and replayability to the game, making it even more addictive.

Phantom Abyss Screenshot 2

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Phantom Abyss are stunning, with detailed and immersive environments that really come to life. Each temple has its own unique design and theme, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game. The sound design is also top-notch, with thrilling and suspenseful music that perfectly captures the feeling of being on a dangerous adventure.

Phantom Abyss Screenshot 3

Reviews and Reception

Since its release, Phantom Abyss has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both critics and players. Its addictive gameplay and unique mechanics have been praised, as well as its stunning visuals and sound design. The game has already gained a dedicated fan base and continues to grow in popularity.

Phantom Abyss is a must-play for fans of action-adventure games. Its immersive gameplay and addictive multiplayer make it stand out in a sea of generic titles.”
Phantom Abyss Screenshot 4

Final Thoughts

In summary, Phantom Abyss is a thrilling adventure game that offers a unique and innovative gaming experience. From its procedurally generated temples to its gripping multiplayer feature, this game will keep players on the edge of their seats. So gather your courage and get on an unforgettable journey through the Phantom Abyss – you won’t regret it.

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System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K (4 * 3400) or equivalent; AMD FX-8350 (4 * 4000) or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 ( 2048 MB)
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ (4 * 2800) or equivalent; AMD Ryzen 5 1500X (4 * 3500) or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 ( 8192 MB), Radeon RX 5700 (8192 MB)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

How to Download

  1. Click on the direct "Download" button link given above to start the download process.
  2. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process.
  4. A pop-up window may appear asking for permission to make changes to your device. Click "Yes" to proceed.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  6. Once the installation is complete, the game will automatically launch.
  7. Enjoy playing Phantom Abyss!