Pipe Push Paradise PC Free Download Full Version

TitlePipe Push Paradise
Developer(s)Corey Martin
Publisher(s)Corey Martin
Release DateJan 18, 2018
Size154.37 MB
GenrePC > Indie
Pipe Push Paradise Game

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, get ready to add another addictive one to your collection – Pipe Push Paradise. Developed by Corey Martin and published by Digerati, this game is set to test your critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills.

Pipe Push Paradise Screenshot 1

The Concept

Pipe Push Paradise is a single-player puzzle game that challenges players to think outside the box to solve various pipe connection puzzles. The game is set on the sandy island of Plumbers Peak, where the island’s plumbing system has shut down, and it’s up to you to fix it. You play as a young plumber’s apprentice, tasked with restoring the island’s water supply by connecting pipes in the correct sequence.

Pipe Push Paradise Screenshot 2

The Gameplay

The game’s objective is simple – use your wits to push, flip, and rotate pipes to connect them correctly and restore water flow. The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand, but as the levels progress, the puzzles become increasingly complex and challenging.

You are given a limited number of moves to complete each level, and if you run out of moves, you’ll have to restart the level. And trust us when we say – the levels require precision and patience as one wrong move can lead to a dead-end and force you to start over.

The Features

Pipe Push Paradise boasts a beautiful, retro-inspired aesthetic with charming 16-bit graphics and a soothing soundtrack. But don’t let the charming visuals fool you – this game is tough. With over 100 levels spread across five unique worlds, players can expect hours of challenging gameplay.

In addition to the main story mode, the game also offers a sandbox mode where players can create and share their own custom levels with the community. This adds endless replay value to the already addictive game.

And for those who enjoy bragging rights, the game features leaderboards where players can compete for the best completion times on each level.

The Critic’s Verdict

Pipe Push Paradise has received positive reviews from critics, with many praising its challenging puzzles and addictive gameplay. The game holds a score of 80 on Metacritic and was nominated for the IGF Seamus McNally Grand Prize in 2018.

“Pipe Push Paradise is the most challenging, yet satisfying puzzle game I’ve played in a long time. The puzzles are cleverly designed, and the gameplay is addictive. A must-try for fans of the genre.” – IGN


Pipe Push Paradise is available on multiple platforms, including Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game’s price varies depending on the platform, but it’s relatively affordable, making it accessible to all puzzle game enthusiasts.

So, if you’re looking for a new puzzle game to keep you entertained for hours, give Pipe Push Paradise a try. We warn you though; it’s highly addictive!

Final Thoughts

Pipe Push Paradise is a challenging and addictive puzzle game that will put your critical thinking skills to the test. With its charming aesthetics, challenging gameplay, and endless replay value – this game is a must-try for all puzzle game enthusiasts. Are you up for the challenge?

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

How to Download

  1. Click on the Download button given above. This will redirect you to the download page for the game.
  2. On the download page, click on the Download Now button. This will start the download process.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file.
  4. Double click on the installer file Pipe_Push_Paradise.exe to start the installation process.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You may be asked to choose the installation location and agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Once the installation is complete, click on the Finish button.
  7. The game will now be installed on your computer.
  8. You can launch the game by double clicking on the desktop shortcut or by going to the installation location and double clicking on the game executable file.
  9. Enjoy playing Pipe Push Paradise!