Download Lua for Windows

About LuaDist

LuaDist is a true multi-platform package management system that aims to provide both source and binary repository of modules for the Lua programming language.



You can install LuaDist from source using the following one-liner.

$ curl -L "" > # you can review the file
$ sh

Windows users can follow our detailed install instructions

Basic Use

Install a package

$ ./luadist install luaexpat
$ ./lua
> require "lxp"

LuaDist supports deployment into standalone directories.

$ ./luadist /home/my_lua install lua luasocket
$ ls /home/my_lua
bin lib include share
$ ls /home/my_lua/bin
lua luac
$ ls /home/my_lua/lib
$ /home/my_lua/bin/lua
> require "socket"

Use LuaDist functionality from Lua.

$ ./lua
> local ld = require "dist"
> ld.install("luaexpat")

Install modules manually so you can integrate them into your projects directly. LuaDist relies on CMake to generate native build system for your platform, compiler and IDE. For example you can build Lua directly from its repository using the following approach.

$ git clone git:// lua
$ cd lua
$ mkdir _build && cd _build
$ cmake .. # or use ccmake or cmake-gui
$ make install # or cmake --build . --target install

More information about building and configuring packages manually is available on our Wiki.